Our First Toy (L)

This story contains brief strong language (L).
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It started years ago. One night I woke to my husband masturbating next to me in bed. It got me so hot; I couldn’t help it. Hearing and watching him get himself off without him being aware that I was watching made me incredibly wet. I found myself reaching down and feeling—my pussy was soaked. I circled my clit with one hand and tugged at my breast and nipple with the other. When he came, I did as well, lying silently beside him. It was my little secret, and I found myself so eager to watch him more and more.

After a while of this, I finally told him I wanted to watch him make himself cum. He felt weird about it. I would rub myself and send him pictures or videos when he’d ask; why was it so strange for him? I spent time trying to talk him into it, but I never could. One day, while driving home together, we were discussing it again. He was driving, and he had just fingered me to an insane amount of orgasms. (I’ll save that for a future story.) I asked him again. We agreed to get a pocket pussy, and I could use it on him while he sat back and did nothing.

About a year later, we ordered the pocket pussy. I couldn’t stop tracking the shipment; it could not get here fast enough.

When it finally arrived, my husband was at work. We both texted dirty thoughts of what we wanted to do to each other when he got home. I took and sent him a video of the pocket pussy near MY pussy. It drove him wild, and it drove me wild too.

We continued texting:

Him: “I’m gonna shove that thing in until your eyeballs pop out!”

Me: “You want to fuck me with it in?”

Him: “LOL, IDK.  I kinda wanna try.”

Me: “I’m up for anything!”

Him: “What if you like it too much, and then just me isn’t enough anymore?”

Me: “Ha! Whatever. That isn’t even an issue.”

Him: “It might not work. If I can get it in, once I push it up there, it will probably stay. I would just be fucking the sleeve while it’s inside of you, which might feel interesting to you.”

Me: “Imagining you slamming that into me and then watching you fuck it… mmmm… quiet time is so hard alone. I’m so tempted to go try it now.”

He begged me not to try it without him, so there’s no way I would. I was so horny, but I just wanted to please my husband. I was so wet thinking about watching him, about making him moan, about seeing his eyes roll back while I just used my hands. It felt like HOURS before he was home from work. I took my kids to the sitters for the night—step one of this amazing sex-filled evening we were so eager to have.

Upon my arrival home from dropping off the kids at the sitter, I discovered that he was lying in bed, waiting for me. Very few words passed between us. I lay down beside him in his favorite position for me: back arched, ass up, boobs hanging. He couldn’t resist—he got his hands on my boobs as soon as he could. I reached over and rubbed his hard dick through his shorts. It wasn’t long before he pulled them off so I could touch his member.

I couldn’t wait. I sat up on my knees and lubed up my hands, my husband’s dick, and the pocket pussy. Back into position I went. He rubbed my breasts, twisting my hard nipples between his fingers. I reached over to get him fully ready for the main event. Finally, he told me I could go for it. I grabbed the pocket pussy and gently placed it over his head. It was my first time doing anything like this, and he’s never used one before either, so I was nervous that I might hurt him.

Mmm, down it went. He held his breath; it felt so good. Watching my husband squirm and want it was everything I desired!!! I just did what I thought was right, moving it up and down, and his sounds and facial expressions told me everything I needed to know.

That lasted a good bit. Then my husband wanted to be inside me. I quickly reminded him it was not the night for that. I wanted the pocket pussy to give him all the pleasure. Little did I know that him “wanting me” meant what we talked about earlier.

He kissed me passionately as he put me on my back, then he put lube all over me and the outside of the toy. Slowly he tried to insert it into my vagina. This toy was see-through and about three inches wide. It was A LOT to take in. He was afraid to hurt me.

“Is it inside me?”

“Just a little bit. You want it?”

“I’m all yours, do whatever you want.”

In no time, he had the pocket pussy all the way inside me. With one hand, he guided his cock in while the other put oil all over my chest. I felt SO full. I could feel his dick going in and out of the sleeve. The top had a hole, and the tip of his dick would come out deep inside me. I cannot explain the intense pleasure this brought me.

My husband doesn’t usually make any noise, but he did t0night. He kept repeating how much tighter the pocket pussy was when it was inside me. His hands reached up and grabbed my oil-soaked breasts and massaged them while he fucked this toy inside me.

I took one boob in my hand, and with the other hand, I circled my clit. I came so fast, and he followed right behind me. Watching my husband cum is everything. I could cum just watching him. He took the toy out, but his dick was still hard; he kept fucking me. (This has NEVER happened.) But he kept going, and it threw me into two more orgasms so fast.

Oh, it felt incredible—the fullness! I told him I couldn’t wait to do it again. I went to work tonight so horny from thinking about our evening that I wanted to go to the restroom and touch myself. I decided to dirty-text my husband.

Me: “You fucking that pocket pussy while it was inside me. Oh myyyyy! Ugh! I could almost orgasm thinking about it. I felt so full, and it was wild to feel your dick slip in and out deep inside my pussy. I want it. I want it now. I want to watch you cum inside me again.”

Him: “I wish you were here… I might try this thing out.”

Me: “OMG, you have to take a video. Tomorrow, I want you to bend me over with it inside. You can fuck me/that pussy and stick your finger in my ass. Fill me up, baby!”

He sent me the hottest video of him making himself cum. I cannot wait to get home to my husband in the morning. I told him that I’d wake him up with his dick in my mouth, and hopefully, we’ll make my fantasies from tonight come true.

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18 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    This story got me so hot and wet! My husband Ben has a pocket pussy ( I bought it for him). Never thought about putting it inside me and letting him hump it that way. Intriguing idea that I am definitely going to try out. Like you, I love watching my husband masturbate and make himself cum. It really turns me on! He also has a fleshlight. I wonder how that would work 🤔. Anyway, thanks for sharing, and please write more! God bless and stay horny.
    ❤❤❤ GG

    • Horny_boy says:

      Where can I get that pocket pussy ? I was thinking of getting a Fleshlight but I don't know if It's worth it to buy it; maybe my hand is enough, but I've read somewhere that a Fleshlight helps men to build endurance. I'm so skeptical about that. Btw, do you love swallowing your husband's semen when he masturbates? Most women get grossed out by semen, but speaking biblically, it's our honey to women, so women should enjoy it. But like I said, sadly most women don't like it.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Well, Horny-boy, just because one of Solomon's wives like his "honey" doesn't imply that all women "should". But he was blessed to be so enjoyed, and she in the enjoying, huh?

    • Horny_boy says:

      @CHL yes you're right, but as a man I would like to eat the "honey of my wife's pussy every day and night, and yes, they shouldn't feel obligated to do it, that would be against the scriptures.
      I've read that your husband loves pegging, I don't think I'm ready for that maybe it's just like that. I bet your husband didn't think he would be practice pegging when he got married but he developed that taste. In the same way, women can develop the taste for cum. I used to think that cunninlingus it was a sin. I used to find it something against the scriptures going down on my girl, but now is something I disire so bad.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Honey? I know we all interpret the Bible a bit differently but I think it’s a stretch to think it says we should enjoy Swallowing cum. If you are one of hundreds of wives like Solomon and other Kings of that time had I would imagine the need to stand out sexually might include swallowing.

      Might have been interesting to have a verse or two about a queen with hundreds of husbands. Physically it makes far more sense for a female to satisfy many husbands.lol

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      It is interesting, GG, that God doesn't set forth that model for us. Maybe it's becuase, in marriage (where sex is the act of binding those two people together), the wife represents the Church, and we can only have One "Savior of the Body", Christ. If we women could have many husbands (at the same time, I mean), that symbolism would fall apart. The fact that men could, at least in OT times if not under Roman rule or modern legal systems, may reflect that the Body is made up of many individuals under one husband, Jesus. While women might be biologically better suited to serve multiple partners, that behavior model is used to represent idolotry, following after the pantheons of the surrounding nations, in the Bible.

    • SecondMarge says:

      CHL do you really believe sex is what binds a marriage? Are two virgins not bound when they take their vows to God, each other, and those that witness? Are there not millions of happily married couples that are not sexual?

      Monogamy is about paternity. It is about responsibility to protect the mother and child. A duty the man takes when he knows he is the father. That would mean a woman with several husbands as was the case before monogamy became the norm, would not know the father.

      My concern is the Bible accepting multiple wives for men, at least the royal or wealthy, put women into an inferior position. We can glorify and enjoy a girl talking about enjoying sex with Solomon who she is about to marry and join many others in his harem, but aren’t we also troubled by it?

    • JohnClancy says:

      "Are there not millions of happily married couples that are not sexual?"

      I highly doubt there are even millions of asexual marriages, much less that many happy ones.

  2. PacMan says:

    Wow! Cock + sleeve in pussy?! Unbelievable. Just when I thought I heard it all!! The sexy video swapping is awesome too… love showing off to each other!!

  3. Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

    WOW!!!! Spicethingsup that was so incredibly hot in so many ways; the sexting videos the open mindedness and then the actual imagery that was painted in the story. When I took my shower this morning after reading this story I had to definitely relieve some pressure. Very very hot. Please write more , or if your husband would tell his side. Married sex is the best.

  4. 1blessedman says:

    We have enjoyed the Super Head Honcho several times. On one occasion, I had the sleeve over my cock and fully down against my pubes so that a portion of my cock protruded out the end. I then pumped my wife with the now-shorter version of me while the sleeve bumped her vag and clit softly and gently. She loved it!

  5. Tulsa says:

    We have never thought of using a sleeve or something in her, at the same time I am in her.
    I have slid my cock in her, when she had a dildo in her already. Takes some doing, and some lube, but once inside, hit the buzzer, and things go pretty quickly!

  6. Alicia G. M. says:

    Wow! This was hot! Believe it or not I have never seen my husband jerk off. He never denies having done it, he just says that now that he is married and has a wife he can fuck why would he need too. He has watched me masturbate numerous times. It arouses him, then we fuck. I have asked him numerous times to do it for me, but he still refuses. I sometimes fantasize about him jerking off when I masturbate. A girl can dream though right! Maybe one day.

  7. Happydaddy says:

    Would appreciate knowing where I can get the pocket pussy featured in this story. It seems the term pocket pussy is used generically for all sorts of male masturbators. Both my wife and I are intrigued with this idea.

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