🔊 Becumming One Another’s Fantasy (L/A)

The warmth of the morning sun peeked through the curtains, and I wakened with a naked stretch. The warmth on my member made me tingle unexpectedly. I was cozy under the covers. My body still buzzed with the leftover kinky energy from the playfulness of the night before. I told you to have your way with me. And oh, how you had your way up and down my body like never before!

Rolling over, I expected to find you next to me, but you were already up and dressed. No outfit compares to the way your skin fits your body. That tight ass of yours, popped in the air, as your head bobs in my lap, lapping up every inch of my cock. I replay our fuck fest over and over again. Would you like to know how I experienced it? You always ask me how sex feels from my perspective. Let me do my best to give a play by play of how we each were becumming the other’s fantasy.


“Slave, come here.”

Without a sound you moved forward two steps, stopping less than a foot from me. I could see your chest rising and falling faster. A different kind of heat crept through your body. The kind that was nothing less than pure sexual longing. The kind that calls for a good fucking.

Muscles spasming…
Pussy squirting…
Good fucking.

“Good. Now I want you to spread your legs.” Once again, you obeyed without question. You moved your feet about a foot apart as you lowered your eyes.

I ran my fingers down your face and cupped your jaw. I pressed my thumb against your lips as you opened your mouth to gently lick the tip. I pushed it in and you immediately began to suck and lick it seductively.

“Jill. Jill, look at me when I talk to you.” Your eyes widened and your face jerked up as you rushed to meet my gaze.

“Good. Now. Your legs aren’t as wide as I would like.”

You inched your legs further apart until two feet of space rested between them. You stood in front of me like that, naked and wet, your legs spread wide enough to part your pussy lips. I remained fully clothed, dry, and controlled. But you were completely exposed.

You were my personal sex slave. Not like we usually play where I’m timid about what I want. This time I controlled every inch of you. And you loved every moment. I have known this about you for a while. You crave to be controlled. You long to be lusted after with total abandon. Tonight wasn’t just for me. It was your deepest fantasy come true.

We were becumming each other’s fantasy.

It took all of my willpower to keep my eyes on your eyes. The impulse to lower my eyes, and admire your gorgeous breasts, nearly overwhelmed me. At the same time, I wanted nothing more than to demand sex from you.

Warring emotions fed my rapidly mounting desire. My senses were launching into overdrive.

The steam at your back contrasted with the cold air drifting through the open shower door. It left your suckable nipples hard. Your tits were begging for me to play with them. Water dripped slowly from your hair onto the drying skin of your breasts and stomach. Dripping down inch by agonizing inch. With every heartbeat, more blood pulsed into my throbbing cock and aching body. I needed you.

I stared intently into your eyes for what seemed like forever. Each second, each heartbeat, brought me closer to you. Ever taking me nearer to that point when need overcomes inhibition. I needed to get you there. Where your body and mind finally submit and you become mine, an instrument thrumming beneath my expert touch.

Finally, I said something. “Mmm. Very good.”

With my left index finger, I caught a droplet on your right breast. Then I traced it down and around and pulled on the nipple. You gasped. A smile tugged at my lips. I continued with another drop in looping circles down your stomach. Finally stopping at the top of your slit. You couldn’t help but tilt your hips in my direction.

“Yes, touch me!” you moaned.

My hand cupped your entire mound, palm resting against your clitoris. The tips of my fingers rested over your vagina. The breath whooshed out of your lungs and your body trembled, waiting for my next request.

My middle finger slipped inside of you up to the first knuckle and your hips jerked down in reaction. You moaned quietly. Your eyes drifted shut as I slowly circled my fingertip around your slick opening. I dipped it in slightly, feeling your warm wetness.


Your eyes widened in response to my stern tone.

“I told you to look at me. I want to see your eyes when I tell you how hot, wet, and tight you are.”

With each punctuated word I felt the tightening of your pussy around my finger. You couldn’t stay silent any longer. I love how you moan my name, “Jaaack…” You reached out towards me.

In response, I thrust my finger deep inside your soaking wet cunt three more times. Then I drew the wet tip up and over your clit before pulling it away.

“You’re going to run out of hot water soon. I’m going to go change. I want you to finish your shower. After you are done, dry your hair, and I’m going to leave something on the vanity for you to wear. I want your hair down and I don’t want you to wear anything else. Do not leave the bathroom until you’ve done what I’ve asked. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes, I understand.”

“When I leave, I know what you will want to do.”

“What’s that, Master?” you said, with a devilish smile.

“You will want to slide your hand over your belly and slip a finger between your pussy lips, into your vagina. Like this…”

I could now feel the difference between the water from the shower and your warm slippery cum.

“Oooohhh.” You were getting lost in pleasure. I withdrew my finger, knowing that I hadn’t left you alone in the shower to masturbate.

“Wrap a towel around yourself, and hurry over to the vanity and open the bag there,” I commanded.

With trembling hands, you pulled out first a pair of black leather cuffs. I reached in to hand you the rest. It was a collar, complete with leash.

My cock was harder than ever watching you fasten the collar around your neck. Stiff, throbbing, dripping wet. We were both becoming what we needed the other to be.

We were becumming the other’s fantasy.

The black collar stood in sharp relief against your white skin. It accentuated the curve of your collarbone and the slender lines of your neck. I remember how bad I wanted to kiss your skin.

Nearly panting with lust, I concentrated on you. You fastened the cuffs around your wrists before attaching the leash. You let it hang down the front of your body, between your full breasts and over your stomach. That way, it rubbed lightly between your legs as you walked to the door.

“On the bed,” I said.

And with great submission, you listened. With you laying on your back, I had the sexiest view of your entire body, as if you were inviting me to take what is rightfully mine.

I let my fingers wander across your breasts and along your pussy lips. I even let some of my fingers tease your ass while I finger-fucked your pussy. Finally, I began to run my tongue across your swollen nipples and down to your now sopping slit. After what felt like forever, my tongue licked the length of your wetness. It lingered over your clit, tasting your sweet juices. Flicking… licking… swirling.

A tremor of longing ran through your body. It was impossible to keep you from bucking your hips against my mouth. I could feel your body surrendering to me. I pushed both boobs together, then ran my wet tongue across the top of each nipple. You arched your back as much as possible, bringing your tits closer to my hot tongue.

Busy working on your body, we were becumming the other’s fantasy.

Soon you were squirming uncontrollably and started begging. “Fuck me, Jack. I need you inside me. Fuck me now.”

“Not quite yet,” I said. “I want to get you properly aroused first.”

I didn’t lift my head. I continued to stimulate my bound girl, driving you higher and higher. But I remember I was getting almost too aroused myself to wait much longer. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was thinking of how far we would go. I climbed on top of you, put my cock against your lips, and rubbed the slit of my dick around your lips. Your mouth opened in desperate need for a taste. As if you were thirsty for cum. But I was still in control. I needed to watch you suck on me.

“Suck like your life depended on it, baby!”

You were using every trick you knew to satisfy my rock hard cock, as well as a few new ones. Every now and again you would forcefully flick your tongue against the head of my cock. It was so hard it was almost painful. But you gave it a long, slow lick before sliding me into your throat. You started to do this over and over, a routine that quickly became practiced. The second I was getting used to the feeling, however, you slid my shaft out of your mouth. Then you gripped the head hard, slowly jerking it while licking the base.

I reached out and grabbed your hair, gently guiding your face back to my shaft. I was going to cum soon, and I didn’t want to hold back.

I was tempted to just cum in your mouth since I was in charge and all. Semen started to run through my shaft. I stopped you just in time.

I stretched out above you, supporting myself on my hands and knees. I placed the tip of my rock hard cock against the entrance to your slit. Slowly, I pushed just the head inside. We had been waiting for this all day! I finally let my penis sink in all the way and pressed you hard against the bed. For half a minute the two of us ground our genitals together, not withdrawing at all. We pushed and twisted against each other in ecstasy.

Suddenly, I felt a slick finger at my own anus. You somehow got out of your handcuffs and your lubricated finger probed my ass. You pressed even harder against a very sensitive part of my body. I felt your finger inside me, exploring my ass. I began to move in and out of you as fast as I could. I loved watching your face throughout this. I knew the pleasure I felt from your hot, silky pussy was matched, and probably exceeded, by the pleasure you felt. Your legs found a home draped loosely over my hips. You pulled me down into an aggressive kiss, which I responded to by biting down softly on your bottom lip. You moaned into my mouth and giggled deliciously as I fucked you harder.

“Sir, I’m going to cum,” you whimpered.

“No, you’re not,” I answered, slowing my pace.

“Oh God. Please, please let me…” you moaned.

“No,” I said.

I was completely inside you, and I stopped moving. I then started to draw out slowly, listening to you whimper with pleasure.

“Hold it back, sweetheart,” I said, gently cupping your chin. “You’re not allowed, understand?”

You bit hard on your lip in frustration but nodded quickly.

I pushed back in very slowly as you let out another long moan.

“Oooh my… oh my God. Sir!” you whined, jerking up sharply.

“Not yet,” I said. I grabbed your hair and pulled you back to the bed.

Not surprisingly, the intense stimulation had both of us exploding in the convulsions of incredible orgasms.

Finally, we collapsed in a hot, sweaty heap. As you often do after I orgasm, you started squirming on the bed. You were begging for a finger or something inside you. I looked down to realize my cock was far from done.

Without a word, I bent over to suck hard on your clit. I began to let my mouth move down across your newly-shaved mound. I moved between your legs and began to lick the length of your slit. For several minutes my tongue darted over your clit and in and out of your pussy, my hardening cock indicating my reaction to the taste of our mixed juices. Soon you came again in another loud climax, soaking my face and beard. I made one more long lick from in front of your anus. Then all the way up through your slit, across your clit, and on up your stomach and over a hard nipple. When I finally pulled away, I commanded something of you.

“Bend over. Now! I will stop when I want to stop.”

“I… want you to fuck me with your big cock,” you said, as you obeyed my command. “I want you to take this huge thing…” You squeezed my shaft with both hands to emphasize your point. “And use it to stretch out my tight little cunt.”

I climbed on top and buried my dick balls deep in you, doggy style. My dick hit your g-spot…

“Ohhh…Please let me cum, Sir,” you begged again.

I didn’t acknowledge you. I kept slowly pulling out of you until only the tip of my hard cock was left inside. Then I quickly buried myself to the hilt again. Over and over my cock slid into your pussy. You gasped and moaned with pleasure as I pinned you, face down, against the mattress.

“Oh fuck, oh yes!” you cried.

“Don’t you dare,” I threatened, knowing you were right on the brink.

I watched your hands slide down to swirl around your clit. I stayed inside you like that for more than a minute, just watching you try to keep yourself from exploding.

I desperately wanted to take you fast and hard. But I got a huge amount of satisfaction from knowing that I could ignore my own need for pleasure. I found more enjoyment in tormenting you than I would from merely blowing my load again.

Grabbing your hips, I fucked you faster and faster. Harder and harder. Deeper and deeper. Louder and louder.

The minutes ticked on as I continued this slow torture. You turned to look up at me with a look of lust and awe. With your gaze, you begged me to allow you the pleasure you craved. And then, before too long, you begged me aloud too, knowing that I would ignore you.

“Please…” you groaned, “Please, please, let me cum.”

I loved watching you like this, so completely out of control. You would get this panicked expression each time I started to push back inside. You knew you would have to brace yourself against the pleasure. Each time you succeeded in abstaining you would let out this cat-like, purring whine. Your long, smooth legs pressed into my sides each time I started to pull out again as if trying to stop me. Your pussy did the same thing, squeezing around my cock as I slid out. It did everything it could to hold me inside. It was incredible. With each passing minute, you seemed to get more wet, more hot, and more tight around my invading shaft.

I felt so close to you. Our bodies pressed against one another, our breathing labored. We were drenched with sweat. I grabbed your hair from behind and yanked your head toward me. Then I whispered the words you were dying to hear:

“Cum for me,” I ordered.

I didn’t move an inch and neither did you, but giving you that command was enough to set you off. You squealed with pleasure as your orgasm exploded. Your pussy quivered along the entire length of my shaft.

I quickly slammed back in and started pounding in and out of you like an animal. You screamed again as your orgasm was reignited, the pleasure reaching new heights. You gasped and shook as I fucked you. Your tight pussy quivered and spasmed around my cock.

Your fingers worked magic on your clit. Within seconds of attacking it, your pussy began to clench around me with a new intensity. My shaft and balls were coated with a fresh layer of your squirting juices. Then you did that thing you do so well… you moved your hips side to side, massaging the sides of my cock.

The pleasure eventually became too much for me. I drove myself into you one final time to release my pent-up seed. But before I could cum, you lost all inhibitions. I pulled out and you turned around, knelt down like a submissive, and told me to cum on your face!

I took a deep breath and let my cum go. It was so intense! Your eyes widened in shock as my cock painted you with ropes of my semen. The first two hit your forehead, then your left cheek. You kept stroking me, coaxing out more shots of cum. Those hit your chin. Then you jerked my cock downwards, so the last few landed on your neck and tits.

We ARE one another’s fantasy.

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    • Loves2bthelover says:

      Thank you! We love it too. We recently decided to write all our fantasies in a jar and have “Fantasy Fridays.” More stories to come on that!

  1. TPC says:

    Enjoyed the intensity and passion of your story. Really enjoyed the line "You pulled me down into an aggressive kiss, which I responded to by biting down softly on your bottom lip. You moaned into my mouth and giggled deliciously as I fucked you harder".

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