Drawer of Memories (L)

This story contains strong language (L)
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Opening the drawer, blue first caught my eye. This classic thong brought back a memory of pulling it down as Bella knelt on all fours on our bench press before I railed her from behind. She looked so fricking hot in the gym mirrors as she moaned taking it deep.

“Not that one; pick another.”

The next possible selection was a gold t-bar. It had a particular shine when it parted her fine ass, reminding me of a picture I once snapped pre-sex as Bel appeared from our closet. Seeing her in that g-string made us late for a friends birthday as we shut the door and got busy. She rode me reverse cowgirl until cum dripped down my balls. But this one she wasn’t willing to pull on either.

Next was a lace thong in lime green.

“Not this one tonight, hun.” Bel engraved on my mind a session wearing this thong years ago on a camping trip. Both horny from being cock-blocked by our kids in the camper, we were happy to meet for a fuck session in the shower house. I remembered how my cock sprang up when her jean shorts dropped, exposing her sexy tight ass in this bright green thong. It didn’t stay on long. Soon she was bent over with water splashing her back and my dick driving deep inside her.

I waved the zebra print thong, but Bel shook her head. Really? Not these, even with the car ride, I’m-so-horny-please-pull-over-and-take-me-now memory?

Each pair told a story. As I reached for another one, she instructed me to close my eyes instead.

I obliged. When I opened my eyes, Bel had chosen. She stood before me with her ass facing me in a sexy white thong. As she turned to face me, my dick throbbed and my heart warmed.

Bella stood before me in a custom order thong of my favourite sports team. “Time to make a new memory before it joins the drawer,” Bel stated.

We joined together for a sensual make out. As things heated up, my mouth made its way down. My tongue found her small perky tits and made circles. My hand wandered to her new thong, and I rubbed her lips into the fabric, creating a wet spot while sucked on her boobs.

Bel was enjoying this and sighed as she began to relax.  I pushed the sexy fabric to the side to reach her pussy and get my finger wet. Moans began as I found her clit and circled it.

I flipped her onto her belly and lifted her ass in the air. I rubbed her back with one hand as I inserted a finger into her with my other. I warmed her up until Bel was pushing back against my hand. Adding a second finger made her gasp.

My dick was so hard, waiting to escape to fuck my beautiful wife, but I wasn’t done showing my appreciation quite yet.

Reluctantly, I removed my new favourite thong to expose my wife’s shaved pussy. With her still ass-up and resting on her forearms, I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as I went down on her from behind.

Bella squealed as my tongue pushed as deep as possible. She was getting so wet, and I could hardly wait to get my dick soaked.

Bella then instructed me to put my cock in her mouth. As I undressed, I savoured the view of her pussy glistening with wetness. I slid under her in sixty-nine and enjoyed my treatment.

She deep throated right away in appreciation as I sucked her clit. With a “holy fuck,” Bella cummed.

As she found her breath, I slipped in behind and grabbed Bel’s hips and prepared to plant my seed. I knew it wouldn’t take long. She moaned heavily as I found my rhythm. I gave it to her hard, my balls slapping against her mound. Grabbing her shoulders, I pushed deep as I found my release and shoy my load inside my horny wife.

We collapsed together as my wife commented, “I take it you like my new addition to the drawer.”

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  1. HappyHubby says:

    Sounds like a fun night of nostalgia for sure. I'm terrible with details so I would have a hard time remembering which panties went with each encounter but it would sure be fun to have a Hall of Fame drawer and pin a small note to each pair to remind me. Hmmm… Thanks for the idea!! And welcome back to writing btw, it's been a while and some of your earlier stories are on my favorites list.

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