My Wife’s Changing Body

I haven’t read much about this subject and want to hear from older couples who have gone through menopause. I’ve noticed over the last year or so, after menopause, that the time in takes my wife to climax has decreased dramatically. I’m talking from 10 to 15 minutes down to 2-5 and sometimes just a few seconds. Would there be any input from Marriage Heat on this subject?  Her orgasms are primarily with clitoral stimulation—very, very seldom with just penetration.

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  1. King Arthur says:

    Nice Story. We've been married 41 years and have long passed menopause. The time it takes my wife has actually increased. We use a lot of foreplay, and a lot of toys.

  2. Sultryheat says:

    Hello Captain J. Your inquiry above especially caught my eye. I have gotten through the worst part of menopause with the help of identical hormone replacement therapy. I was slightly surprised that your wife’s climax peaks have sped up, rather than slowed down. I believe most women struggle with reaching that peak, more so than easily reaching it when having hormone depletion issues. That was my case BEFORE the HRT leveled out my hormones…it took quite a while for me to orgasm and required direct clitoral stimulation to achieve it. After the HRT, I can orgasm very easily and have noticed a drastic change in my clitoris…it is larger and is MUCH more sensitive. I love it, and my husband won’t leave it alone (lucky me)! So, I was wondering if your wife has received any hormone treatment during her menopause journey. If so, that’s likely why…clits are known to change when it comes to HRT! Enjoy it!

  3. LovingMan says:

    My wife and I are senior citizens and we both take bio identical hormones. My wife’s gynecologist is amazed at how healthy and youthful my wife’s vagina is. (It feels great to me!) The doctor thinks it’s the HRT. My wife takes Bi-Est which is a bio identical estrogen. She went thru menopause yrs ago but she still gets hot flashes from you know where when she goes off the Bi-Est.
    Her orgasms vary between fast and taking a long time. We now use vibrators to bring her to climax. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds and other times 30 minutes. We figured out a perpendicular position with her on her back and me on my side and in this position she can use the vibrator during sexual intercourse.
    Truth is that every woman is different and different things work for each of them …& for each couple. We are grateful that in spite of health problems… we can still make love and have a blast doing so!

  4. SecondMarge says:

    My mom and other women I have heard talk about post menopause sex had the opposite experience. For some they gave up on sex because it was less enjoyable and orgasm was not happening at all. Maybe as Sultryheat mentioned whether you take hormones or not will make a difference. Or maybe we are all made different. Here is hoping I can cum much easier in a few years,

    • J V C says:

      We found that she could orgasm more easily post menopause partly because she was very relaxed and confident about it. A big factor was that having done her thousands of times enabled me to develop my skills with massage, breast and nipple manipulation and clitoral stimulation. I always found licking her there very exciting and my obvious enjoyment of her always made her cum.

  5. Flamebait says:

    My wife's menopause lasted 8 yrs and her body did change. There was a vaginal shift of sorts which changed what positions were now enjoyable and not painful. She also lost the ability to have orgasms by penetration; however, we still are extremely sexually active.

  6. SouthernHeat says:

    I orgasm pretty quickly since menopause and many more orgasms one after another. I took bio-identical hormones—helped so much. We couldn’t even have sex before that because of how painful it was and my loss of interest. I’m off hormones now, but things are still good. I think the fact that we continue to have sex often helps keep the desire going, and I can orgasm easier because he has really improved his technique and skill. Lucky Me!!!

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