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Poolside (L)

It was a warm spring evening where the sun seemed to be taking forever to set. The anticipation had been building slowing all week as Sarge and Bel had been so busy with daily life that they had not connected sexually. But sexts were sent through the week from both husband and wife with the purpose of wetting panties and tenting boxers. Now, Sarge was swimming laps, waiting for Bel and her fine ass to join him for a night swim. Sarge had been dreaming of breaking in the new heated pool since they moved in, and secretly, Bel would often find herself lost in thoughts of a pool fuck, too.

As Sarge approached the shallow end, he turned and caught the view of Bel making her way down the deck stairs from the master bedroom. When she got to the first landing, she let the robe drop to the ground, exposing the new sexy bikini that Sarge had picked out but had not seen on his wife’s tight frame. Bel stopped, turned, and bent over slowly to let Sarge enjoy the view of her lime green thong bottoms as she picked up her robe and hung it over the rail. The material barely covered her sexy lips. Bel appreciated the soft whistle from the pool. She continued down the steps and paused halfway, lifting her tits to freedom from their green bikini cage.

Sarge enjoyed the sight of her perky boobs on display for his viewing pleasure and wondered what might happen when she reached the base of the stairs. His best guess proved true as she slowly bent and lowered her thong, exposing her pussy lips to the evening air. Sarge’s dick pushed to escape his trunks as Bel turned on the Bluetooth speaker, shaking her ass smoothly as the music swelled. Walking slowing down the pool steps naked, Bel’s body was already tuned to every sensation. The cool water rushed to meet her warm southern lips, the ones that could hardly wait to grind upon Sarge.

Bel embraced Sarge in a tension-filled hug, kissing her way up his neck to his ear. “Don’t make me wait any longer,” she whispered seductively. “Fuck your horny wife.” With that, she pushed Sarge away from the hug and yanked down his shorts, giving his hard horn its freedom.

Sarge grabbed Bel by the hips and spun her around in the water, creating waves, and his finger soon found Bel’s clit. As he continued fingering his wife, he nibbled and sucked her neck, and moans began to escape his adventurous wife’s mouth. Sarge worked in a second finger as he brought Bel to a frenzy.

Bel’s hips bucked and her eyes closed as her head tossed back in delight. Her pussy had craved this attention all week and was finally getting what it deserved. She grabbed for Sarge’s cock under the water and started returning the favour.

With a “fuck, yes,” he withdrew his fingers and enjoyed a few more pulls before lifting Bel’s tight ass to the edge of the pool. With her legs spread, Bel’s shaved pussy sparkled in the moonlit night before Sarge moved to apply his tongue to her slit.

Needing something to steady her for an approaching orgasm, Bel pulled her man’s hair as he continued circling her clit. Her legs locked as she welcomed her climax. “Yeah, fuck… yes, baby….ooooooOOOO FUCK!” Sarge felt the rush of her cum as his horny-ass wife enjoyed her first pool orgasm.

Not able to wait any longer for his own pleasure, Sarge popped out of the pool and maneuvered a flutter board under his bride’s knees before she bent into doggy-style to get fucked. Sarge wasted no time getting balls deep, hearing Bel gasp as he filled her pussy. Primal urges prevailed as they both moaned into the calm night, pushing their bodies together to get as deep as they could.

Sarge took a moment to enjoy the view of his wife’s fine ass swallowing his horn as he pumped her again and again. He knew that he wouldn’t last much longer when Bel looked back over her shoulder, her eyes full of desire for her man’s cum. Sarge grabbed her shoulders and picked up the intensity, feeling his balls ready to unload for his hot wife. As the first rope of cum unloaded, he pulled out and watched it stripe Bel’s back.

“Oh, Bel! Fuck yes, you’re a good fuck!” He re-entered her pussy as the final three shots went deep into her box, and she moaned in satisfaction.

Both rolled onto their backs and lay panting at the edge of the pool, looking to the night sky as they came down from the marriage-sex high they had created.


I have not written for a while, so if you’re new, please check out some of my older stories.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Wow! Intense and awesome nighttime pool sex! I loved the story! We’ve had a similar good time in a hot tub at night! I wrote about it too. It was an Ignite story called “Love Under The Stars.”
    Thanks for sharing your pool-sex story!

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