The Beach


As the elevator doors open on the 9th floor, I was glad that the air conditioning was finally within sight.  I had spent a wonderful day playing on the beach with my beautiful bride and two other couples, but now I’m ready for some AC and then some seafood. 

The boys and I  had a few adult beverages on the beach and decided to stay in the kitchen to have one more before cleaning up.  As my wife walked by to go to our small corner bedroom, I couldn’t help but notice a mysterious look in her eye.



I love a good beach day, especially with my hubby.  Being away from the usual routine and work is so freeing, and it just puts you in a better mood the moment you smell that salt air. I have to say, his beach hair and sun-kissed face are looking really good.  I wonder how thin the walls are in our condo.  Hmm… is this the coconut rum and Sprite talking?  No, that feeling down below cannot be mistaken.

Typical guys; even with three girls in wet swimsuits n the next room, they all gather together being boys.  I know one thing, I’m going to get my boy away from the crowd.  The swimsuit isn’t the only thing that is wet.



That look did something to me.  As much fun as hanging with the guys is, I think I will say that I need to get cleaned up.  Who knows, we may be getting dirty first.  I excuse myself and try not to run as I head down the hall to our room.  My shorts already give away my thoughts.

As I slowly open the door, hoping to catch her changing ( I mean who can resist peeking!), I see her in the bathroom, slipping out of her wet two piece.  With her back turned towards me, I can see the new tan lines where the suit had hidden my prize.  She bends over slightly as the bottoms slide down her legs.  Oh my!  The view of her lips hiding between her legs is more than I can take, and my shorts have a very noticeable bulge that leaves no doubt as to what I’m thinking.



I’m not one to tease, but I find myself a little braver today.  He tries to be sneaky and catch a peek, but he is in for a show that he won’t forget.  I take my time sliding my bottoms down my legs, and I can’t help taking a little dip into the cleft between them.  My touch feels electric as I find my clit and slowly circle it with my index and middle fingers.  If I were wet before, I am soaked now. 

Looking over my shoulder, I see that I have the same effect on him.  Mmmm.  I can’t take much more of this teasing.  The tingle has moved from all over my body to a feeling between my legs so strong that I can’t wait.  I need him now!

Walking over to him, I give him a playful shove onto the bed, which makes a loud squeak.  No!  That won’t work.  I know that I have to be quiet with four other people in the condo, but come on!  I can’t be that quiet!  Glancing to the side of the bed, I get an idea.



Lord, I don’t know what I did to deserve this girl, but thank you!  I have never seen her touch herself so intimately before.  Of course, I’ve always fantasized about watching her play and explore, but I did not see this coming!  Her eyes close in a half-sleepy daze as she looks over her shoulder at me.  I can’t see exactly what’s happening, but I can see her hand moving in the smallest circle and get the idea. 

My erection is threatening to break the seams of my trunks if I don’t let it out, so I slowly pull them down as my fully erect cock pops out and points upward.  My right hand takes the shaft and slowly moves up and down, gently covering the sensitive head with each stroke.  Easy boy, the best is yet to come. 

Her eyes full of desire, she walks over to me and places her finger over her lips, telling me to be quiet.  That part is going to be hard—fun but hard!  She shoves me back on the bed as the springs give a loud creak.  No! We are way past the point of no return, but this arrangement won’t work. 

She glances over at the floor, and I read her mind.  “Get the towels,” she whispers. 

I make a pillow with one beach towel, lay another on the floor, and lay back.  Who says chivalry is dead?  I can’t have my beautiful wife getting carpet burns on her bum!



It may not be the most comfortable arrangement for him, but I see no complaints on his face.  I almost come standing up as he strokes what is mine.  The head glistens with his excitement, and the smell of sex already fills the air. 

As he lies back on the floor, I hover over him, placing my hands over each breast.  My nipples are already hard from anticipation and desire.  I savor the feeling as each finger passes lightly over them.  Oh!  Shockwaves pass from my chest straight to my pussy until I know I have to have him inside me. 

Replacing my hands with his, I take his cock and rub it up and down my slit until it rests on my swollen clit.  Grinding my hips into his, I feel my climax building until it is too late, and my insides clench as I explode. Then I lie on his chest as I come down and recover. 

“Baby, I love you!” he whispers.

“I need to feel you; right now!” I say, trying not to yell.  Every wonderful, hot inch of him fills me until we are completely joined.  We have great sex normally, but this is on a different level!



Nothing compares to seeing my wife come apart on top of me.  Every wave of pleasure, each labored breath as orgasm overtakes her is beautiful, and she is sharing this with me!  She is so wet that I slide into her before I know what’s happening.  This is going to be slow; I want her to feel every part of me. 

When we are one, my hips grind into her in a leisurely, circling movement.  The only thing that exists in the moment is us.  Her breasts and tight, pointed nipples, her wet pussy, her clit pressing down onto me with each rotation—ecstasy!

“I need you, baby!” She pants.  “I need to feel you come with me!”

Her words trigger something, a rush that I can’t hold back.  I release and moan as I come like never before.  She tightens around my shaft and bites her lip, trying to stay quiet.

“Oh, baby!  I needed that!” she says.

“Baby, I will always need you,”  I say as we get up to take a shower.  Getting clean will be fun too.

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  1. Peterpan says:

    This story is really hot. Thanks for sharing this. I really love the part ' I take my time sliding by bottoms down my legs, and I can’t help taking a little dip between them. My touch feels electric as I find my clit and slowly circle it with my index and middle fingers'.
    I love that moment when undies or in this case bikini bottoms come off. That really got me going!
    Must have been a great view for him. Thanks again!

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