The grayness in the room sat in his thoughts. As he looked out the curtain, he watched his 12-year-old son run in the grass. He could barely see his head but, as if with a sixth sense, he could hear his feet on the ground somehow. He could hear his own; his heavy feet somehow plodding even though he wore slippers.

Clarissa was making breakfast. The eggs permeated so heavily that he swore he smelled it on his shirt as he rubbed a tear away. It was a tough day, a ‘celebration’ of what took place 23 years ago. He looked back out the window and envisioned himself and his cousin in the same spot…no, he’d moved from that place.
He rubbed his brow as he thought back to the summer of that year. His cousin had come into town, and he was just excited to have someone to play with. They’d play castle, and go exploring on their bikes. Then, one day, his cousin explored him.
The contrast between the joy in his son’s eyes and the hurt in his soul burned him. Clarissa came next to him and rubbed his belly. Without him saying a word, she knew that look in his eyes. She rubbed the bangs back from her silver-blue eyes; he could feel them piercing into his soul like a sword.
“Tim, I love you.”
The words meshed with the warm sun hidden behind the curtains. She kissed him slowly, barely reaching his neck. Subconsciously, he leaned down while she reached on her tiptoes. No makeup, no need, no matter. His hands found their way underneath her bum. He loved her smell, how the scent of her skin meshed with the faint fabric softener from their sheets. He pressed her up slowly so that their lips met. He could still taste the hint of eggs on her lips somehow; he licked the pancake batter off her smiling cheek. Finally, they found themselves in their room.
Clothes landed next to the suddenly locked door as Clarissa led his submissive hand over her nakedness. He looked into her eyes and felt her healing as she laid her head in his now sunken chest.
He battled his thoughts. Even as a father, he didn’t feel qualified for sex. As a child, he’d been saddled with molestation. He closed his eyes and saw his cousin’s hand reach for him, only now, Clarissa’s soft touch caressed his face as it had for years. He opened them to see himself in her soft, smiling glance. Her cheeks, slightly weathered, yet glistened for Tim’s touch; only his. He held her. Then he pressed against her, feeling his manly grasp come from within. Their breaths meshed over the sound of their son playing ball.
Clarissa led Tim to the bed, where before long, he could hear her whispers above his thoughts. His heart beat faster as Clarissa found her way to his shaft. As she looked into his eyes, her hand led his touch to her thighs. Using his fingertips, she swept from her navel up to her breast and stopped for a moment at the nipple, then up to her mouth. She tasted a mix of their wetness as he finally leaned down and kissed her softly. He could see her wetness making its way down her exposed skin. She wrapped her legs around him, forcing him down to the bed, relishing his weight as their bodies cleaved.
Her breasts jiggled as he glided in slowly then, more powerfully. Clarissa smacked his bum, then ran her fingers up his back. The sound of her hand against his bottom echoed as she smacked him again, marking tempo as he pounded harder.
“In me…” she moaned.
Tim relished the warmth, the wetness. A groan escaped his mouth under the sound of their skin flapping. His sac lingered against her bum, their hair touching softly. Slowing down, he began to throb as he leaned down to kiss her. She met his mouth, letting her hand slowly pull his member. She gently touched him, then let it stand at attention. Her eyes fastened as he rolled underneath. Then she mounted him.
Tim’s hands rubbed her breasts, then her back, before grasping her waist. Their hips resumed rhythm as he brushed the hair from her face. Pounding, she reared her head back as Tim grasped her hair. She writhed further into him as she felt his orgasm building. He groaned as, up and down, she began to buck, smelling their sweat, sex, and feeling his shaft’s girth pound deeper. Slow, then harder and faster, he plunged his warmth in her as she moaned.
“Pound me….oh… oh yeah! Come in me!!!” she growled to Tim’s delight. She squealed, then another warm squirt washed over them. This forced him to groan as he fought his climax, but the wetness came gooing out. Her breasts plopped in rhythm, as he grabbed her waist. Finally slowing, she exhaled.  Tim held her breasts as she looked down with a smile, running her finger slowly from their groin to her mouth as they gasped. Playfully, Tim grabbed her up, desperate for her kiss to swarm his being.
Tim pulled her close as he heard their son playing outside. As if knowing his thoughts, Clarissa led his hand over her chest. He closed his eyes for a moment, hearing her heart in the silence. It was still a battle but, somehow, he felt safe.

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4 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    This is not a “light” post, but I’m thankful for it…. it’s good to have a post like this occasionally on MH. There is a larger-than-there-should-be percentage of the population who are survivors of sexual assault (thankfully my wife and I didn’t have to deal with that personally). But the obstacles that trauma can create are very real. In fact, the passionate sex (nicely written) is even more intense because of the redemptive bond of this beautiful married couple!

  2. LovingMan says:

    I agree with what PacMan said. However my wife and I both WERE victims of childhood sexual abuse. It is taboo to admit it and yet so many of us have gone through that hell. Yet there IS healing possible. With the Savior Jesus Christ’s help… (& we both got therapy)… & with understanding love for and between each other we have healed. There are still challenges, but we are at peace and we are deeply in love with each other.
    Solomonssonnet, you are courageous to post this. It was beautiful! God bless you in your passionate and healing marriage.

  3. WeldersWife says:

    This story resonates so much ❤️. I’m sorry for what you went through but I’m so very glad you were blessed with an amazing and understanding wife. Thank you for sharing your story, and I pray for nothing but blessings for you and your family. #survivor #redemptivesex #safe

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