Innocent Walk

A summer afternoon walk with my beautiful bride, Bel, had us weaving through the campground enjoying the sun. It was a rather windy day, so our boat remained parked onshore. Deciding to check to see if we had tied it up well enough, we ventured to the shoreline. It was a low-traffic area; however, we were not the only ones who parked our boats here.

Bel had on her bikini with jean shorts over her bottoms, her little tits covered by small triangles of fabric. The water, the beach, the waves, and our boat: they  always seems to relax us on holidays and put us in the mood.

We found the boat secure, so we started to walk away when I thought, Why not throw out a line.

“Wanna bang on the boat?” I thought it might be a long shot as it was broad daylight, but hey, why not ask.

Bel pondered as she walked away. “Ah, sure, why not?”

My dick jumped for excitement in my swim shorts. She proceeded back to the boat and I helped lift her tight ass into it. She scanned the lake to see only a few boats far enough away to make this happen.

She didn’t waste time as she dropped both her shorts and bikini bottoms to the floor. Then Bel turned and lowered to her knees to take my cock in her mouth as I presented it. She sucked with vigor to make sure I was hard. I was enjoying it and could have blown my load quickly, but I could tell she was just getting me warmed up—she wanted to get fucked from behind.

I know Bel so well. She pulled her mouth off my dick and turned to face the lake as she bent over the back seat waiting for me to give it to her hard.

I ran my middle finger over her clit and parted her wet lips right before I thrust my member all the way in. Bel moaned as I filled her pussy, and I grabbed her hips and started to work her over. My balls slapped her ass as I enjoyed the view. Bel kept moaning, and I could tell she was going to cum soon. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed my horn deep, giving her every inch.

When she declared “I’m almost there!” I tightened my grip and pounded harder. I pulled right out, slid back in slowly, and pumped her hard again, knowing this would get her off. She dropped her head in satisfaction and groaned as she cummed.

I continue to ride her slowly looking for my release.

She pulled her ass away then told me to sit on the boat seat. She turned away from me and lowered her tight ass onto my wet dick and started to twerk. Within seconds, my balls began to tighten. I sat back and fired off spurt after spurt into her pussy.

Without skipping a beat she grabbed a towel, cleaned up, dressed, and said, “That was great! Glad we went for a walk.”

“Absolutely! Love you, Bel,” was all I could manage. I was still catching the breath that my hot, horny wife takes away.

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