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Hello all you wonderful MH sexy women! Over the years many of you have collected a large assortment of toys. Which one is your absolute favorite? The one that rocks your world? The one you think every woman should have? The one you could get addicted to, it’s that good? Please share with the rest of us!

Have any of you ever tried a remote control vibe that worked extremely well? Hubby likes the idea of me wearing one out in public. Have any of you ever used a pussy pump that made your pussy very swollen and sensitive?

It would be of huge value to me to know which toys I should strongly consider and which ones I should avoid. Thanks so much, sista friends!

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  1. Tango69 says:

    Hi Honey, I personally love the Cloudnine Humming Bird it says it all in the title. If you love clit stimulation and enjoying various silicon attachments then this is for you, it doubles as a massager and can be fun used with a partner. They do a humming bird mini which is more powerful apparently but I’m on cloud nine with mine.

    I also have a we give it fun and remote great fun for public, I also love the vibrating benwa balls inserted and in public with a remote is exhilarating. I also use a product called liquid vibe and even the touch of fabric underwear or lace can send you through the roof brushing over your engorged clit.

    Let me know what you decide jump online and check out the humming bird reviews. The one I have is rechargeable and the charge lasts for ages also another added benefit.

  2. Tango69 says:

    Do your research on the Kegel balls best to get the various weighted ones so pleasure can meet use and help to tighten your internal love muscles. Using them in a few weeks as recommended you will feel tighter they provide many benefits as well as cheeky pleasure.

  3. Chloe says:

    Thanks so much Tango69 for the wealth of info! I'm definitely going to get my hands on that liquid vibe! Is that the Doc Johnson one or are there others?
    Check out Love Balls' vibrating kegel exercisers [From MH: search the internet for the terms: love balls collections vibrating kegel ]

    Do you think the $26 one and the $30 one (not actual balls) which are on sale for 50% off would work? Or do you think balls would be better (especially for kegels?) I want "works great and didn't break the bank" ya know? More bang for your buck.

    Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you! I want to acquire a big dick list! 😉

    • Tango69 says:

      My pleasure, lovely. I would suggest speaking to your local sex shop. I personally love the more expensive ones, as the weights are changeable to give those Kegels a serious workout, which benefits you and your partner. I think sometimes it’s a pay-for-what-you-get scenario but let me know how you go with them. They are good and works for both, which is important: two birds, one stone. There is also a his-her lube, and used together, it creates sensitivity and a slight friction heat which increases the size of your clit to increase the sensitivity. I can look up the name when I’m home. It has an advantage, but I don’t need help in the lubricant area. If anything, I have too much. So it was good, but too wet, in my opinion, is not always great for the lady.

      Love to know how you get on.

  4. Hot Patch says:

    We've used an Adam and Eve pussy pump before. We loved it but it was a little to big for me and I had to rig it for it to work right. I haven't found a brand thats comfortable.
    I also have a magic wand that I love!
    I am wanting to try kegel balls.

  5. MarriageHeat says:

    Would a section for product reviews be a helpful addition to MH? Would any of you write full reviews with pros and cons for the benefit of your fellow MHers? We have a few posts that suggest products in the context of the story, but we don't have a lot of "You've gotta try this!" or "This didn't work for us" kinds of articles.

  6. LovingMan says:

    We have used battery powered vibrators for years, but now we mostly use rechargeable bullet vibes. We have some bigger battery-powered ones that are fun too. Last year we purchased a G-Spot vibrator. It led to some amazing sexual experiences and we use it often. We insert the G-spot vibe in my wife’s vagina and she’ll use the G Spot vibe inside. I’ll work on loving her nipples, and she says the subsequent orgasm is like an explosion! We learned to be careful to not get her clitoris caught between the bullet vibe and the G-spot vibe. I’ll see if I can figure out what brands these vibes are. For us, a good vibrator is essential. By the way, we found that it is better to travel (when flying) with a vibrator that has removable batteries. A buzzing suitcase or bag can attract airport security officers’ attention.
    And MH… YES we should have a product review section on the site.

    • LovingMan says:

      Ok, I looked up the names of our favorite sex toys. We have a rechargeable bullet vibrator with a silicon loop handle that is easy to hold on to. It is a “Kink by Doc Johnson.” The other rechargeable bullet is a “NU Sensuelle Point Plus.” The Gspot vibrator is a “VeDO gee Mini Vibe.” We also have two male toys. My favorite is my “California Exotics Big Man Masturbator.” I think it’s important to note that what works for one couple or one person my not work for someone else.

  7. Chloe says:

    Yes please, MH! I think that would be a great help to us all! As we all know, some toys are very expensive! Does that mean they work super well because of that big sticker price? Or does something considerably less expensive work just as well or even better? I'm hoping to get some of that "Definitely buy this toy" and "Don't buy that one" here. Thanks, MH!!

  8. Peterpan says:

    I hope it does include male toys as well, cause for males there are toys too. I think it's great for women to know what's a good toy and which isn't. Men need to make a good choice too.

  9. Poulkat says:

    I love the palm power wand with WOW from Adam and Eve. It gets me going every time. I also love the glass dildos. I was a little nervous trying it, but once I did, omg. I have a collection of them.

  10. countryboy says:

    My wife loves the Womanizer Pro 40 Clitoral Vibrator. A little pricey at just under $100, but worth it for what it does! Before, she would only have one orgasm and her clit would be too sensitive to go on, no matter how it was achieved. With the Womanizer, which uses air to vibrate and is supposed to simulate oral sex, she can orgasm in minutes and has multiple massive orgasms!

  11. Keystone Jack says:

    OK, I'm going to chime in and hope that Keystone Jill joins the discussion to confirm, correct, & fill in details.

    My lovely bride does not climax easily. I believe God did that intentionally because I'm a bit of a "bull in the china closet" when I'm horny. He knew I needed to calm down and focus on her needs. The toy that always eventually gets the job done (multiple times if I do my job right) is the Hitachi Magic Wand.

    We recently added a fabulous toy to our collection. It is the generic version of the Njoy Pure Wand. Our budget wouldn't allow for the real thing, so we searched Amazon and found several copies. We didn't order the cheapest. We got the one that was $40. This is Jill's new favorite toy. After watching a few vids online about how to play with it, reading a MH story where the wife mentioned her A-spot (sorry, can't remember the story, but thanks so much to the author!), we began to explore. Wow! Jill loved it. It brought a thick white cream out of her that really got me excited! It works best when I use it on her. The angles aren't quite right for her to do it alone. It is solid stainless steel so it's easy to clean. It is heavy which plays into its effectiveness. It really doesn't look like a sex toy. It looks like a piece of metal sculpture. We've joked about me building a wooden stand for it to display it on the shelf. While it has not brought Jill to a climax, it does, as I mentioned, bring out this thick cream, make her extremely wet (to the point that she soaks through multiple towels on the bed, and brings her a very intense pleasure. That's what it's all about, right?

  12. HoneyPot92 says:

    Jimmy Jane Form2 was a game changer. Bought 1st one in 2010 but it finally quit holding a charge. Recently replaced with a newer model, still the go to toy, often combined with a silicon dildo. Hubby loves to watch and direct. These are not cheap, but the quality and results are amazing.

    Also, in the last year or so, finally bought a Hitachi. It’s very different but it’s the “waste no time” tool. For us, it means putting down an absorbent pad😀😀😀, or maybe 2. Caution, they will overheat after 30 minutes or so. Make sure to buy the real thing — lots of counterfeits out there.

  13. Chloe says:

    Thanks so much, ladies! (and gentlemen who have chimed in as well). Keep em coming! Hey Tango69, is the liquid vibe you use the Doc Johnson one? I want to make sure I get the same one you use 😍

    Hope to hear from the rest of ya! If anyone owns a remote control vibrator that works extremely well and they really love it, please let me (us) know. Hubby's always wanted to try one on me (any one ever see the movie "The Ugly Truth" with Katharine Heigl and Gerard Butler and the restaurant scene? Ooh La la!)

  14. Moregasms22 says:

    We started out years ago with probly the cheapest thing we could find just to see if it would be something we liked. The cheaper ones got the job done, but we have since found that some of the more expensive feel much better for my wife. Her favorite has become the lovense Nora. It gets her going faster and get orgasms are way more intense with it than any other vibrator she's had. You can operate it from an app on your phone and can I can control the vibrations while she uses it even if I'm not home

  15. Grace911 says:

    Adding my two thumbs up to getting product reviews! I've researched quite a bit and thought I had a good handle on available toys, but I've gotten some great ideas here. Great discussion questions!

  16. Chloe says:

    As I was browsing through various didos, I came across glass ones with several balls along its length. I hope you know the ones I'm talking about. Do any of you own a glass dildo like this? And do the "balls" add extra stimulation as it's going in or coming out? Is it a favorite of yours?

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