Drew In Sales (L)

A date was long overdue for me and my fine gal. We have been together since high school. Because we live in a small city, new date ideas are tough in the dead of winter. On a drive, an idea struck me as a sure fire way to get fucked on a date!

The first part of the plan had me sneak onto my wife’s phone. I changed my name and deleted the picture and conversation she had for my contact. I was now known as Drew.

Next part of the plan was to send this text from Drew. ”Hey, Bel what’s up? It's been a while. Been thinking of you lots. I’ll be through your city on Wednesday. Want to meet up after work for a drink 😉 “

The plan worked. I got this in response. “Hey Drew, I would love that. Let me get a sitter and tell the husband I am going out for supper with friends. 😉”

Now I know this plan flirts with what some might deem too close to a line. But hey, it is all in fantasy and good fun.

The text turned into playful sexts as the days went on. We were both excited for what was to come. The fun part was we didn’t get to talk to each other about the upcoming date.

Drew met Bel at a local restaurant and Bel was looking amazing. Drew even bought a new shirt. The conversation was flirty and fun. Things progressed rather quickly when Bel found out Drew had a plane to catch at 9:30. Her thong was wet and her pussy ached for a good banging. Bel invited him back to her place “if” he wanted. Drew was hesitant as he didn’t want to risk getting caught. He let his dick guide him to the easy answer. It was getting hard thinking about the possibility of taking that beauty down.

Drew followed Bel in her mom van and made sure to park down the street. He made himself comfortable on the couch as Bel went to freshen up. Drew was shocked as Bel came out in a black silk nightie. She mounted Drew as he kissed and sucked her breasts and neck. As Bel stripped out of her nightie, she had on a beautiful matching bra and thong. Drew lay her down and started kissing her legs and moved closer to her thong. He kissed and sucked her clit and pussy over her thong. Now, Drew’s dick needed some attention. He took off his clothes quickly and presented his hard offering at her mouth. She eagerly started sucking and prepping his dick to bang her hard. Bel removed his dick from her mouth and told him to put it in her now!

Bel moved her thong to the side and Drew slid his dick into her. He found a good rhythm to start. He moaned as he sank his dick further into her tightness. With each stroke, she groaned with pleasure. Bel needed to get off.

In a surprise move, Drew pulled out. As quick as he did he grabbed the lace on Bel’s sides and pulled her thong off. Then he attacked her pussy with his tongue. Riding the pleasure wave, she told Drew he better fuck her. She knew she wasn’t going to last much longer.

He lifted her tight soccer mom ass onto the middle of the backrest of the couch and started to nail her again. He fucked her hard as he sucked her neck. Bel felt his strong hands grab her ass as he shot his cum. He could feel her pussy grab on as her climax approached. Drew pumped until she collapsed onto the couch.

This date ended as I went back outside to move my vehicle from the street to the driveway. We took role play all the way and it was a great night!

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