Cum Away With Me

I stand in front of the mirror in my room excited by what I see.  The black leather corset pushes my breasts all the way up and the large white globes jiggle slightly as I turn to look at my ass.  I stand there with tight booty shorts hugging it and my pussy which I reach down and rub softly.  My husband is going to love this outfit.  The only imperfections in the softness of the shorts are the patterns of the black fishnet tights underneath.  I stepped into my knee-high leather boots to finish off the outfit, hardly able to wait to show him this combination of items I put together. 

Finally, I undress, starting with the boots.  The tight shorts come off next.  I pause to appreciate how I can see my soft lips through the pattern of the tights.  This is going to drive him crazy, I think.  Then I undo the metal clasps on the front of the corset, allowing my large breasts to spill out. 

Mmmm, I need him.  I lay on the edge of the bed in nothing but the tights and spread my legs, aligning myself with the edge of the bed, and press my soft mound against it.  Then I pick up my phone and message him. 

“I can’t wait to get away with you.”  

His response comes back quickly, “Me either. I will be home soon.”  

I send him a picture of me lying on the bed, smiling at the camera with my breasts pressed against the mattress, cleavage clearly visible.  This will make him hurry home.  

After a stressful few months, we have needed this reprieve, a night away for just the two of us.  I take off the fishnets and pack the outfit.  Most of the suitcase is filled with sexy sleepwear and erotic toys.  I look in and see the ensemble he requested: a soft tank top and panties.  We will see what I wear tonight—maybe both.  

As the garage door opens, I finish packing and throw on a sundress, and some sandals.  I stand ready and waiting at the top of the stairs as he approaches, looking up at me.  His greying hair, blue eyes, and strong build are such a turn on. 

His gaze meets mine, then drops to the hem of my dress.  From his angle, I he can probably see most of the way up my leg, maybe even high enough to know I am not wearing any underwear.  

“Hi, honey!”

“Hello, my love,” he replies, climbing the stairs to kiss me.  His scent and the taste of his lips arouse me.  I feel his tongue, firm but soft, part my lips, and we kiss deeply and passionately.  His hands cup my face and hold me close, then one moves slowly down my side, caressing my breast before resting on my hip.  I feel him rub the soft material around on my ass, and it feels so good.  My desire for him grows.  

“You forgot something,” he says playfully.  

“I didn’t forget anything,” I say coyly as I turn in his arms and press my ass against him.  Before walking away, I feel his stiff erection pressed against me.  Good, I am getting him worked up.  He follows me to the bedroom, and we gather the last of our stuff and head out.  

We have a bit of a drive to get there.  I look over at his handsome face and put my hand on his thigh, rubbing it through the thin material of his cargo shorts.  Then my hand moves up, and I can feel a warm, hard cock underneath.  Mmmm. 

“I love you so much.  I want that cock.” 

He smiles at me, and I unzip him, releasing his member. I spread the precum around on the tip and lean down to kiss the head.  “I love your cock,” I let him know.  Then I lick the head and enjoy the salty taste of him. Slowly, I take his shaft in my mouth, coating it with my saliva, then bob up and down a few times on his wet dick.  His moaning and squirming show me that he is enjoying it.  I pull away with a wet slurp as we approach our destination.  

We check into the hotel, a fancy place with a Vegas theme, and go to our large room.  The best features in the room are a large soaker tub and the round bed.  We decide to start by taking a bath, and I lean over to turn on the water. 

He grabs my hips and pulls my ass against him as I try to get the right temperature.  His hands caress my back, and then I feel a tug as he pulls my dress up around my waist. 

My skin burns as his hands run over it; I love his touch. Excitement jolts through me as he massages my hips.  I stand up, and raise my arms as he pulls the dress over my head.  Then I reach back and grab his hair as his hands move up to squeeze my breasts. 

“Oh, I love your hands on me,” I tell him as he squeezes and rubs my boobs, pinching my nipples.  I turn in his arms, and kiss him on the lips then remove his shirt and squat down in front of him to undo his shorts. As they fall away, his erect dick springs out. 

Spreading my legs, I reach down and caress my wet labia with one hand while the other fondles his balls and holds his shaft in front of my mouth.  I lick him from base to tip, then swirl my tongue around the head before opening my mouth and gently touching it to the tip of his penis.  Meanwhile, I spread my juices around, tease my lips, and make sure that my clitoris is well lubricated.  I moan into his cock while shocks of pleasure travel from my clit. 

Take his length inside, feeling it press against the roof of my mouth.  My tongue wraps around the bottom of it, and I make my throat constrict on the head.  Two of my fingers have slipped inside my pussy, massaging my G-spot.  His cock pulses, and I feel the back of my throat coated in the first taste of his cum. 

I pull away and remove my fingers from inside myself.  Thick white cream coats my fingers, and I stand and lift them to lightly touch against his lips.

Greedily, he licks them clean.  Oh, I want him to lick my pussy like he is doing to my fingers.  We get in the almost full tub and relax, looking at each other.  I want him.  I need him.  He watches me lie back in the water.  

“This is big enough for skinny dipping,” I inform him as I submerge my body, my breasts bobbing up and down in the water. 

He loves seeing me swim.  He slips in the water to his neck, and I float my body to the surface, my soft mound breaking the surface.  As I look toward him, I see my breasts and mound rising out of the water. 

He makes eye contact, and doesn’t break it as his lips kiss my labia.  Oh, yes!  That’s good.  His warm, firm tongue traces up and down my slit and circles my clit. I moan and spread my legs wider as I float on the water.  Then his face burrows into me as he hungrily devours my pussy.  He licks and sucks as my desire builds.

I want him inside me.  Sinking down in the water, I straddle him and kiss him passionately.  I push my body down on his lap, riding his cock as our lips and tounge tangle.

“Let’s move this to the bed,” I invite him, and jump out of the bath to dry off quickly. Then I go to the luggage and grab his cock ring and my clit stimulation cream.  When he walks in, I fit the ring snugly around the base of his hard penis. 

He sits behind me, settling me between his thighs.  I spread my legs wide and entwine them with his; I love the connection we get like this.  I can feel his hardness against my back, our skin touching.  My body starts to tingle as he kisses and bites my neck, and his hands squeeze my tits.  Mmmm.

My eyes close, and my hands rub between my legs.  One spreads me wide open, and I slide two fingers inside myself.  His hand moves to my clitoris, rubbing in circles, and the pressure builds. My pussy is so swollen.

“I’m going to squirt,” I call out as I let go and spray all over the sheets in front of me.  

I spin around and impale myself on his hard shaft, finding a quick, up-and-down rhythm that matches my desire and passion.  Locking eyes with him, I say, “I want to cum with you,” as I feel him start to shudder below me.  His large cock penetrates deep inside me, and I squeeze his thickness and push my hips down hard, over and over.  I am aroused by his stamina and our rhythm.  I need it deeper; I need to be filled.

I bounce up and down on top of him until I hear him grunt and feel his long dick pulse deep inside me.  Feeling the warm cum ejaculate, I call out, closing my eyes as my muscles clench. Spasms of pleasure shoot throughout my body, starting at my pussy, and tingling my toes, fingers, and scalp.  I take him as deep as I can as he fills me with his seed.  I explode with pleasure.

I slow my breathing to calm myself down as I kiss him.  Nobody can make me feel the way he does. I slide off of him and cuddle next to the man I love, feeling peace as he wraps his arms around me, holding my body protectively, lovingly, passionately. 

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5 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Great story! Getaways are awesome! We just got back from our anniversary getaway. Loved the description of the outfit. I certainly hope there’s a part two to the story in the works involving the revealing of it for your husband.

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Not afraid to admit this story got me really hot and hard and some pre-cum flowing. The description of your outfit in the first paragraph kind of sent me over the edge. Not to worry, though. I showed your story to my wife, and she fully understood my reaction to it. Thanks for inspiring a massively intense sex session between us featuring her own black stockings!

  3. LovingMan says:

    Get-always are a must for most marriages. Years ago we went to a marriage seminar and the speaker highly recommended getting away together. Where we live there are a couple of themed sexy hotels/motels with the big jetted tub for two … inside the room. We love going to those places. A bath first is always our M.O. too.
    I’m always ready n roar’n for sex, but getting away always ups my wife’s desire meter. And like you two, we have some ultra-sexy lingerie. Our favorite is Melodie’s (my wife) open crotch, open cups teddies.
    Thanks for your post. Very vivid descriptions… nice job! Isn’t married sex just absolutely awesome?

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