69 – A Hot Poem – Our Bed

Your skin soft against my cheek.
Your hand firm upon my thigh.
I am expanding.

We are lost within our bed.
Did you hear me when I said-
yes, I think you did-

I’m forgetting where I am.
You’ve been hard since we began.
I’m following you.

Skin pulls tight when I push back.
As I go down, I arch my back.
I like the way you taste.

You take me somewhere else,
by the tricks between our lips.
Was it me who made that sound?

We vibrate as you groan out.
I almost fall to take a breath
but ride what you do.

Up and down I go,
as you tease me fast and slow,
and within my mouth, you grow.

My nails are digging leg,
as I thrust into your tongue,
and a wave begins to swell.

My noises tell you now
and I feel the pulse increase
in the shaft within my throat.

This is it. I take my time,
as you push me past the line,
shooting hot inside my mouth.

I gulp and then I cry
as I fall against your thigh,
grinding hard against your skin.

And I ride the lovely sea
feel you hungry under me
feel your finger reaching deep.

And the throbbing keeps me high,
as you rub my back and thigh
and I groan my way back down.

When it fades away, there’s us,
lying cosy on our sheets
tangled up with arms and legs:
we are lost within our bed.

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6 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I love your poem. Very nicely done. I think that is the best erotic poem I’ve ever read… and the most erotic poem too! I liked how the poem made you think about when it was the husband‘s or when it was the wife’s voice.

    Funny thing is that I’ve usually not cared much for erotic poetry. And doing 69 never worked for us, but clearly you two enjoy it. Keep those poems coming.

  2. SamtheMan says:

    My wife love's poetry but doesn't read MH while I would be good if I never read a poem. I love 69 but my wife says she can't concentrate so not much poetry or 69 in our house.

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