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The Parking Garage (L)

This story includes brief strong language (L).

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“Interested in fucking in the parking garage at the mall?” my wife asked me right after we dropped our son off at baseball practice.  Going all the way home, having our fun, then coming back might cut the time close, and the thought of something new excited both of us.

“Of course; let’s go!”  I said, and off we went in the SUV that we were borrowing from her dad. I knew the Chevy Tahoe would give us plenty of room in the back, as well as heavily tinted windows for privacy from roaming security guards that we knew were always on the lookout there.  We pulled in, drove to an upper level where there wouldn’t be many vehicles, and parked.

My wife was wearing very short white shorts and sexy wedge heels and was sliding out of them both as I climbed to the back after her.  She left her top on but was completely naked aside from that.  She’s Latina, and her gorgeous caramel-tone legs were bare, set off by vibrant coral-orange polish on her toes.

With her seated and leaned back against the side of the vehicle, I stayed on my knees in front of her. The seat was low, and I could lean over and make out with her easily.  I knew we couldn’t stretch this out—it would have to be rather quick because of the garage’s security patrols—so I eased my way down between her legs and breathed her in.  Her pussy is so perfect, and she was already wet with anticipation.  I gently ran my tongue up each side of her, tasting her natural smell and dried sweat from the day. And then I lightly ran it up her slit to feel and taste her.  My tongue took a strong swipe at her clit at the end of each lick, something I know she loves.

I raised myself up, unbuckled my belt, slid off my jeans, and returned to kneeling between her legs.  With the low height of the seat and how she was leaned back, it was the perfect position for fucking her with my hard cock.

My wife breathed heavily in anticipation.  She loves the feeling of my cock inside her; her eyes roll back when I enter her. I rubbed my cock against her wet cunt, sliding it up and down a few times to tease her, then eased it all the way into her wetness.  She gasped and grabbed my arms, exclaiming her pleasure.  We kissed deeply as I fucked her.  The feeling and sight of her tanned legs spread wide—one resting way up on the seat, the other foot resting against something on the side of the vehicle’s interior—was one of the sexiest visions I could imagine.

Incredibly turned on by the whole scene and the feeling of her pussy enveloping my cock with silky hot wetness, I didn’t last long, but I hadn’t really intended to.  I finally exploded inside her and slowed myself while making out with her.

“We forgot a towel!” she said.

“We won’t need one,” I told her. I quickly pulled out of her and got down in time to catch my cum oozing out of her wet cunt, licking it and swallowing it, making her clean.  I then continued licking and sucking on her clit, stiffening my tongue and flicking it over her clit as fast as I could.  She had her feet on my shoulders, and couldn’t take anymore; her body stiffened and shuddered as she came.  I rose to kiss her just a bit more, and then we had to slip back into our clothes and leave.

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11 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Great story. Very hot. But the end kind of freaked me out. I couldn't imagine licking cum from my wife's pussy. I have kissed her after she took a mouthful but licking it from her pussy…no thanks. To each their own!

    • Tulsa says:

      Fun story, and hot!
      I couldn’t imagine licking my cum out of my wife’s pussy either, until I did! It’s her favorite sex act!
      She cums first? NOPE! She sure cums second though, hard and long!

  2. 1blessedman says:

    I don’t think I am going to lap up my entire load, but somebody had to keep Dad’s car clean! 🤪 Sometimes we kiss after doing oral on each other. My wife likes to lick and suck my lips while making out. Sometimes I will rub precum on them for her enjoyment in two ways: sucking my lips and getting precum while doing so. Also I have actually cummed in her pussy by way of a restrained orgasm—not shooting my entire load—then switched up and gave her oral and several orgasms of her own before going back to fucking her to shoot another bigger load of a full orgasm. And, my wife has gone down on me after I've banged her dripping wet cunt, so to each his/her own. If both are having a great time, then get after it!

  3. Keystone Jack says:

    It’s crazy, but sometimes when I’m in Jill I want badly to take care of the clean-up. The thought of it gets me real excited & pushes me toward climax. Problem is my orgasm steals away the desire to do it. I’ve done it once. It’s a good thing. I need to carry through with it more often. Hey, she swallows it!

    • LovingMan says:

      Same thing happens to me. The thought of licking up the cream pie gets me really going. But often the desire goes away after I come. We usually each have two orgasms and sometimes building up for the second includes cream pie from pussy. I more often scoop a little cream pie out and apply it to her nipples then feast on those with the cool flavor. We use flavored lube. I have a story about this posting in a couple of days.

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