Funny Honeymoon Quickie

My new bride and I had a fantastic start to our marriage with a trip to the mountains. We had sex many times, hiked, ate, and had more sex. On our long drive home, we stopped in a city to break up the trip and checked into a hotel.

We got to our room super horny, of course. Instantly we looked at each other, smelling the air. The room smelled strongly of smoke. We had requested a non-smoking room and were disappointed. Balancing our desire for each other and whether we should ask for a room change was the task at hand.

Our desire took control, and my wife began to strip off her pants. She then continued to wiggle out of her sexy thong. She pushed me onto the bed and told me to take off my pants. Heck, she didn’t have to tell me twice!

I did as I was told, releasing my hardon. She then climbed aboard. No foreplay required!

She slid her pussy down my shaft in complete control. She was so horny and hot. Her body pumped up and down as she moaned in complete satisfaction.

I was on cloud nine but desired to take control. I grabbed my bride’s ass and slammed her up and down on my hard member. Her moans increased, and she was ready to blow. A couple more slams… she was riding the wave of pleasure to climax.

Seeing my wife climax drove me wild. I blew my load a few thrusts later.

Just as quick as it started, it was over. My hottie lifted off of my softening rod and got dressed. Classic quickie. She gathered our bags and informed me we were going to get a new room.

There we went, off to the lobby. Sure enough, we checked into a smoke-free room, rested up, and had round two in our new digs.
Sorry to the folks who will never know we broke in their room for them.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I was turned on too, and very soon, so was my husband. Let's just say things got sexy the other night, inspired by your story 🙂 Thank you, God bless

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