Fantasy and Roleplay: a MarriageHeat Compilation

It's HERE! Finally! The December compilation is now available to Ignite members on the Ignite content page in the menu, the Ignite Compilations page, or at the following link:

Fantasy and Roleplay

Our apologies for the delay. We start work on the January issue tomorrow: Reader's Favorites, Volume 3. If you'd like to make suggestions for inclusion, feel free to comment here!

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  1. HappyHubby says:

    Great compilation MH. Thanks for all your hard work. Perhaps I am missing it but I couldn't find any attribution for the authors. It would be nice to know who wrote each story.

  2. Cuddles says:

    Dear MH

    Could you please explain the protected password system which is currently showing in the comments to myself and others who must also be wondering about what the system is amd how to go about obtaining a password.

    How do I get a password?


    • MarriageHeat says:

      It's a special fantasy story we have asked those on our Ignite mailing list for feedback on. I know it's frustrating to see the comments posting and not be able to see the story, just as with Ignite stories. I'm sorry.

      If you are an Ignitor and didn't opt out of the emails, you should have the invite and a password waiting in your inbox (or spam folder.) If not, shoot us a contact form or email
      [ ] and we'll do a resend. If you have opted out, you weren't part of the advisory group.

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