Silence (A) ~ Ignite Story

This story involves anal penetration (A).
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Kayla and I both feel quite horny tonight. Lately, when we have sex, my hands have been straying to her supple ass. I have never had a clear idea of where I stood regarding Kayla’s butt, other than knowing I wanted to screw her in her ass. She has teased me, and I certainly have made advances on her scrumptious bottom. I love to squeeze her cheeks and spread them. When I look at her brown eye staring back at me between her smooth globes, damn, I want to plow into her tight hole.

Although Kayla has been somewhat resistant to my advances on her ass, she has never said that her ass is off-limits—but then she never said I could or even that she would entertain the thought of having anal sex. I dreamed of that day becoming a reality and continued to pursue my objective of tapping her virgin ass.


I wear a skimpy pair of see-through black panties to bed, and it’s not long before James has his hand in them. With his mouth sucking on my hard nipple and his finger stroking my swollen labia, I’m quite ready for James to take me tonight. James peels off my flimsy undies and spreads my legs, rubbing my pussy and making me so wet. I welcome James’ attention, then I feel him touch my rosebud. But something feels different about his finger on my anus tonight. I like it!


As Kayla lies there, I feel her sopping pussy throbbing and dripping under my hand. Kayla strokes my cock, and when I touch her anus, she doesn’t object at all. Ahe just gives me a playful squeeze.

I finger her sloppy pussy, making her groan. Slipping my finger over her perineum, I touch her twitching anus and feel her wrinkled rosebud pucker. Still no objection; instead, Kayla rolls onto her stomach and spreads her legs wide for me.


On my stomach now, I slip two pillows under me, presenting myself to James, and he spreads my cheeks. I tremble as he runs a finger over my anus. I can feel my warm juices on it as he teases my rosebud. Tonight, I don’t stop him like usual. Maybe it’s time?

I slide higher on the pillows, pull my legs up, and expose my bottom. James wastes no time; immediately, he starts kissing and licking the firm globes of my ass. I shiver as James becomes bolder in his advances. His strong hands work my cheeks, and now I rock my hips. With each stroke to my rosebud, I enjoyed it more.

Soon I hear a squirt, then feel cool lube coat the crack of my ass as James’ finger spreads it around. My body trembles, and I think about what we were about to do. If I’m going to say no, now’s the time. I remain silent.

James coaxes me to my knees and moves the pillows up, letting me rest my head on them with my butt in the air. I feel so vulnerable in this position, yet I eagerly anticipate what comes next. I stay silent.

His strong hands grip my hips, then his finger dips into the lube and rims my sphincter. When he pushes, I feel my anus open—not a lot, just enough for his finger. He keeps it there, the lube seeping into me.

I squirm. Again, it’s not an unpleasant sensation—just James’ middle finger resting on my asshole with the remainder of his fingers splayed over my ass cheeks.

Then I feel it: his thick finger slips into my tight hole, and for the first time, James is inside my ass. I stiffen, and my rectum closes on him. As I clutch his barely invading finger, I know I will let James take my ass tonight.


Kayla’s tight, feverish ass squeezes on my finger, now two knuckles deep. Astonishingly, her muscles milk my finger, and she emits soft moans. She looks back at me, smiling with girlish anticipation before her eyes slide down to my cock. When she looks back into my eyes, her tongue darts around her lips. I smiled and know Kayla is ready.

“Put your head down on the bed,” I tell her.

Her smile turns impish, and compliantly, she hugs the pillow. She’s mine to use as I will. I know what she wants: my cock. And I want the same thing—to fuck her ass.

Kneeling behind her, I stroke her bare ass cheeks. Then I bend forward and push my face against her backside. Taking deep breaths, I smell the sweet, musky fragrance of her sexuality wafting from her crack. Beneath the natural scent lurks something darker, something so much more exciting. I cannot resist licking the crack of her ass and around my finger.

Before me, her ass—round and obscene—pushes out in a provocative challenge. She had positioned herself such that her cheeks stand a little way apart, and between them, her tiny forbidden hole drips with lube and her pussy juice.

I reach out and lightly run my free hand’s fingertips over her cheeks, and her soft skin seems to flinch a little under my touch. Slowly, I let my fingers move over her, examining every little inch of her bare ass. Using so little pressure that she might think I’m tickling her with the tip of a feather, I explore her, enjoying her nakedness and extreme exposure. Her ass is wholly available to me now.

Little by little, my fingers move further inward, getting closer and closer to Kayla’s open crack. Eventually, they run up and down the crease of her ass.


I lie with my head on the pillow and my ass in the air. For the first time in my life, James has a finger in my backdoor. I mew gently on the bed and push myself back to meet it, feeling it probe me. Unexpectedly, I thrust, wanting James to give me more in my rosebud. His finger stretches my tight anus, making me relax to his once-forbidden touch.


Kayla feels my probing and wants me deeper. The more she sticks her ass out to meet my caress, the sexier she looks. As I touch her, caress her ass, and gaze down at her perfect butt, my mouth goes dry. I want to be inside her. I want so badly to penetrate her in this perfect, previously forbidden way.

She pushes her face down more firmly into the pillows, wanting friction—any friction. Kayla is ready to be fucked, so I extract my thick finger. Kayla whines, wiggling her ass, and I feel tempted to tease her by not touching it. I slip a finger into her juicy slit and wrap it in her velvet pussy before I mount her. Her pink ass flushes as I wipe my wet finger in her ass crack and feel her back stiffen.

After squeezing a handful of lube onto my prick, I spread her rosy cheeks and rub my swollen cock along her split and her puckering backdoor. My cock is poised, pushing on her tight opening.

I thrust. Kayla’s anus opens, and the head of my cock—just the very tip—breaches her ass. I feel her wrinkled anus bloom as I continue pressing. I cannot believe it is happening tonight.


God. I feel James’ cock delving into me, his long hot cock pushing on my rosebud between my ass cheeks. He opens my hole, taking me. A chill runs up my spine, and I sweat and pant as James sinks into my virgin ass. His thickness stretches me, and the initial pain is so searing that tears roll down my cheeks. I screech loudly as James buries his throbbing boner in my tight ass.

Then, with his strong hands on my hips, James fucks me hard. His sweaty body is slapping on my ass as he pumps in and out of it. It is an intense and dirty feeling, something I never thought I would enjoy—but I do. He pounds, driving deep into me. My back arches, and I push back on him, still squealing as the pain becomes pleasure. I can feel his cock swelling; surely, he won’t cum in my ass, will he?


I have my hands on Kayla’s hips, pulling her hard onto my spear and trying to get all of my cock in her ass. We are sweating, so her body is slippery. My heavy balls slap against her plump ass.

I hear Kayla shriek and feel her thrust back, willing to take every inch of my cock. Fucking her in the ass is far hotter than I ever thought it could be. She’s so tight that she grips my cock as I drive into her. I never thought Kayla would submit to being fucked in her ass, but here she is, bent over with my cock balls deep in her.

Kayla slides back and forth on me and squeals as she rides me. I can feel the weight in my balls, and I know I won’t last much longer. My thrusts grow savage, and then I pause, all of my cock in her ass and her anus milking my shaft. I can’t hold back any longer.

Squeezing her butt, I shoot, and my cum spurts into the dark recesses of her tender ass. I fire off three ropes of hot seed into her and feel it around my cock. Kayla grinds on me as I cum, making it so much more intense. Cum seeps from her ass, dripping onto the bed—I have filled her! My cock strains, even hurts a bit, but I have taken Kayla’s ass, and probably not for the last time either.


James does the most unthinkable thing and orgasms in my ass. Three times, he cums, and it feels so erotic that I cum as well. My pussy is drenched, flowing freely. I stroke my clit, secretions pooling in the palm of my hand before the hot nectar is cascades onto the sheet. The air smells ripe with sex, and James has filled my ass with his creamy seed. His throbbing cock spurted his hot cum, and now it’s seeping from me. So dirty, and yet I wanted him—wanted this. I never thought I would ever do anal, but here I am kneeling on the bed, James filling my hole. I love it and know I want him to fuck my ass again.


We lie on the bed, spooning. My wilting cock falls from Kayla’s tight hole, and my cum flows from it and over my dick onto the bed. I pull her close, kiss her neck, and fondled her breasts. Kayla bumps her butt against me as I embrace her, holding her boobs in my hands and hugging her to me.

“Baby, that was the best gift you have ever given me,” I whisper softly in her ear.


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13 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Very well done. Loved the story telling format. I’ve been wanting my wife and I to write one in this fashion but haven’t gotten to it yet. Great job.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    To be deep enough in the wife’s ass and feel her tight sphincter squeeze the base of my cock and feel her sitz bones press against the top of my thighs is extremely erotic. Equally awesome is to just have the head of my cock in while she twerks it with her rear love muscle. We have only done anal a few times. She has been a real trooper to give herself to me in that way. My length and girth is well over the medically documented average male so I appreciate her commitment to me. Even with my size, the last time we did anal, she got really into the whole scene and was banging into me with lustful sensuality I had not seen before. So, she has gone to great lengths to please her man! Now with the advent of pegging and my desire to try it, I am acutely aware that size does matter! It was not as much of a consideration when I enticed her to give me her ass; however, I am not imagining a dildo as big as me being in my ass. 😲 Butt I suppose whatever is good for the goose must be good for the gander as well! Maybe men should have to agree to being pegged by their wives with a dildo similar in size as their cock before the wives give access to their ass!

    • Keystone Jack says:

      Yes. It builds differently. Essentially, any time the prostate is stimulated, it seems to build and stay where you left it (at least for me). If she stops just before orgasm, I'll stay there feeling like I'm about to come until she continues stimulation or we do something else to finish me. It really is different & fun.

      BTW, we do not equate pegging with domination. It's much gentler & more loving than that.

      We use the InJoyUs strapless from New Love Creations. The main thing from them is the "Internal Portion" that Jill wears inside. They sell the attachments, but you can also get Vac-U-Lok attachments that work with it. The Internal Portion is not easy for her to insert, but once it's locked in place, she gets a lot of pleasure out of the pegging. The nature of a strapless does limit the positions, but her getting pleasure out of it is worth the trade-off for me.

      We have a 4-post bed. Our favorite position is me on the edge of the end of the bed with my feet propped on the posts. That gives her full access to my cock during the process. Good stuff!

  3. hornyGG says:

    Love the way you wrote this story. Very hot! My husband Ben and I enjoy anal sex. I love the fullness I feel with having his dick in my ass and of course he enjoys the tightness of it. The feeling of him cumming in my ass is so erotic. Love it!
    Anyway, great job with the story and stay horny!

  4. TorrHead says:

    From the opening paragraph to the last, I was riveted. Straight up hot. Perfectly written with vivid detail enough to make this a story not just read but experienced. I hope my wife will be glad I read this : ).

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