Cum in My Shower

I’m in the shower washing my hair with my eyes closed. When they open, I see my husband stepping in. We smile at each other and begin to kiss. He puts his arms around me and slides his hands slowly down my backside and on down to my firm but cheeks. As he pulls me close to him, I can feel his member getting hard. 

I giggle and ask him if he is happy to see me. 

He replies, “Of course! And so is he.” 

We caress each other as my husband leans in to take my hard nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling. I feel so turned on. My hand gropes his hardened cock, giving him a hand-job. He asks me to turn my back to him, so I spin around. I press my back to his chest, and he leans back to rest on the shower wall, then sits on the shower seat. Guiding me down on his lap, he slides his hands up to cup my breasts and lets his fingers explore my hardened nipples. 

I enjoy his hardened cock beneath me as he reaches around to lightly massage my clit, then slides his finger into my wet pussy. He begins to finger me faster and faster and asks me to play with my tits and nipples. While I am pulling and rolling my nipples, he is working on bringing me to climax. But he brings me only to the edge of almost losing control and stops. 

Now he asks me to take him in my mouth. I turn around and bend down to give him an amazing blow job, but just when he feels like he will explode, he stops me. 

He has me turn around again and bend over, then he mounts me from the rear. He bangs me so hard, my breast heave back and forth. While the water rushes over us, he gives one last thrust and explodes. Before he is completely done, he pushes me to the wall of the shower and continues to cum on my back while he is massaging my clit to bring me to climax. My tits enjoy the sensation of being rubbed on the shower wall, and I feel his cum running down my backside. I climax and let out the biggest moan, convulsing and shaking from the contractions of the orgasm. 

I can no longer stand, my knees weak but in a good way. He sits me on his lap on the shower bench and just holds me. I turn to him kiss him and say, “You can cum in my shower anytime.”

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8 replies
  1. BALove says:

    My wife and I enjoy shower sex regularly and this sounded eerily familiar. I firmed up reading your story as I almost thought my wife was writing. You triggered my visualization sensor immediately. Thanks for sharing this hot story.

    • Stevie says:

      Balove, glad you enjoyed! Showers are awesome together aren’t they? Go have a shower with your wife soon!😉

  2. SecondMarge says:

    What is it about the shower that is such a turn on? The running water? The privacy? Being naked? Some sex but a lot of masturbating goes on in there. Cum blocked drains when there are males in the house.

    • Stevie says:

      SecondMarge, i agree shower seems to draw out the need for release to a lot of us. I think it is a combo then add our spouse and ohhlala!!

  3. LadyGarden says:

    There is something primal about sex in the shower, ocean, under a waterfall, etc. Like so many others, sex in the shower is an incredible turn on for us and has been for a long time.
    Marge is right, a lot of masturbation in showers, lol. In fact, there is a major shower scene in our newest story scheduled for publication in 2020.

    As radio comedians Bob and Tom once said: “Pubic hair clogging the shower drain is gross—unless your wife’s best friend is visiting for the weekend!”


    • Stevie says:

      LadyGarden, waterfall sex is on my bucket list. Hubby said he would see about making it happen lol. We were at a resort that had a water fall a year and half ago and it was dark we had it all to ourselves. We were kissing and very easily could have and he noticed cameras on the building. We had asked about it and the resort manager said they have had problems.. oops.. lol 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. snagd says:

    This is one of the nicer sex episode I have come across. Maybe I would have been more “dirty” if involved in this type of sexuality. Good, nice, and clean makes for pleasure reading. Enjoy the nice side!

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