Growing Up

This story contains strong language (L)
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The wedding was a month away. We’d waited so long.  Could we make it just a little bit longer?

After dinner, we went for a walk near the river and made our way into a wooded area.  As usual, we started making out.  I wanted her.  I just wanted to touch, lick, and suck every part of her.  After four years of these damnable make-out sessions, we had somehow managed not to cross the line.  I had never seen her naked, had never touched those forbidden places.  I sucked on her neck and ran my fingers along her hips, toying with the top of her panties through her yellow dress.

“Touch me wherever you want,” she said.

It was not the first time that she’d made an open offer, but it felt different tonight.  I wasn’t stuck up in my head, and I wasn’t worried about being a “good boy.” In only four more weeks, we could go all the way.  Tonight, though, I wanted to follow my instincts and begin to grow the physical connection between us as we had the spiritual and emotional ones while we were dating.  The wine from dinner had lowered my inhibitions, and the conversation had been free-flowing and romantic.  We had followed all the rules up to this point and had nothing to be ashamed of.  And we were promised to each other.  We both knew the time was right to take the next step in our relationship.

I was a horny and handsome almost-23-year-old, and she was a year older than me.  Her hips and breasts were classically European.  She didn’t always shave her armpits, not because she was a hippie but because she was confident and indifferent.

Without hesitation, I lowered her dress strap and saw her breasts for the first time.  I was so hard.  My penis throbbed against the side of her hip, no doubt leaking precum that soaked through my pants.

When I touched her nipples, she gasped, and they grew hard.  I started sucking them, going back and forth between them, hearing her moan.  When I started flicking them with my tongue, she laughed.

“It tickles!”

I went back to sucking the very ends of her tits.  Her areolae were puckered and taut, the nipples hard and erect.

“I can’t believe we waited this long to do this,” I said.

She looked at me with doe eyes that said more about what she wanted than any words could.

“How is this possible?” I thought.  This morning we went to church together.  She was the model of a young, godly unmarried woman as she sang the songs of worship and took notes during the sermon.  Her heart belonged to the Lord.

Now she and I were animals.  Those eyes begged me to fuck her, to make her my very own.  I wouldn’t yet, but I knew in that moment that our marriage bed promised uncompromising passion for each other.

“Take my cock,” I instructed her, and she listened.

She fiddled with my pants and managed to pull them down, then started feeling my penis through my boxers.  The scent of semen was overpowering.  I used to feel embarrassed when the smell of my sticky precum became apparent as we made out, but now I felt proud.

She wasn’t sure whether to drop my boxers and take my prick in her hands for the very first time.  I decided to make it easy for her.

I reached down to her left knee with my right hand and moved it up her thigh, then proceeded to her hip and hooked my thumb around her panty elastic.  I then did the same on the other side and looked straight into her eyes.

She nodded. Her panties came down, and I was ready to explore everything down there.  She froze and stopped breathing.

Her bush was thick, coarse, and wild.

“You’re a real woman,” I managed to stutter.

” Not yet. Not until you fuck me on our wedding night.”

I fingered her, not knowing the first thing about how to please her.  I just read her signals and tried to keep doing what she responded to. She was wet and gooey down there, and I brought my fingers up to taste and smell everything.  It was a combination of sweat, urine, and the musky smell of her fluids.

“Your cunt… it’s wild. It’s like a garden.”

” Or a bush?”

” Yes, a bush.”

” Do you like it?”

” Yes, I want to see it.  I want to bury my head in your hairy cunt and eat you out.”

” Take your shorts off,” she demanded.

I dropped them and let my ridiculous boner free.  She started stroking it like an expert.

“Fuck, that feels good!  How do you know what you’re doing?!?”

” Stop asking questions.”

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

I obviously wasn’t going to last long.

“Grunt when you’re ready to blow your load.”

We really were animals.  While we’d found a reasonably secluded spot in this public area, someone could have seen us.  I couldn’t believe that life got this good, and fleetingly hoped that people were watching.

I had a few seconds before I was going to blow, so I grunted.

She quickly repositioned herself and lay down against the tree.  Lifting her dress to expose her hairy cunt, she stretched her knees aside to show the dark hair in her ass.

” Come all over me.”

” Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…”

I blew my cum all over her tummy.  Some of the sticky semen rested in her pubic hair, and a long bead still came from my penis.

“I guess this is all part of growing up together,” I said.

” Well, it’s about time!” she replied.

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8 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    I love love love stories of blossoming physical relationships in premarital couples. This was one of the hottest of all times! I got hard and stroked myself as I read…. and had my own personal 🍆💦💦💦 when I got to the end. Beautifully written! I hope to hear more about the 4 weeks that followed!!

  2. MedSunset69 says:

    I hope this is an encouragement to you, but I had my hard cock out and I was stroking it as I read your story. It made me cum so hard. Thank you!

  3. BigFrank says:

    Your story left me hot, horny and so inspired. I am new here and I am so glad your story to be the firs one I had to read in MH. I am a single christian, can't wait to hear more from you: to hear your wedding story. God bless

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