Wedding Rock Reunion

Back in 1990, during my military career, I used to deploy for six months or more at a time. Miltary service, especially the long separations, can be very hard on marriages and families. When I would return, my wife and I would take a mini honeymoon, which was always great but not as good as being at home.

In May of 1990, my ship returned after one of these half-year missions. My wife met the ship at the pier, and there was much rejoicing. I noticed a couple of things were missing, though—namely, my kids!

When I asked after their whereabouts, my wife just smiled. She said her parents were watching them and that she had a weekend planned for just the two of us. This was getting interesting.

We drove up the California coast to a little town called Trinidad. It nestled between giant redwoods on one side and the coast on the other—a truly idyllic place. We arrived mid-afternoon and decided to grab a bite to eat and watch the sunset before retiring to our room for more reunion activities.

After our meal, we headed over to Patrick’s Point State Park and watched the sunset from the same spot we had watched it years before on our honeymoon, Wedding Rock. It overlooked the beach and required a quick ten or fifteen minute hike to get to the top.

We sat there all alone, talking and taking in the vista. How perfect and romantic!

As I glanced at my wife, I noticed a wry grin on her face. When I asked what she was thinking, she just slipped her hand over and unzipped my pants. Sensing my hesitation, she said, “Don’t worry, we are the only ones here. Let’s have some fun!”

I relaxed a bit, and she finished pulling down my zipper and exposing my now-hard erection. Then she leaned over and took me into her mouth. The combination of her slowly stroking hand, the moist heat of her mouth, and the adrenaline of hoping we wouldn’t get caught were making this amazing.

She went quickly to work, and since I had been saving up until my return after six months, it was not long until I was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed and smiled and stashed my now relieved cock back into my pants.

I was about to return the favor, when suddenly we heard talking and car doors as some other people were getting there to watch the sunset as well. With people arriving, we just drank some water and watched nature’s beauty unfold. The whole time though, we exchanged naughty smiles, knowing that these people had no idea what had happened a few minutes before.

Of course, we left and finished off at our bed-and-breakfast room with a full night of reunion lovemaking. But the oral sex on Wedding Rock will always be a memory we treasure.

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