Florida Memories

I won’t soon forget the fun we had in the Atlantic the last time we were at the beach in Florida. You treated me in an extraordinary way that I haven’t forgotten. I’d like to imagine a repeated adventure with just the two of us.

We start out from our motel in Orlando. The kids are with their friends, so we’ll have the day to each other. I’m eager to get going; you’re not as excited but seem willing. I talk you into getting a bit of breakfast at a drive-thru on the way.

You must be getting more adventuresome as you get older. I am excited to see how you’ve dressed this morning since we don’t really expect to run into anyone we know and will probably be on the beach most of the day. You decided to wear the crinkle-style sleeveless dress we bought earlier. The last couple of times you wore it, you had a teeshirt under it. Today, without the tee, you look pretty and comfortable. Your shoulders will look even nicer with a tan, I think.

You are also wearing the demi-bra we bought you just before we left for the trip. It will take some adjustment on your part since it fits just under your nipples. I think it’ll be great. Thank you so much for wanting to please. As we packed up for the day, I told you to put an extra bra in your bag, just in case. But I’m confident you’ll like it better than no bra, which you know I’d prefer. Hopefully, it’ll be a good compromise. As we travel, I wonder if you brought any panties into the bathroom with you this morning or not. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m hoping you didn’t.

I’m not quite sure what you like me to wear, but I’m much more willing. I just dressed comfortable and wore one of my tee shirts and my longer shorts along with the brief nylon underwear that I wear because you want me too.

You know how to make things exciting. As we head out, I can’t help but notice that you’ve got your hemline about halfway up your thighs. Maybe you’re just causally relaxing and are totally unaware, but I hope you’re really teasing me. Of course, you did pull it to your knees as we went through the drive-thru to get our breakfast. We stopped there and ate before going further.

We’ll make a beeline for the coast; it’ll take about an hour of travel. Your hemline climbs again to a comfortable position. I’ve had my hand resting on your leg while I drove, and you rested. I look over at you several times, enjoying the pretty picture you make. After we pass the first toll booth, I can’t help myself. My hand slides off the bottom edge of your hemline and gently begins to rub your inner thigh. I really shouldn’t disturb your rest, but it’s not too long before my hand starts to slide your hem higher, an inch or so at a time.

After moving it up six or eight inches, I’m careful not to go any further. That’s when I start gently stroking the inside of your beautiful legs. You aren’t saying anything, just allowing me the pleasure (or thrill) of teasing you. In so doing, you please us both. At least I know I like it; I hope you do too.

I notice the next toll booth approaching and check my coins. I seem to have the right change. I tell you we’re going through the coin station and you can stay comfortable; no one will see us. That milestone passed, I feel so excited I can’t stand it.

I stroke your leg some more over the next few miles. By now, the edge of your dress has risen to near the exposure limit, but no one except you and I knows or will ever know it. I gradually stroke the inside of your leg, higher and higher. I’m now within inches of your privacy.

“What do you think you’re doing?” you murmur.

My response is pseudo-innocent. “Just trying to help you relax.”

You say, “You’re not doing a very good job.”

“Well, I guess I’d better try harder,” I say as my fingertips deliberately reach much deeper and brush your private hairs. My excitement intensifies as I realize you did leave your pussy open to me. I promptly turn my hand sideways and plunge it still lower. You push forward in the seat and open your legs so I can access you better. My finger strokes a fold of smooth flesh briefly before I plunge a few fingers beyond the edge and notice definite wetness. The effort needed decreases noticeably as you begin to open yourself up.

Unexpectedly, I see the I-85 exit sign ahead. You close your legs over my hand and say, “I think you better stop.” As we approach the town, we retain our composure, or at least you do. I, on the other hand, notice a significant rise in the lap of my pants. The trip has definitely aroused my anticipation.

Since it is a weekday, we soon find the beach only sparsely populated. We’ve taken one of the earlier turnouts since we want to stay away from the end of the beach. I quickly slip out of my clothes and put on the thin nylon shorts I had purchased recently. You bring your two-piece swimsuit with you since we think you’ll be able to change under your dress. To simplify matters, you removed the bra in the car as we approached the parking area. I am almost beside myself as I realize you are now wearing only the dress. We gather our things together and cross over the dunes to the beach.

There are a few families set up near the boardwalk, so we begin a stroll northward to find our place in the sun. I’m pleased to tell you that your silhouette looked absolutely fabulous as you went ahead of me at the crossover. We find a spot about 100 yards from the walkway and still about 50 yards from the next group of people, far enough that details are not noticeable. We spread our large towel out on the beach and set our things aside.

“Punkin’, just lay down here with me for a while. You look so beautiful.” I lay down beside you and just have to kiss you. While you lie back, I turn onto my stomach and reach across your boobs. I press my lips to yours briefly, then more intently. “I love you, beautiful,” I say, and then I kiss you again. Then I flip over and look up into the sky with you. It’s not particularly hot, and the light breeze feels lovely blowing across us. We lay there for quite a long time, reflecting on pleasant memories of the times we’ve spent in Florida.

“Here, what am I doing,” I say as I realize that I need to take care of your skin. I reach in the bag and get the suntan lotion. You ask me to get your suit so you can slip it on, and I respond, “Sure, but let me get the other places first. Roll over on your stomach.” I get the lotion out and start rubbing your neck and shoulder. The top of the dress has just enough room for you to slide your arm out of the shoulder strap. I soothe the lotion into your shoulder and neck on one side and then the other. Your legs are next, and I slide the dress up to coat them.

“Now, let’s do the front side.” I do your legs first this time and then the front. After taking care of your face and shoulders, I reach under your neckline and spread some of the lotion over your boobs. I think we’ll be able to cover your whole body with sunscreen. I want to take care of you, you know.

It’s now your turn to rub the lotion on me. You do an excellent job as always. As you finish up my legs, you surprise me by briefly massaging the front of my suit. I feel something moving in my pants for at least a few minutes. We then settle back and enjoy the sun for a while.

The warmth of the sun is just beginning to make me feel drowsy when you say, “Sweetie, I’m getting a little too warm.” Realizing your sensitivity to the sun, I suggest we head to the water. As I’m reaching for your bathing suit, you respond further, “I think I’ll just go into the water like this.”

I respond, “Sure, that’s fine. It ought to dry out quickly.” We grasp hands and head for the water.

The surf today is somewhat mild, and soon the water reaches our waists. We continue out, following the rise and fall of the waves so that we stay about chest-deep. The dress seems to be riding the waves as well. It gives me fleeting glimpses of your legs and maybe more. I don’t dare tell you how you tantalize me. The water has also created a sheerness to the material of your dress, and you look incredibly sexy. Soon it begins to settle into the water, and the waves wash the loose folds in and out between your legs. I’ll keep the sexiness of the vision to myself.

“Let’s take a dip in the next wave and cool off.” I always like diving into the waves, and it’s even more fun with you. You seem to enjoy yourself as we hit several. After a while, the wet dress does become cumbersome, and you ask me to go and get your swimsuit. Your wish is my command, and I go dashing off to the shore. You find putting on the bottom under the water easy enough. However, it’s necessary to take the dress off to get the top on. Working together, we accomplish the task without anyone the wiser.

We spend more time “catching the waves” in the deeper water before heading back into the shallows to rest awhile. You ask me to hold you, and it’s terrific to feel you pressed against me. We begin to kiss a little and then a little more and longer. I don’t want to let go of you, and you seem to like it too. We kiss once more as our tongues begin to dance in each other’s mouth. I ask you to turn around and hold you a while with my hands crossed below your boobs. Once or twice, I cover and squeeze your boob ever so lightly. You catch me by surprise as your hand has reached behind and grasps my dick rather firmly. A wonderful shock runs through me.

I ask you to stay here for a minute while I head toward the shore. As I start rising out of the waves, I notice that the front of my suit tents out. It’s a good thing no one is close by, or I’d have to wait a while. I reach into the bag and get the empty waist wallet thing I had hidden away, then head back to the water.

As I return, you ask curiously, “What is that for?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” I grasp your hand, and we move on out into a little deeper water. Then I fasten the wallet around my waist. I briefly duck deeper in the water and come up with my shorts. You give me a surprised grin as I put the trunks in the bag and reach out to you again.

It’s not long before I feel your hands grasping my bare dick. This time you aren’t brief about it; you seem serious about the task at hand. I ask you, “Please don’t rush. No one can see us, so let’s take some time. Hold me a bit.” You let go, and we hold each other again, continuing to ride the waves. As we hold one another, I feel confident you notice my hard dick bobbing between your legs. Our passion once again directs our mouths and tongues. I don’t know about you, but I’m HOT, and the sun doesn’t have anything to do with it.

I break our passionate kissing to tell you, “Punkin’, you’ve got to do something!”

“Yes, but first this,” you say as you reach with both hands under the water. Momentarily, you come up with your bottoms. While you hold them, I reach quickly between your legs, finding your little bud of love easily and rubbing it vigorously. My fingers reach quickly inside and out. I pinch the bud in my fingers and pull. Just as I get started, and you begin to moan quietly, I feel your tight grasp on my dick once again. The time to work slowly has passed;  I pulse my fingers in your pussy and across your love bud almost harshly, but I think you like it. You moan a little louder, and your eyes close.

I continue rubbing your pussy, hoping your orgasm approaches. Soon your ahhs change to ohs—I think we ‘ve reached the peak. We just hold each other as the loving adventure mellows. Then we face each other and embrace some more.

After only a little while, however, you push me away. You begin to stroke my dick in earnest, and I start groaning. You also reach lower and roll my balls in your hand. My groans get louder, and soon, with an “Ohhhh!”  I release my come into the surf. We hug tightly again, and the afterglow is even better now that we’ve both had our orgasm.

Then you ask the question that makes it a greater adventure. “Where are my bottoms?” It suddenly dawns on us! In the heat of our passion, you must have dropped them instead of putting them into my waist wallet.  “Oh, my, what are we going to do?”

I try to assure you with “It’s okay, I’ll figure something out. Here, you can put my shorts on.” I take them out and hand them to you.

“But what are you going to do?” you ask.

“I guess I’ll have to run fast,” I say.

You put on my shorts, and we start toward the shore. As it gets shallow, I’m almost on my knees to keep from exposing myself. I stop and tell you, “You go on to the shore and bring me a towel.”

It’s funny afterward, but with a minimum of problems, we’ve gotten it back together. Rather than get a towel, you put your dress back on. Then you take my shorts off and bring them back to me.

Once back on our towel, I suggest another application of lotion. As I’m in the process of putting it on the front of your thighs, I surprise you by massaging your wet pussy under the dress. You seem to be enjoying it so much that I almost forget where we are until I notice someone walking down the beach in our direction. So I stop, and we lay back and enjoy the sun for a while again.

The next time we go into the water, we have to laugh. There, at the water’s edge, lies the bottom of your bathing suit.

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