Then It Happened (A)

This story involves anal sex (A).
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Years ago, my wife and I had an “oops” moment that led us to explore anal sex.

It was the dawn of a summer day, and my wife and I found ourselves in the quiet and dimness of the semi-awake state. The aggressor, my wife, slid her naked bottom back across the sheets to rest against my cock, and we assumed the spooning position. She teased a bit by wiggling her ass to line up with my growing erection. She then switched the wiggle to a rocking motion so that my shaft’s tip trailed from her vagina to her anus. She was communicating her desire in a slow and gentle way, neither of us fully awake; it was pure sensory bliss. With my eyes closed tightly, I simply enjoyed the closeness of this beautiful woman that I so loved. It was hypnotic, slowly and rhythmically grinding against each other with no particular urgency. I remember just tracing and retracing that path and listening to our breathing become more and more passionate.

Keeping my eyes closed, I leaned forward and whispered words of adoration into her ear. She answered with a moan and began increasing the pressure of her up-and-down shifting motion. I responded in kind, picking up moisture from body heat and her drenched pussy. I was committed now, and our desire kept intensifying exponentially. The tip of my member breached her soaking wet lips over and over before gliding across the route to outside her anus. Our hips were perfectly synchronized: as my tip went up, her hips rocked down, and as her hips rocked up, my cock went down. The pressure of our motion had increased to the point where I would inevitably penetrate her. Then it happened, and with barely any resistance against the tip of my drenched cock, I entered her.

We froze immediately, our bodies tensed as we realized what we had done! Our breathing was still shallow as I whispered in her ear, “Are you okay?”

She exhaled her response, “Yes, I am!” in a throaty aroused voice.

We continued to lie very still, and I caressed my wife’s breasts gently with one hand. I realized my other arm, wrapped beneath her, kept her hips pinned back onto the tip of my shaft.

“I guess you’re kind of stuck,” I said apologetically.

She chuckled and responded, “Do you think?!”

I released my hand from pressing on her pubic bone and awkwardly tried to figure out what to do with it. Then I realized that, though she was free, she hadn’t moved away at all. In fact, she was still pressing hard against my tip. My mind began to race; the urge to thrust deeper was in direct conflict with my concern for her pleasure and safety. We had not prepared for this. We had only discussed anal once, many years earlier, and she had been adamantly opposed to it.

I suggested to her that we retreat from this activity until we could talk about it and prepare.

She sighed and said, “You’re probably right,” as she released my throbbing tip. She rolled to face me, throwing a leg between mine and reaching to pull my face to her hungry mouth. My head swam with passion for my wife as we kissed deeply while she stroked my erection.

“The kids will be up soon. We should clean up a little before we finish,” she said. With that, she rolled out of bed and scampered to our bathroom door. I heard the shower turn on as I got up too.

“Are you coming?” she asked from the shower. I could only smile when I thought about the question.

This was the beginning of something that has become very special to us!

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4 replies
    • Keystone Jack says:

      Agreed! You left us hanging! Gotta know more about how this progressed! Beautiful writing!

  1. 1blessedman says:

    Ha ha, we had a similar oops. Lots of fluids leaking from us both. Not intending to go in back there; however, like you folks, I zigged and she zagged and Mr Happy popped right in. Like you, we both were like, 😳. No prep work and no specific intent for that adventure, so I backed out slowly, went and cleaned my boy for safety reasons and we gleefully carried on with more accuracy playing the hokey-pokey. 😁

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