Hot Springs Getaway (L) ~ Ignite Story

We had been married for a few years. I was working full-time in customer service at an office, and my husband was an electrical engineer for a large company. He was involved in a big project that required lots of overtime and for him to be on call. And we both were on staff at a church as music ministers. We led the worship and directed adult and children’s choirs, so our weekends were pretty busy as well.

Every time we would make plans to go out to dinner or a movie, his beeper would keep going off.  Several times I sat through a movie by myself because he was in the hallway on the phone solving problems. There were also several occasions when we were out to eat that he would get a call just as the food was brought to our table. He would go outside to call the office, and I would eat by myself. I was so frustrated I wanted to either throw his beeper away or hide it. Needless to say, his job was causing stress in our marriage. We were very grateful for the money he was making so we could finish paying off his college loan, but we needed some fun time together.

He told me he would take a Friday off and we would go away for the weekend. So we booked a hotel room for two nights and packed to leave early Friday morning. We ate a quick breakfast, loaded the car, and headed out of town. I was so excited to get away with him. We had driven a few hours when we got more onto the country roads.

I was feeling frisky.  I grabbed his hand and placed it inside my bra, letting him rub my nipples. Then I took off my shorts to reveal my thong. I begin to play with my pussy, making sure he was glancing over occasionally for the show.

He smiled and said, “May I take over?”

Yes, please do!” I answered.

He started rubbing my clit; I was getting so wet. He thrust his finger in and out, over and over. I was loving it! It wasn’t long before I came, soaking his hand with my juices.

Then I leaned over, unzipped his jeans, and released his cock. I began to stroke him and suck him—I love to suck him!

He was trying to keep his eyes on the road while I was teasing him.  I could tell he was getting very close to cumming, but then he made me stop because we were coming into a small town with some traffic. So  I would have to finish what I started after we got to the hotel.

Finally, we arrived in Hot Springs! We checked into the beautiful hotel with views of Lake Hamilton. I couldn’t wait to get to our room.

The room was very cozy and pretty. I opened the drapes that covered the sliding glass door to see the beautiful lake vista. It was summer, so I checked the air conditioner to make sure it was turned down. After all,  I was planning to get things heated up very soon! Then I unpacked our bathroom items and freshened up a little.

After I came out of the bathroom, I wrapped my arms around my man and began kissing him. I thanked him for taking some time away to spend with me. Then I nibbled his ear and then continued to kiss him, our tongues dancing a passionate dance together. Pushing him back onto the bed, I climbed on top of him.

We continued to kiss as I began to grind my hips on his hardened crotch. His hard cock felt so good, even through his jeans. I unbuttoned his shirt so I could rub his hairy chest and run my long fingernails up and down his sides and his chest before circling his nipples. I was getting so wet.

I undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. His feet were still on the floor where I had pushed him backward onto the bed. I had him help me pull his pants down. Then I got on my knees and started hungrily licking and sucking his long hard cock, tugging his balls just the way he likes it. I wanted him so much.

It was then I noticed the long sliding glass mirrors of the closet. The entire wall was a mirror! Watching myself suck that cock got me more turned on. I could see the lustful look in my eyes, and I was really enjoying myself as he moaned in pleasure.

I took his shoes off and pulled his pants off, then quickly undressed all but my lacey thong.  I desperately needed to feel that beautiful throbbing cock in my wet, swollen Pussy! It needed and wanted him inside! I climbed on the foot of the bed, kissing his thighs, then kissed and licked my way up his abdomen and chest. Next, I gave him a passionate kiss before dangling my large tits over his mouth.

He stuck his tongue out as I moved back and forth so each of my tits spent time in his face! Then he grabbed them with both hands and started licking and kissing them.

I told him to look and pointed to the mirror beside the bed; he hadn’t really noticed it before. The sight of him sucking my nipples really turned him on.

I was more than ready to ride his joystick. I eased down to where just the tip of his cock touched my entrance then I pulled away. He groaned. I repeated this several times before I thrust down hard all the way to the balls. We both let out a moan.

“Oh, baby. Oh, God! You feel so incredible! I want you so bad. It’s been too long. Oh, God, I need to cum. Ohhhhhh. Mmmmmmmm.” I watched in the mirror as I rode my stallion hard! My juices were running down his shaft, I was so hot and wet. I leaned over him again, and he started to lick my nipples fast, flicking and sucking them. When he flicked my nipple in just the magic spot, I let out a scream. “Oh, I’m cumming! Ohhhh, fuuuuck! Oh, it sooooo good, baby!”

As my rocking slowed he flipped us both over, mounted me, and began to pound my pussy hard as I wrapped my legs around his back. He kissed me, and I sucked his tongue. That sent him over the cliff! He grunted and growled as we both came together this time! I felt the spasms as his warm cum filled me up. Oh, what a wonderful feeling! We collapsed and fell asleep in each other’s arms for a much needed, refreshing afternoon nap.

When we awoke we showered and dressed for dinner. He took me to a nice place in the city then we walked around some shops, holding hands and talking. We enjoyed some of the sites in town then headed back to our hotel. When we got to our room, he kissed me. Then pushed me back on the bed and pulled my skirt up to reveal I had not worn panties!

He said he really needed to taste me; he hadn’t had dessert yet. So I lay back and let his tongue work its magic. I love his oral skills! As he softly licked upward from the bottom to the top, he thrust his tongue a little deeper inside my hole. Then he would softly suck and bite my clit, then lick in soft circles. It didn’t take long for me to cum, but he didn’t stop there. He started to stroke my G-spot with his fingers as he licked my clit.

I came again, this time in waves. I couldn’t tell if it was several consecutive orgasms or one very long one that just came and came!  It would crescendo then ebb, then crescendo higher and wane again—over and over until the final big crash where my entire body began to shake and tremble out of control. I lost all track of time; it was incredible. I couldn’t scream or moan, just shook and writhed on the bed until my body went limp and tears were streaming down my cheeks!

Breathlessly, I said “Ohhh, baby, that was so amazing. I can’t begin to describe that experience to you but, oh my God, thank you! I love you, I love you, I love you. I thank God every day that I get to spend my life with you!

When  I could actually stand, we brushed our teeth. I washed my face and fell into the bed. We held hands and prayed together, thanking God for all His blessings and for allowing us this special time away together. I slept like a baby that night, looking forward to our day together tomorrow.

We got up the next morning, went down for breakfast, and then headed out to sightsee. We walked through the botanical gardens; they were beautiful!  After that, we took a two-hour riverboat ride on lake Hamilton and got to see all the beautiful homes along the lake. It was such a beautiful day with a nice breeze coming off the water. We talked to another couple and had such a nice time.

I had a bunch of scratches on my sunglasses they were pretty bad. I had been needing to get a new pair. The lady we met had some really cool sunglasses and told me they were gargoyles. She said they were bulletproof and shatter-resistant and that police officers were using them these days. I asked where she’d gotten them, and she told me where the store was. So when we got off the boat, my husband took me to find the shop.

After browsing the store, I picked a pair of hot pink frames with multi-colored mirror lenses (they were in style then and I thought they looked good with my blonde hair.) They were pretty expensive; I was so happy he bought them for me. I love how he spoils me!

We ate lunch and then we went to play miniature golf and ride bumper cars and go-karts. On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at a local ice cream shop then headed back to our room.

We showered and then lay in bed to watch a movie together. We decided we didn’t feel like getting dressed to go out for dinner, so we ordered room service. After dinner, we put on our swimsuits and checked out the hot tub. We were hoping it wouldn’t be crowded, but there were two couples in the spa already. We got in and we’re relaxing and giggling, being silly. I would check to see if anyone was watching then put my hand on his crotch and start rubbing and teasing him.

He said, “You better stop or I’m going to be embarrassed.”

Since the other couples showed no signs of leaving, we decided to head back to our room. We made love again, this time more slowly and sweetly.  Then we set our alarm before going to sleep. We wanted to visit a church in town the next morning.  It’s always fun to see how other churches do things and to check out their worship music. But most of all it’s nice to sit back and recharge without leading worship—to be just ministered to. You need those times of refreshing so you get filled up and have more to give when you get home.

The alarm went off; we got dressed and grabbed breakfast downstairs. Then we checked out of the hotel, loaded the car, and headed to church. After the service was over, we grabbed a quick lunch, changed into comfy clothes, and started our drive home. On the way, we listened to praise music and sang along as we held hands. We were so happy to have had this time together to make memories we will always cherish. God has been so good to us. We are truly blessed!

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6 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Weekend getaways are the needed juice in-between our busy days. You brought me back to a couple vacations we took earlier in our marriage and during special times when we later had to dump kids with in-laws.

    You got my "attention" right from the start with the teasing portion, something so undervalued in today's rush and hurry lifestyles.

    Once again, awesome!

    • Southernheat says:

      Thank you glad you enjoyed the story. You are right things are so rushed in our society we need to slow down and enjoy the moments we get to share together.

  2. New Wife says:

    Congratulations on an amazing weekend. Hope you do it again soon and often.

    Isn't it so satisfying to take charge like you did. Putting his hand where you wanted to be touched. Inviting him to touch you in other places and then touching him. I'm sure he loved that you showed your love for him like that.

    • Southernheat says:

      He loves me to take charge; it’s a turn on for him. I love to tease him. I just love to satisfy him, love him so much.

      I love your stories and the intense love you show for Brian. We are truly a couple of blessed wives to have husbands who adore us and satisfy us! So glad you enjoyed the story.

  3. ladygarden says:

    Outstanding story Southernheat–wow! Your vivid writing made it seem we were with you–love it.

    Especially describing your "road show," how you rotate placing your large breasts into his mouth, and how he pleasured your secret places with his mouth and tongue. Very hot. Isn't it incredible how small our tongues and clits are–yet the incredible pleasure they bestow upon is?

    Great job making the most of every moment together.

    Do you think the other couple in the hottub had any clue?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful love for one another!


    • Southernheat says:

      Thank You, LadyGarden! A compliment from you is very special. I love your stories! Thank you. I love giving very descriptive details. Gets me all wet thinking about it. Just love having sex with my man!

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