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Innocent Walk

A summer afternoon walk with my beautiful bride, Bel, had us weaving through the campground enjoying the sun. It was a rather windy day, so our boat remained parked onshore. Deciding to check to see if we had tied it up well enough, we ventured to the shoreline. It was a low-traffic area; however, we […]

Unexpected Motivation (L)

This story contains strong language (L) It was a beautiful summer day, perfect for a short-notice getaway to the lake. Bel and I packed up and ventured to a campground, hoping to find an empty site. This was back before kids when we could pack in 30 minutes and not worry about much. We arrived […]

Drew In Sales (L)

A date was long overdue for me and my fine gal. We have been together since high school. Because we live in a small city, new date ideas are tough in the dead of winter. On a drive, an idea struck me as a sure fire way to get fucked on a date! The first […]

Friday Night Freedom (L)

My beauty Bel booked me into the dentist twice in one week. First time was for a cleaning. The second for a filling I have been avoiding. I can’t stand the dentist. She then informed me that Friday night – after the dentist and after the kids were in bed – we would do whatever […]

What Friends are For!

Unfortunately, my best buddy lives six hours away. He and I met in university and have been friends since. So for the last two years, our families have met up to go camping. This time it was our turn to go out their way. We had a great vacation, meeting in the Rockies in Canada. It […]

Marriage Retreat Madness

My wife is great, an absolute gem. However, she has always struggled to buy me winning gifts. It’s just not one of her strengths. But when last Christmas rolled around, she was amped to give me my gift. She figured she had finally done it. She had gotten me the greatest present. Christmas morning I […]

Funny Honeymoon Quickie

My new bride and I had a fantastic start to our marriage with a trip to the mountains. We had sex many times, hiked, ate, and had more sex. On our long drive home, we stopped in a city to break up the trip and checked into a hotel. We got to our room super […]

Purple Sands Date Night

We arrived at the ridge overlooking the lake. Perfect. No one was around, and parking was easy with the truck and boat. We had traveled several miles, and both of us were horny and needed to pee. We got out of the Chevy, and I grabbed our towels. I scrambled over to watch my beauty […]

Boat Ride to Remember

My wife Bella is an all-out hottie; to me, she has a banging body. She has long shapely legs and an ass that made me fall in love in high school which she highlights daily with great thongs. She has cute little boobs, dark hair, and lips made for sucking cock. Sex together is awesome, […]