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There’s always a first time for a story. After using my hubby’s account for a while, I decided to join up as well. Now I have my own username to write about things I experience with him. He writes often. Sometimes I have to tell him it’s enough, but all and all, I enjoy what he writes. My hubby, better known as Snagd, encouraged me to start reading MH. I found it interesting. Its focus is correct: sex and sexual play in marriage without drawing other immoral stuff into the equation.

In all fairness, I must say that my husband is the ultimate partner for me. We both enjoy experimentation. If we agree on trying something new, it’s game on! If the fun doesn’t measure up to our expectations, we leave that thing aside. And if something could affect us psychologically, it’s a definite no-no. We may still fantasize about it together though.

I love wearing short skirts, often going pantiless. Even in my work as a nurse, I sometimes go pantiless and braless if my husband so desires. I can be somewhat of an exhibitionist. I like to sit on my haunches to show him my pussy at home and when we are out and about. I won’t have full-on sex in public. But if a place is relatively secluded, I don’t mind giving head to my husband or masturbating for him. And I adore sex in hotel rooms, lodges or similar establishments. Something about places like that just turns me on.

But one of my favorite places to make love is on our couch. Often when my husband comes home from work, he flops down on the couch He relaxes while I’m busy making dinner or dressing to go out.

One particular evening I felt very much like having sex. So, to surprise my husband, I flopped down next to him. We chatted for a while when I suddenly had an urge for some real fun. I reached out for his penis and started rubbing it through his pants as I felt it grow.

Next, he turned to me, and our mouths met with high-intensity kisses and necking. He let the straps of my dress fall, pulling the top down until he could get one hand under my bra cup to fondle my breast. I stopped to remove the undergarment and let him plant his mouth on my nipples. I was now naked from my belly up as he started to lick and kiss me all over. Then he raised his mouth to mine and slipped me his tongue. I felt the heat rising in me.

Suddenly, my husband pulled my dress completely off. Not much to his surprise, he found me pantiless once again and very clean shaven. He always loves when I’m smooth down below. Without a word, he inserted two fingers into my vagina.

I moaned as he did and reached to unzip him, helping him out of his pants. I bent over to take his manhood into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down on it.

He stood up straight, leaving me sitting open-legged on the couch. I was free to do what I love best: cocksucking. I went up and down his shaft, swallowing him whole. And then, as I released his dick, I began to take his balls into my mouth. Slowly I licked him all around until he asked me to stop.

He then took me down to my knees on the floor, letting me hold on to the couch. It was the perfect position to allow him access to do anything he pleased. It didn’t surprise me at all that what pleased him at that moment was to please me. He turned almost upside down and started nibbling on my pussy. He was licking my clit as he nudged away at my now wet cunt.

“Okay, darling,” he whispered. “I am going to fuck you now, so enjoy what’s coming.”

He moved his mouth away from my pussy lips and stepped backward. With one expert thrust, he entered my pussy and let me have it full force. I shuddered and screamed for more as he carried on pumping. Then he suddenly stopped.

Lying back on the floor, he pulled me onto his cock. He slid smoothly into my now swollen pussy, parting its lips again with his enlarged head and shaft. As he glided deep inside, I started to bobble up and down on his cock. He helped me along when my slick puss slipped off him, reinserting himself. It wasn’t long before I felt my body quivering as I started cumming over and over again.

Eventually, he pushed me gently off him and made me sit on the couch. He and I both knew that he was about to ejaculate. He brought his hard cock towards my open mouth. Holding it in his hand, he started making those sounds that drive me wild.

As he rubbed his hand up and down on his dick, I waited. Soon my patience was rewarded. I felt his cum shoot. The first spurt hit my cheek. Then, as I gave him my tongue, he started draining cum all over the inside of my mouth as I swallowed. And swallowed. And swallowed again. Finally, he inserted his cock right into my mouth, which gave me an opportunity to clean him out. He was exhausted as I let go. I wiped away what was left on my face and just laughed.

“You’re a really good fucker,” I said.

“Well, you like it wild, so I gave it to you. But prepare yourself for more to come later.” He gave me a loving kiss and held me for a few minutes. Then he asked me to get dressed, reminding me that we were expecting visitors.

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32 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Going without panties is the ultimate turn on especially flashing it to a partner can lead to great fun. Something my wife does not do much of (once in a vineyard – Hmmm I may have to tell that story), so I can appreciate your story.
    Keep the hot sex cumming!

  2. Loves2bthelover says:

    This is a really hot story! Makes me think of the fun my wife and I have together. Can you tell me more about the line, “We may still fantasize about it together though.” What are some ways that you do that?

    • SecondMarge says:

      I was drawn to that line as well. We have sex talk that is often about fantasies we would not participate in but get us very turned on talking about during sex. Especially me.
      I think if my husband denied me the feel of him coming inside my p**** only to come on my face he wouldn’t get supper. But I am learning wives vary a great deal more than I ever imagined.

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Bjlove – welcome to MH (though you've been here some on your husband's account). The healthy hornyness that you two share with each other is contagious. I really liked the way you said this: "We both enjoy experimentation. If we agree on trying something new, it's game on! If the fun doesn't measure up to our expectations, we leave that thing aside. And if something could affect us psychologically, it's a definite no-no. We may still fantasize about it together though."

    I think that is very instructive for many of us. If something doesn't measure up – you leave it. But at least you tried and found out. I look forward to reading more from you and Snagd. God bless you both. LH

  4. Bjlove says:

    Thank you all for finding my story so interesting. You can rest assured that all of it did actually take place as I mentioned that what we experiment with if it’s something we enjoy we’ll take it, and if it’s something that does not bring any pleasure or not worth the effort we mostly stay away from. About fantasies: well it mostly involves words rather than action. The exclamations normally seem to drive home much excitement and when we have finished any sexual activity, we put it behind us as we both know that we may start living with guilt if we actually carry out such fantasies. I few examples I cite from both of us. [Edited: We banter about multiple partners (threesomes and more) using very explicit language that some might consider demeaning but we don't take it seriously.]

    Now technically we know it won’t happen, it's only when we masturbate in front on one another and also scream out those unethical sexual acts. There’s a fine line and both myself and hubby agree that it’s only a way of using creativity while having sex. Otherwise it’s a no go. As a final comment: The nearest we came to have multiple sex episodes with other couples was when they requested us. We first seemed keen on it, but after doing some research we found it’s bound to leave psychological scars that could ruin our marriage. I, myself, did indulge in a fair amount of oral sex before we were married, and he only indulged is straight sex before marriage. We both accepted each other's past and put it behind us, and now we keep sex between ourselves to gain maximum pleasure.

    • SecondMarge says:

      We also have conversations during our bed adventures about activities we will not participate in as a married couple. They very much increase the excitement level especially for my husband.

      During the years after my first husband passed my emotionally and financially difficult times were lessened by the time my friend and her husband invited me into their home. The love they showed me kept me going.

      My husband is fully aware of the “cuddling” that took place while I lived with them. He enjoys me replaying details and it helps with his ED. I have no guilt about anything we shared nor do either of us think any of it was wrong.

      Whatever a husband and wife use in fantasy during their time in bed is acceptable in my belief. It’s good to read the two of you share these mental images as well.

  5. LilaY69 says:

    @Bjlove, and others… Both my husband I can strongly agree on having fantasies, whether or not the acts are a big "No, no" in reality. Not even is it a big turn on -at least for us- to think or fantasize about sexual activities and scenarios that may even involve others or couples in our sexual episodes, but I think fantasizing is a very healthy, beneficial, and even important part of a marriage sex life for those who are comfortable enough with each other. As a couple, for your sex life to be at its best you really need to know everything that turns your spouse on, and fantasies are definitely included.

    For us it's also used more with words rather than actions. I'd say most of the time we'll talk out the fantasy to each other which never fails to turn us both extremely on. Especially while pleasuring ourselves together. Also sometimes we'll read, (occasionally) watch, and even write out the fantasy together or by ourselves. It's always just fun to play with your imagination anyway, especially when it rewards both of you with mind-blowing hot marital sex!

    By the way, I'd also be very excited to see more fantasy material from the contributors here on MH!

    • SecondMarge says:

      I agree; I would love to read fantasy stories that couples use in their bed to turn each other on but are about “No-No” subjects. We love to use them.

    • LilaY69 says:

      Maybe they'll add the (F) for fantasy 😉

      What fantasies work for you and your husband? Do you share the same fantasies or both vary differently?

    • SecondMarge says:

      He has far more fantasies than I do. Mine often are about watching, his about me being seen or touched. If he uses a realistically shaped toy on me it’s real in his fantasy, thinking manhood that remains fully hard would please me more than his. As in this story if I was nude, getting a massage, even an innocent one, he would very much enjoy watching and if it became less innocent he would enjoy it more. Anything that helps him enjoy, I’m ok with so I am used to his describing things as we play.

  6. hornyGG says:

    Ben and I enjoy sharing our fantasies. Some we have acted out and enjoyed the experience. Others we just dictate to one another during masturbation or foreplay.
    We both have fantasies that we wouldn't dare do in reality, such as threesomes and the like. It would be awesome to read stories about what naughty fantasies couples share.
    Stay Horny Always!

    • SecondMarge says:


      I think I read in the guidelines that actual threesome stories can not be submitted. However, I do not know if that affects fantasies about threesomes which many of us use to heighten excitement in bed. Or other couples watching or being watched. Several stories on MH include aspects of these fantasies that most people have, but do not explicitly include them. I would hope such fantasies are acceptable and some of the gifted writers here would submit several.

      I don’t envy those making these decisions as there are bound to be contributors on both sides of issues as recently surfaced regarding showing female breasts and nipples.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      You're right, SecondMarge, it is difficult.

      While we understand that "fantasy talk" in marriage is just that, we do have a guideline that states stories must describe sexual activity exclusively between a married couple. We may have blurred that line a little with roleplay stories where the couple is pretending to have just met or to be professor/student or boss/employee. There has also been at least one story where a toy was being used and spoken of as if it were another sexual partner and one in which, during roleplay, one partner told the other that a third person waited for them in her hotel room. Then there is the recent story where one person pretended for a short while that she had gotten a “happy ending” at the massage parlor.

      Still, we are reluctant to publish stories that go into much more detail of "wilder" fantasies shared between spouses. In all things, we wish to honor God. While we celebrate the freedom within marriage to fantasize (consensually and lovingly), it might be difficult to separate the fantasy from the reality in the writing and reading of it. Not impossible, but difficult.

      Perhaps a better first step would be an ‘advice offered’ or ‘needed’ post discussing what/what not, when/when not, and why/why not in shared fantasy. But be aware that the discussion is bound to be polarizing. Loving attitudes and humility would be paramount when offering each other our opinions, understanding, and personal application of biblical truth in such a post or responses to it. And pastoral input from within the MH family would be much appreciated.

    • SecondMarge says:


      I thank you for your response. And for pointing out a few of the stories that involve lust that includes others in the imagination, as opposed to actually participating with others. MH has to decide where the line is drawn. Certainly whatever the decision, it won’t please everyone.

      Maybe it’s best to let stories that include 'fantasy' others, as those you mentioned, to simply continue to be approved but not be more explicit in the guidelines. If everyone within Christianity shared the same beliefs there wouldn’t be dozens of major denominations. Certainly many topics here violate the beliefs of many more conservative ones.

      And since the stories you mentioned did not get negative replies, my comments maybe unnecessary. As for my opinion, as long as others are not actually participating with a married couple in a sex act, oral, vaginal or anal, it would not offend me. I am not a believer that lust kept in the mind is a sin.

      Whoever makes the decisions seems to be doing a great job and has been very liberal about the guidelines.

  7. LilaY69 says:

    Oh, yes! We too would definitely love to swap fantasies, whether how naughty they may be. Our fantasies are pretty erotic and naughty too, and a lot of times being that which we would never actually dare do in real life. Some of that being threesomes or group sex, sexual encounter with someone else, and sometimes even same-sex encounters. Sci-fi fantasy fiction can also be apart of our erotic repertoire.

    Another benefit is while talking dirty to him about the fantasies we have while I'm riding him or getting well-screwed. I especially enjoy thinking or moaning about his or my sexy fantasies while I'm having my pussy or ass eaten out. It often times gives us both even greater orgasms because of the sexy & naughty fantasy talk.

    • SecondMarge says:


      Thanks for participating in the discussion. I agree that those fantasies are exciting and are in the mainstream of Christian couples. For example, according to polls, far more couples have fantasies about a threesome than participate in anal sex.

      As with the massage story, my mind has included sexual thoughts about the person massaging me. When I shared them with my husband it was a big plus for our love making. Being in the same hotel room as another couple and realizing they are being sexual or trying to hide a little play from them are topics that seem acceptable.

      I hope others continue to push the envelope and their stories continue to be approved. Then again if any topics prevented approval we would not know.
      I do not find any of your fantasy topics go against Christianity nor are they offensive. I hope you submit one of your stories.

  8. LilaY69 says:

    Hopefully MarriageHeat is able to show that future fantasy submission stories are clearly only fantasy. I think something like a fantasy tag would be a clear indicator.

    I have a story that's almost finished, it's still in the works and I have to edit it still. It ended being quite a bit longer than I anticipated, 5k+ words… as I like to give detail so the reader can visualize what's exactly happening.

    While we're talking about threesomes and fantasies… In my detailed account of how well we fucked, the reader can perceive that it is analogous to that of a threesome. It's not necessarily a threesome fantasy story, but it can be read that way if you'd like to. I bought us a pretty realistic (but fairly expensive) pussy and ass toy from a website called "My Sexy Fantasies," so I could participate with my husband fucking "her" in front of me.

    SecondMarge, I think we'd all love to hear about you and your husband's fantasies, and I hope you submit at least a few. How about that massage and how it might've played out in your head? 😉

  9. Southernheat says:

    I think we all have fantasies that we would never act on. I think it’s ok to voice them in the heat of passion. I just feel we need to be cautious on letting our thoughts linger too long on some of these fantasies that we know could be distructive to our marriage and our spiritual life. Every action starts with a thought. Not trying to sound preachy; we all have wild fantasies. We just have to know when to take those thoughts captive.

    • LilaY69 says:

      I strongly agree, Southernheat! That's a pretty important point you thought to make and I'm glad that you did. I think most especially for an unmarried and/or not very spiritually mature couple, but even so for couples like ourselves here at MarriageHeat.

      Theoretically, if my husband and I ONLY focused on fantasizing in our sex life about erotic sexual adventures like threesomes, watching/being with other couples, cheating, or imagining me being with another woman…. I think that could potentially be harmful and dangerous to our marriage and spirituality.

      Like with many other things, without any moderation it could become harmful. SecondMarge made the example of alcohol limit and how you need to identify your weaknesses.

      For my husband and I, and also in the case of others here that agree, erotic fantasizing with your spouse is a very fun, exciting, and sexy activity to enjoy together. Whether how "taboo" or raunchy the fantasy may be, as long as you don't live it out in actuality, it does no wrong. And at least in my opinion and maybe the others here that agree, fantasizing with your spouse is a beneficial and even healthy pleasure to partake of in your marriage and sex life.

  10. hornyGG says:

    Sex fantasies are a given. Everyone has them, most used as an aid during masturbation. Sharing sex fantasies with your husband or wife to me is an exciting, fun and erotic turn on.
    I see nothing wrong in having "taboo" fantasies and sharing them as long as they remain as fantasies only. I also do not believe that God will hold the fantasies against us as long as no actual person or persons are included. Fantasies about someone else's husband/wife, a co worker or the like, to me are lust and a sin. However, fictional or the " faceless stranger " I feel is totally acceptable.
    Like I mentioned in my previous comment. Ben and I have shared fantasies that include threesomes and the like, but would never consider doing such acts in reality.
    Yes, occasionally we will use sex toys to aid in these fantasies and have fun while doing it.
    I tend to name my sex toys, " Mr. Jolly" of course and my 8 inch non vibrating dong "Frank" being the main two. Ben owns a "Fleshlight " ( artificial pussy Male masturbator) that we refer to as " Miss Suzy Q". We both enjoy watching the other use our toys and have several fantasies that the toys are used as " props ".
    One of our favorite fantasies we sometimes play out is a voyeurism " Caught " fantasy. Without going into too much detail, it is basically where he or I get caught fucking our " faceless stranger ". We talk explicitly as he or I watch the other and often masturbate. If I am the one getting "caught " Ben will sometimes walk over to the bed and have me suck his dick while I am " getting fucked " and talk dirty to me until I orgasm. There are many variations to the fantasy and fun to act out.
    Anyway, as I said before, I would love to read some naughty fantasies that couples here on MH share with one another. I may even share a couple ( with Ben's permission of course).

    God bless you all and stay horny always!
    Gina ( GG )

    • ILoveSex says:

      Oooo, I'd LOVE to hear some of your fantasies, GG. Also looking forward to reading more stories from you…especially ones that include your new nudist lifestyle. I love being naked too!!

    • A Better Pastime says:

      @GG This portion of your comment is the uber-hottest!

      (One of our favorite fantasies we sometimes play out is a voyeurism " Caught " fantasy. Without going into too much detail, it is basically where he or I get caught fucking our "faceless stranger." We talk explicitly as he or I watch the other and often masturbate. If I am the one getting "caught" Ben will sometimes walk over to the bed and have me suck his dick while I am "getting fucked" and talk dirty to me until I orgasm.)

      I commute by car ferry to and from work every day. I'm sitting here in my car on the ferry to home this afternoon with my hand in my pocket and can feel the pre-cum that has soaked through the cloth of my boxers and my jean pocket as a result of reading this portion of your comment a handful of times and contemplating how I would like to enact the same between my wife and I.

    • A Better Pastime says:

      @GG PS. What grabbed my attention and focus about that portion of your comment is that I fantasize about having a "faceless stranger" sex encounter with my wife 8 to 9 times out 10 when I'm getting off in the shower in the morning. The fantasy is always the same, with my wife on all fours in the doggy style position (in our bed) sucking me while getting fucked from behind by the "faceless stranger". You transparency in this comment is what grabbed me as I struggle always with the guilt factor over this constant fantasy-desire. I do not desire this to happen in reality, only in fantasy. I have never openly told my wife of this thought-fantasy that pervades my masturbation sessions. To hear of another christian woman who not only partakes in this level of fantasy with her husband, but very much enjoys and initiates it, made feelings of ultimate perv status go to zero: at least for today anyway.

    • SecondMarge says:


      This is a fantasy my husband loves and I must admit turns me on as well. I don’t believe any guilt is deserved as long as it’s fantasy. As long as we don’t act it out in real life with a real third person, it can’t be wrong or bad. We are made with creative minds.

    • A Better Pastime says:


      Thank you for your sincere comment response. Coming from a woman, a Christian woman, and a wife, your response is in a term "dear" as it is comes as a personal encouragement. I must admit that hearing you say that this fantasy turns you on as well has turned me on this early morning. I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning as I could not sleep, and this is the first thing that I've read today.

      I agree with you, that as long as we would not act this fantasy out in real-life with a real third person that it cannot be wrong or bad.

      For me, the animal-wild nature of this fantasy is fierce. The thought-picture of my wife [in that scenario] is just an intensely intimate visual for me. Thinking about this just now, I'm reminded of the phrase-title "the power of vulnerability", with my wife in mind as the "vulnerable" element in this fantasy picture.

      Thank you for your sincere encouragement this morning, SecondMarge!

  11. SecondMarge says:

    My thanks to all for the comments on sexual fantasies. Sorry we hijacked this story to discuss them. I love to read and try and understand how others view that line that we shouldn’t cross and the danger that they see. We must know ourselves to the extent we do with alcohol. Just because one person can have three glasses of wine, maybe I know I can’t go past one. In that way if the fantasy is too real or too intense it might be something for you to avoid. I also see how knowing the person (people) in your fantasy might make some feel it crosses some line. And I’m certain some might think other “taboo” situations would be wrong for them to enjoy imagining. Such as the massage story, a common one in erotica. If being massaged up my thighs gets me wet and my fantasy is that they continue higher and make me orgasm, is it wrong? More wrong if it’s a same sex masseuse? What if it’s a man and he lets me release his manhood? What if my husband watches? Joins in? These and more possibilities are questions many of us answered for ourselves. Frankly, my husband and I can get very “taboo” and there is still no danger of it becoming reality nor would we feel it’s a sin. The issue for me becomes not disturbing people on MH who have different convictions. One solution that was suggested was a label for such stories as was done for anal and for objectionable language. So those easily offended could skip stories they know might contain two couples watching each other during sex in their fantasy. Or the biggest male fantasy: his wife touching another female.

    So far MH is doing a great job with these decisions and I’m certain this topic will also be worked in a manner satisfactory to all of us.

  12. Southernheat says:

    Love this friendly discussion some really good points from everyone.
    In my opinion the fantasy would only become detrimental if we were not sharing it with our spouse. In other words keeping secrets and continually fantisizing on something to the point of considering acting on it. I guess that would be more an issue of the heart at that point.
    Fantasy keeps things interesting.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Well said. Secrets and lies are the most dangerous not desire. Matters of the heart as you point out are very different than those of the loins.

  13. IndyDad says:

    As a brand new member I love seeing people's understanding of all kinds of taboo fantasies. If they are not real, they can hurt no one, right? The imagination is a wonderful thing.

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