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It was a warm winter afternoon. Sarge pumped Bel’s tight twat as she moaned in complete satisfaction. He held off long enough to…

Sarge’s mind traced back a few days to this hot memory.

It had all started two weeks ago when he decided to ramp up the sex game between Bel and himself. Not that either we’re bored or experiencing a dry spell; he just desired gameplay. Both Bel and Sarge enjoy battles on a game board, so he thought he’d incorporate some sexiness and ramp up the fun!

He decided to go with a twist on Bingo, and they each created the card for the other to complete. Sarge filled his 16 spaces with items like 69, cum in her mouth, the big A, truck sex, and video sex session. Bella filled hers with massage, watching hallmark movies naked together, home gym sex, and the like. The first one to complete 4 spaces in a row would win.

Missionary sex got things rolling on Sarge’s card. Bel had trouble coming up with enough ideas, so this was an obvious and easy one for her to request.

Sarge took the lead as he slapped her ass in the kitchen and said, “Can’t wait to tap that.”

Bel pulled him to the bedroom, where Sarge twirled her. He pushed her onto the bed and grabbed her wrists, anchoring them above her head while sucking her neck. Bel moaned as Sarge released one wrist and slipped his hand down her jeans to her clit. He slid his middle finger the length of her slit to find her wetness, then transferred some of it to her clit. Bella squirmed. Meanwhile, Sarge worked his lips over to Bel’s collar bone and lightly kissed and sucked as he continued to fire up her clit.

“Enough already. Fuck. Take off my pants and stick it in,” Bel demanded.

Responding in kind, Sarge grabbed the hips of her pants and reefed them down aggressively. He then unbuttoned and took out his cock, ready to please his needy wife.

He leaned in and entered her as she gasped, “Fuck yeahhh! Finally!” Sarge humped and pumped Bel’s tight twat as she moaned in complete satisfaction. He held off long enough to make sure Bel got her release before he iced her.

“That’s it, babe. Right there. Please keeping going; I’m almost there. Fuck, yes! Mmmmmm, yeah. Awwww, yeah!” Sarge knew he did excellent work. He pumped once more and pulled out, aiming for her tits as he iced her with a groan of satisfaction. Sarge got up and dabbed his card with a smile.

Bel got things started on her card the next day like an absolute attraction. Leaving the couch and disappearing into the bedroom, she returned wearing a pearl g-string and pigtails. She got right to work removing Sarge’s boxers. Then Bel crawled between his legs and took his hard cock into her mouth in the most intoxicating way possible.

Sarge leaned back against the arm of the leather couch and moaned as Bella bobbed on his hardness. She looked him straight in the eyes as she deep-throated him. After a slight gag, she twirled her tongue, which sent sensation shooting to his knees.

Surprisingly, Bel instructed Sarge to grab the handles and take control. He pulled her up and down on his shaft by the hair, face-fucking his wife. At this pace, he knew he wouldn’t last. Sarge asked if she was taking it all the way.

Not skipping a beat, she stared him in the eyes with a serious look. Nodding slightly, she kept on sucking his dick and prepared for a mouth full.

Sarge continued to maneuver the controls, moaning as he neared release. He gazed at her ass, sticking up in the air as she worked his joystick.  Pulling her deep, he sent his prize pumping into her mouth.

Just like that, Bel dabbed three bingo spaces.

Wear pearls ✔️

BJ with pigtails ✔️ and

Swallow ✔️

Bella was in it to win it. But how could Sarge care that he was behind when he felt like the winner, getting treated to such pleasure.

With one more dab Bel could win the game! Bel wasn’t even aware until Sarge informed her. She was just happy to please her man. And that, in turn, resulted in a good mood for her.

But the square remaining made her squirm. It read, “The Big A!” It was something Sarge and Bel have discussed but always pushed to the back burner.

“You ready to win the game?” Sarge asked.

“Tomorrow,” Bel nervously replied. “You’d better be ready!”

Both were excited because neither had ever done anal. Sarge and Bel prepared themselves for a new adventure!

Did Bel win the prize, or did Sarge make a cum back?

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