Fourteen Minutes

I kissed Jasmine good morning and snuggled down next to her.

“Hey, it’s time to get up. We gotta get the girls ready for church.”

“Okay. I’ve got a headache.” Jasmine whispered back to me.

Our daughters were already downstairs; I could hear their cartoons on the TV. I had awoken earlier, showered, and brushed my teeth before attempting to wake my wife.

I asked Jasmine to slide over into my lap in bed and let me try massage. For years, she has had tension headaches. I sat with my legs spread, her head resting in my hands near my crotch. Supporting the base of her skull, I made small firm circles with my fingers on her shoulders, up her nape, and into her hairline. My wife’s head would accidentally glide over my crotch as I moved her head back and forth, rotating sides during the massage.

“It’s a good thing I put boxers on under my robe.”

Jasmine sighed and began to run her fingers up my thigh. I continued rubbing her neck as I felt her fingers slide under the seam of my boxers and venture toward my scrotum. We found ourselves rubbing and massaging each other. Jasmine rolled over and looked into my eyes with deep desire. Our eyes remained locked as she pulled my cock from my boxers and began to slowly, gently lick my shaft. Her tongue teased and tickled my cock from the bottom to the tip as her lips kissed, and her eyes glanced at me with a palpable desire.

The noise of the cartoons entertaining our two young girls downstairs punctuated my bliss. Our bedroom door was open; the lock doesn’t work. But still, my wife wrapped her lips around my cock and gave it a slow full-length suck, then kissed the head.

“I want you in the bathroom,” she said. “I want you in me.”

As a good mother, she jumped first to check on the girls and make sure they wouldn’t interrupt us. I suddenly remembered I had made blueberry muffins but did not put them in the oven yet; the girls remembered too. Jasmine and I dashed down the steps to start them baking.

“How long do I put the timer for?” Jasmine asked.

“Fourteen minutes,” I replied.

I beat Jasmine up the steps and into the bathroom. With one quick movement, I tossed my robe and dropped my boxers. At nearly the same time, Jasmine undressed, then guided me into our shower to sit down on the bench in there. She straddled my lap, and the wetness of her vagina drew my cock right in.

She rode me slowly and rhythmically. I held her ass in my hands while her luscious breasts rubbed my face, and my mouth nursed her nipples. It was intense.

Jasmine wanted more. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom rug, where I lay down as she resumed riding my erection. Our hips writhed together, and my hands grasped her ass and breasts. Jasmine leaned back. I knew she was inviting more stimulation, and I slipped my thumb onto her clit. Her rhythm quickened and deepened. She began to pulse and quiver, moaning with her climax.

After she quaked and released her orgasm, Jasmine rolled off and bent over. I squeezed her ass as I shoved my cock into her pussy from behind. She was so wet that her lips squished and suctioned on my dick as I thrust in and out. Her beautiful ass spread out before me. I got lost in the view and lusciousness of her. Deep in my testicles, I could feel my ejaculation rising. In a moment, my orgasm exploded as I poured my cum into her. Then I gave her ass one last squeeze and withdrew as my ejaculate oozed from her pussy onto a towel.

I washed quickly and donned my robe and boxers. As I dashed down the steps, my heart thumping hard from the excitement of sexual fulfillment. I found my daughters still engrossed in their cartoons. When I turned the corner to the kitchen, the oven timer read thirty seconds. Perfect timing. Amazing sex.

“Girls, let’s eat and get ready for church.”

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story savagekitty! You use words beautifully! Our kids are all grown up, out of the house, & married… but we had a similar experience with the oven timer. Ours was 17 minutes. And it was pizza, not muffins. I wrote about it for MH and called my story “Making Pizza and Making Love.”

    Sometimes those spontaneous quickies can be just awesome! Based on your story, I know you’ll agree with that!

    One more thing. I think it’s wonderful that you give the gift of massage to your wife when she has a headache. There is obvious deep love and an intense passion in your marriage, as God intends for married couples to have.

    Keep on lovin’ and keep on writing!

    P.S. We bought a portable massage table we can get out when one of us needs a massage. (We both have health issues.)
    Besides therapeutic massage, we have found the massage table to be a great place for erotic massage, etc. But if you get a massage table, make sure it is sturdy and can support the weight AND rambunctious moves of a passionate couple.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    I liked your story. Along with the comment of it being a quickie it made me wonder since a quickie to me was far shorter. So I visited my friend Mr. Google.

    “ They rated penetrative vaginal sex that lasted from 1-2 minutes as “too short,” and sex that lasted 10-30 minutes as “too long.” Meanwhile, “adequate” sex lasted 3-7 minutes and desirable sex lasted 7-13 minutes.”

    It seems to be about what various surveys agreed on. Of course isn’t only PV penetration. However about 5 minutes seems to be what it typically lasts. More fun to say we F’d for hours.

    • SecondMarge says:

      One persons quickie is another’s marathon session. And vice versa. Its all in our own perception. Sometimes I bet my husband thought it was taking forever to make me cum. And sometimes I felt like it didn’t take long enough.

      I’ve had my share of 3 minute sex. Never made me cum, was it more fun or more frustrating? Tough call.

      I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sweetie806 says:

      Quickies can certainly be fun, but also frustrating because by their very nature, they have to be quick. This means little-to-no foreplay,. For us, kissing/touching is the 'appetizer', foreplay is the 'main course' and intercourse/insemination is the 'creamy dessert'. So a quickie means skipping right to dessert, and I don't get to feast on her pussy or have her feast on my cock, and she doesn't get a hearty meal of orgasms from toys/my mouth. But a quickie can still be a thrill, just because you feel like you're being "mischievious", fooling around when you're "not supposed to be.".

  3. JuicyForMyMan says:

    The definition of a quickie has changed as we get older. It takes longer than it used to which is not necessarily a bad thing, but in a multi-generational household, it can be difficult.

  4. SamtheMan says:

    A 17 min quickie? Anything over 15 minutes is a marathon for my wife and me. We had the same experience but it was with 3 min eggs on the stove so took advantage of already being in the kitchen and saved 2 minutes to running up and down the stairs.

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