Remarriage Love

I hadn’t had any plans for remarriage after my wife died in an accident last year, leaving me to care for our three-year-old son. I became stubborn, losing faith in God. My parents were getting worried about their only child. They felt that I had taken the wrong track and advised me to get married again, but I refused even to consider it. But they urged me, trying to make me understand how important having a mother would be for Edward, my baby boy.

A few weeks later, my parents met another family through an acquaintance. They took me to a gathering of theirs to meet Grace, a young woman in her mid-twenties. Grace was divorced, and my parents and her family all made it their aim to see us together. After three or four such gatherings, our families decided we should marry. And at last, I too said yes for the sake of Edward, since he was more comfortable with Grace than with me.

Florida was in its most beautiful attire during fall, when Grace and I tied the knot. I slowly started to fall for Grace. Love has done its magic on me for the second time. Gradually, we began to share the details of our past, and I came to know that Grace had divorced because of her abusive husband; he used to tie her up and beat her. Once, she got pregnant, and he aborted their child with medicines. And one day when she was relating these events again, I told her- “Leave the past behind; Let’s live in the present.”

One day when I was at the office, the strangest thing happened. I don’t know what came over me. Suddenly, I took my car and raced to our apartment to Grace. Nobody else was there; Edward had gone to his kindergarten class, and Grace was headed to take a bath. She was surprised to see me home again.

I just lifted her, went straight to our room, then set her on the bed and closed the door. As I drew near her, all I could hear were her staccato breaths. In no time, I had removed my coat and started kissing her. She was in her bathrobe, which made things easy for me. I removed it and saw Grace naked for the first time. She blushed.

I took off all my clothes; then while my lips covered hers, I massaged her tiny breasts. Dipping my head, I began to pepper them with constant kisses.

Her moans were like a letter of consent to move ahead. She beamed when I licked her cleavage.

I trailed kisses over her ribs then reached her stomach. A slinky belly chain around her waist drew my attention to her cute, shallow basin of a tummy. I found it fancy and sexy.

She squealed a bit at the tickly feeling of my mouth on her abdomen. Her reaction was so adorable that I couldn’t resist repeating the action a few times. But just below, her pussy was waiting for me to enter.

First, I made her comfortable on the bed. Then I slowly put my penis in her lady place. As I began to move, her persistent moans put me over the edge.

We lay breathless for a little while, then cuddled, massaging and drawing lazy circles on each others’ bodies. Grace cupped my face in her hands as I snuggled against her breasts. We didn’t feel at all awkward after our first time; in fact, we felt love and respect as well as a desire for more! But after a bit, we cleaned each other up in the shower.

In those days, Edward used to cry a lot at night. We didn’t get a lot of rest. But once he was settled back down in peaceful sleep, we’d make time to cuddle and massage each other and enjoy sex, too.

At one time, Grace’s parents came to stay with us for a month while their house was under reconstruction. Of course, I thought that meant no sex for a while. But we were so eager to have each other that we took advantage of every apt place to celebrate sex, no matter if it was a terrace or a toilet, and sometimes late at night with Edward fast asleep in our bedroom.

Grace was a great lady in my life and proved to be a good mother. Edward saw her as his perfect mother, too. I was so grateful to have created such a bond with her. Her name fits: she is so full of grace. It gave me great joy that I was able to give her twins: a boy and a girl. Edward called them lollipops! We named them John and Emily. And God reassured me of His love that worked magic on me in the form of “Grace.”

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6 replies
  1. MaxLoving says:

    Good story of renewed love. It would be difficult to love someone else the way I do my wife, if she passed on. I've often thought about that, and whether I would seek out another, eventually. Though I wouldn't have the kid to prompt me to get a mother for him. Glad it turned out good for both of you in the end. An inspirational story. Thanks!

    • possibility says:

      Great inspirational story of renewed love for you both after your unfortunate individual circumstances.
      Pleased you were able to find times / places where you could enjoy sex despite Grace's parents staying with you for a month.
      My wife and I used to have sex as normal when her mother came to stay for a few days – she never let on if she heard us!

    • Gracia Leah says:

      MaxLoving, different people have different experiences. Sometimes it may turn up favorable and sometimes it may end up really bad. So the simple theory thing is, you have to find the right one, well the process is no plain sailing. I hope that you meet that someone very soon.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    Sweet story. As someone that has remarried because of the loss of spouses, I find others experiences interesting. Our sex life is very different than either of our first marriages. We have learned so much. Sad that we could not have learned things earlier.

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