Loving Husband and Wife face a tricky situation

Another Tricky Situation

It had been a six-day drought due to my wife’s vaginal “infection.” Although we HAD been able to have a unique and wonderful sex session the week before (See my story “Tricky Situation”), we had not been able to do anything sexual with her ladyparts since then. The regular treatments were not working, and she was getting worse, the itching driving her crazy. So I insisted that she see our dermatologist.

Melodie had been under treatment for a yeast infection (which she has had before), but this time it turned out to be an allergic reaction to a new scented fabric softener instead.

I was hopeful that the new, dermatologist-prescribed treatment would work. Within two days of starting it, Melodie’s “parts” LOOKED normal finally, but she was still rather sore. We usually have sex every other day, so I was rarin’ to go, but I did not know if it was possible.

But we DID make love this morning. Yes, it had been a while due to Melodie’s sensitivity down there, but we gave sex a cautious try. At first, she was afraid to try anything, but she met me on our queen-sized bed after we both had showered. She looked beautiful in all her nude glory!

I didn’t know what we would be able to do. Melodie allowed me to kiss her then love on both of her big, beautiful breasts, so I knew there was hope. (We call this part of foreplay “lips on nips!”)

Next, I hopefully handed her her bullet vibe and started tip on nip. (I kneeled beside her and masturbated while rubbing my tip on her nipple.) Usually, I add a bit of coconut oil to her nipple and breast, but my level of excitement ensured that my pre-cum was all we needed.

We didn’t know if she would be able to use the vibrator yet, but she gave it a try. It soon became obvious that, between my tip on her nip and her vibe on her clit, things were working. Her back arched and her legs stretched out and got tense. (I swear she reverse-ages when aroused and REALLY youthens as she has an orgasm.  At least she looks like a sexy twenty-something to me!) It had been six days, so I was not surprised when she came after only two minutes of my hard erection’s tip rubbing her nipple.

She gasped out, “I’m coming!” and experienced her own personal earthquake as she climaxed. She is so beautiful when she orgasms, and I enjoyed watching the tremorous show!

After she calmed a bit, we talked about it and decided to try to have intercourse. I told her that if it hurt, I would stop. So I carefully and gently applied a blob of coconut oil to her waiting love tunnel’s entrance and slowly pushed about a teaspoon of coconut oil up into said sexy hole.

We then went into a cautious X position. I lay on my side, perpendicular to her, with her on her back, vibe to clit. I carefully slid up inside Melodie’s lovely cavern. It was such a joy and a relief to have full access to that part of her beautiful body again!

I did not give her the usual pounding; instead, I very gently slid in and out of her still sensitive pussy. It felt amazing! We only did this for about three minutes because we did not want her “parts” to get too irritated from the activity.

I thought the slightly acidic nature of my semen might sting her, so I did not want to come inside her. Instead, I withdrew from her pussy, and we switched to me kneeling on her left and doing tip on nip again. It felt and looked fantastic as I masturbated. While my tip rubbed her hard nipple,  she continued using the vibe on her clitoris. Again, there was no need to apply coconut oil because the oil I had added to her vagina had mixed with her natural juices and coated my hard erection. Now it smeared over her firm raspberry and beautiful breast.

You may think this is dumb, but I had said a prayer in my heart for Melodie to reach her first orgasm. I said a second prayer as I kneeled beside her this second time.  My first prayer had been answered with a resounding yes, but honestly, I thought another orgasm for her unlikely.

I knew that I would not last that long.

But as it turned out, neither could Melodie. I felt my first orgasm building and—to my great surprise— when I came, HER second orgasm arrived at the same instant. She arched her back, trembled adorably, and took on her beautiful and sexy 20-something look, as her face and breasts flushed in pleasure!

I came all over her beautiful boob and especially on her raspberry. It thrilled me to see my cum coat her nipple and breast as SHE orgasmed with me! God had also answered my second prayer with a yes! I should have had more faith.

I grabbed two microfiber cloths and cleaned us both up, then we cuddled and talked. We decided that we probably should have waited one more day for her to heal some more, but she said it still had been fun.

Then, Melodie had me roll over, and she began to lick and flick my closest nipple. (My turn for lips on nips!) She usually starts the lovemaking session with this activity, and she said that she was feeling cheated. (I love her magic tongue on my tiny man-nipples.) As she enthusiastically worked my nipples with her mouth and hand, I masturbated to my second, yet still very intense, orgasm.

We then lay there and basked in our mutual love. But pretty soon, she got up to pee, wash off, and apply her meds to her ladyparts. Though stinging a little, her parts were happy to have enjoyed MY parts.

Whoever implied that married sex was boring (that would be Satan) was just plain lying! I could also say that any mortal who thought married sex is boring or tedious would be totally deceived. Even when there are health challenges (and we both have several chronic ones), our love finds a way! Married sex is glorious, and I think it is one way we glorify God.

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4 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    You guys are so sweet to each other. This is holy sex: lovingly meeting each other's needs and fulfilling each other's desires within the sanctity of the marriage bed. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  2. Flying Hubby says:

    Love the variety, so many things to enjoy and you both grabbed a bunch of them. Married sex is nowhere near boring. Sex is just the icing on the cake, I love getting to see and touch my beautiful wife. Tasting is a marvelous bonus and getting wrapped up in her hugs is a huge blessing.

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