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I married my lovely wife, Sophie, last year (2019). We became acquainted three months before at a family meet-up, and then the relationship progressed to marriage with the blessings of both of our families. Though I was inquisitive about sex from my teenage years, I managed to stay a virgin until my wedding day. I lived in a culture where chastity is considered the best gift you can gift your partner, and the same was true for Sophie.

We both worked for multinational corporations in the same city. After the marriage fixation ceremony (formal engagement in our culture), we used to talk over the phone regularly and meet on weekends. During those pre-marriage conversations, we sometimes discussed our future sex life. I advised her to keep track of her menstrual cycles to have an idea of safe periods since we weren’t ready to start growing our family. Based on her calculations, we identified the next infertile part of her cycle after our marriage date, which began exactly three days later. As virgins, we were super excited to have sex for the first time, but she agreed to wait those few days. In our tradition, couples usually have sex for the first time on their wedding night, but we postponed it and planned a short honeymoon trip of two days to a hill station in our state. (These high-elevation towns provide recreation, enjoyment, and places to escape the summertime heat.)

After the wedding, the much-awaited first night arrived; we finally had some privacy in our own room. I broke the silence. “Hey, Sophie, how did you like the ceremony?”

“It was good,” she replied, “but I kept waiting for us to be alone together.”

“Oh, are you in a hurry, my darling?” I asked with a naughty smile.

She, too, smiled and sat next to me. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I told her, “I am so lucky to have you.”

“Yes, I know you are lucky to have me,” she said with a giggle. Then we talked for some time.

“Baby, I am not sure I can control myself for three more days,” I told her.

“It’s okay, baby. Let’s just see where it goes. I feel like kissing.”

“Shall I?” The moment I asked her that, she locked her hands behind my neck and snuggled closer. I took her face in my palm and gazed deep into her eyes, where I saw her passion. Her cheeks blushed, and the tip of her tongue snuck out to wet her lips. I lowered my head and touched those luscious lips with mine! Our first kiss!! When our mouths parted, I watched her face blush with mixed shyness and ecstasy. I whispered in her ear, “I love you, my baby.” Then I kissed her again, more deeply.

Now she responded. She fondled my hair and neck from behind while my hands moved over her back. We both engaged more, licking each other’s lips. I took her lower one between mine and started tasting and touching it with the tip of my tongue. She moaned, which made me hornier. I lifted her and sat her on my lap sideways, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and met my steady gaze.

“How was it, dear?” I asked.

“I’m losing control too, baby,” she told me.

We kissed again, and my lips moved down one side of her neck. My hands wandered over her back and then landed on her ass. I groped it while continuing to kiss her neck as she pulled my head into her.

Then I felt “someone” waking up between my legs. I knew if I went further, our plans would fly out the window. So I told her, “Sophie, let’s wait just two more days.”

“Sure, darling,” she reluctantly agreed, “but I want to hug you the whole night.” We slept the night enveloped in each other’s arm. She laid her head on my chest while I fingered her hair and shoulder.

The next two days we spent visiting close relatives and filled the nights with hugs and kisses. Over these two days, some deep passion built up between us.

Finally, the first day of our honeymoon vacation dawned. After traveling to the hill station by car—and many stops during the journey to take pictures—we reached the Silvertips hotel, where I had booked our honeymoon suite. We checked in, set down our luggage, and got ready to go sightseeing.

To have someone who could take pictures of us and guide us to the best locations, we hired a taxi. We both sat close to each other in the backseat, my wife’s head on my shoulder as she shivered a bit in the chill mountain air. I held her hand, and we both enjoyed the scenic beauty on the way to our first destination. Once there, we roamed the hills like a teenage couple, taking in the gorgeous vistas and posing hand-in-hand against breathtaking natural backdrops as our driver helped take so many photos. Then we had lunch and finished the outing by evening, which left time for a little shopping in town before we returned to our hotel that night. A beautiful candlelight dinner awaited us in the hotel’s restaurant, creating a very romantic atmosphere and getting us both in the mood.

“So, baby, what are you going to give me tonight?” I asked her over the meal.

“Myself. Everything.” She replied with a naughty smile.

We ate lightly and went back to our suite. I took a bath first, then Sophie had hers. Impatiently waiting for what I knew would be the most amazing moment, I put on shorts and a tee and played some romantic songs.

After a while, Sophie came out in a rose-colored sleeveless top and shorts. Her hair was wet, and she moved to the mirror and started combing out the tangles, turning to look at me as she did with a smile rich in meaning.

I came behind her. “Baby, you look so great. I love you,” I whispered in her ear. Then I wrapped my hands around her and placed my chin on her shoulder, meeting her eyes in the mirror.

Sophie smiled at me, then laid the comb aside and rested her hand over mine at her waist. I trailed kisses down the side of her neck and along her shoulder, nuzzling here and there as my hands fondled her belly through her clothes. Pulling her closer, I let my kisses grow in ardor. I turned her a bit and rained them down her nape before returning my lips to the side of her neck and higher. Kisses behind her earlobes made her hold my hands tightly and give low moans.

As she watched in the mirror, I continued kissing her neck and earlobes. I partially lifted her top at the waist so that I could see her belly button and let my fingers move over it. I placed my index finger inside her navel, and the other hand moved to her boobs while I kissed her neck from behind. Then I slipped both hands through the armholes of her top to cover her lingerie-clad breasts, groping them from the side and bottom.

Sophie’s body grew warmer to my touch, and she partially closed her eyes, moaning. Her hands covered mine, and I understood that I had turned her on.

I released her breasts and swiveled her to look at me. “Baby, I want you. You are my life.”

She replied, “Honey, take me. I am yours.”

I kissed her lips, cheeks, forehead, and ears. When she closed her eyes, my lips lightly brushed her eyelids. She held me tightly as I passionately devoured her mouth. We lingered in the moment, sucking each other’s lips. Our tongues touched, and our saliva mixed. Her fingers gripped my back, and my hands grabbed hers too before wandering to her ass and squeezing those round buttocks, eliciting more moans as we tasted each other.

I lifted her in my hands and sat on the edge of our bed. I let her sit on my lap, facing me, and wrapped her legs around me. More kissing ensued, and her responsiveness thrilled me. She forgot all her shyness, kissing and biting my lips intensely. I started kissing downward from her lips to her neck and over her boobs, mouthing the fabric covering them. Then I lifted a hand and kissed her from fingers to shoulder before raising her arms over her head and kissing her smooth, lightly scented underarms. My lips and nose tickled her, and she giggled.

I started pressing her boobs. “Baby, I want to see this surprise,” I told her as I lifted her top. She peeled it off and looked at me with a smile. Her lovely orbs strained to escape her lacy pink bra. I could even see her nipples through it, a view I greatly enjoyed.

“Baby, take them. They are yours,” she prompted.

“Yes, I want these. You really are a hot girl, baby. I am so lucky,” I told her. I cupped both her boobs in my hands over her bra. After seeing her boobs, I wondered, what should I do? The view entranced me. I kissed her cleavage, pressed her breasts slowly, and kept on kissing over her bra. With my teeth, I pulled down one strap while she removed the other.

I was getting hornier. What I had waited and longed for lay right in front of my face—her round boobs!! My dick was fully grown, and I am sure she felt it under her thighs as she sat in my lap. Those firm, round breasts with pinkish areolae and nipples that stood slightly erect thrilled me, and I could even see the little raised dots around them. At first, I fondled her boobs slowly and lightly without touching her nipples. Then, holding them in my hands, I started kissing the nipples while my fingers moved in circles. I started pressing, holding them from the bottom.

Sophie moaned and called out my name, “Robichaa… Aahh…”. It made me crazy. I moved my fingers in circles from outside to inside, eventually reaching her areola, which reddened along with her nipples. Her areola and nipples turned red. I drew circles inside her areola without touching the nipples and watched them grow fully erect.

Sophie was losing her control. She bent towards me, holding her left boob in hand, and pushed it into my mouth. Wow! That was an unexpected move. (Just imagine how sexy that action is. Your girl herself putting her boob in your mouth or you putting your boob which he is teasing till now in your man’s mouth.) I tried to engulf them but could only take part inside my mouth; the nipple, areola, and some of her boob. As I sucked passionately and squeezed her other breast, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it closer. She kept moaning loudly and calling my name. She even started sliding back and forth on my lap.

Soon Sophie pulled her left breast away from me and put the right one in its place. But instead of pushing the whole thing in this time, she placed only her nipple and areola inside my mouth. I suckled it like a baby drinking milk, and she fondled my hair at the same time, building a special kind of affection in me. As she stroked my hair, I felt like her bosom and hands were the most comfortable place on earth. She caressed me like a baby while I sucked at her nipples.

I moved two of my fingers to the other nipple, already swollen and wet with my saliva from the previous licking, and started rubbing it slowly. As we both became more aroused, I started sucking more intensely. Holding her right nipple between my lips, I pulled it out. At the same time, I rubbed the left one more roughly.

“Is it painful, darling?” I asked her.

“No, baby, I love it,” she said with a moan. I repeated the same, then advanced another step: I bit over her nipple slowly while pinching the other nipple.

She moaned louder. “AAAAHHH…”

“I am sorry, darling. Did it hurt?” I asked.

“No, my love, I love this pain. Only you can give me this,” she replied. “Do it again, baby.”

I held both boobs in my hands and started moving my tongue around and around her nipple inside her areola. I did this alternately to both nipples to calm down her pain, and she loved it and kept on moaning. I lifted my head and kissed her lips again, and we continued kissing for a long time.

I whispered in her ear, “Baby, let’s do more.”  I stood up and set Sophie on her feet, and she removed my T-shirt. Then she ran her hands over my back while kissing my neck, shoulders, and chest. She kissed and rubbed my nipples too. Again, we kissed, and she led me to the bed. She climbed in first, then I lay on my side next to her, kissing her neck and boobs, then down to her navel. Then I kissed up her legs to her thighs. At this point, I lifted my head and asked, “Baby, show me heaven!!”

Sophie lifted her ass and removed her shorts, and I helped her pull them off completely. Pointing to her pink panty, she said, “This is the entrance to heaven, honey. You are most welcome.” We both laughed, and I gifted her with a kiss over her panty. More landed on her belly and inner thighs, which I caressed with my fingers. Then I slowly rolled down her panty. Her cute lovely pussy lay right in front of me for the first time!!!

I looked at her and said, “Your little flower is beautiful.” Sophie blushed and giggled.

I spread her legs wide to have a look between them—my first experience of a pussy. I observed its lovely shape: it was shaved, and the pussy lips were sticking together. I parted them with both my hands and saw its reddish interior. Sliding a finger inside, I found it quite wet. In and out slowly, my finger plunged. Sophie moaned and closed her eyes while I moved my finger faster. I could see that she was very much aroused. I spread the top of her pussy lips farther apart and, with her own wetness, fondled her little clit.

Sophie suddenly lifted her head. I didn’t understand what this meant, so I returned to fingering her with my forefinger and rubbing her clit in intervals. She was moaning heavily, calling my name and begging. “Robichaaa… Aahhhh… Please…” I started doubting myself and asked her if I should stop, but she told me, “I am about to cum. Please enter me.”

Hearing those words filled me with happiness and a little bit of pride. “Yes, my love,” I answered. “Let’s do it. I want to make you happier.”

I rolled onto my back, and she removed my shorts and climbed over my thighs. With a naughty smile, Sophie ran her hands over my briefs, my dick inside straining to pop out. Her cute hands rubbing over my dick while her naked ass shook on my thighs, she asked me, “Baby, is it a banana?” (I have a modest six inches, but she was in a playful mood.)

“Open them yourself and check,” I said.

Sophie removed my briefs and found my dick standing tall, well engorged after all the foreplay we’d done. She took it in her hand and caressed it, observing my rod and balls with curiosity. I asked her to pull down the foreskin, and she did cautiously. The tip of my penis was bulging and red in color. She started moving my foreskin up and down.

I told her, “Baby, don’t do that now. I may cum if you do.”

“I want you to cum inside me, baby. I will show you the way.” Saying this, Sophie came forward and sat next to my dick. She lifted herself a little and started rubbing her pussy on me. I took over for her; holding my dick while she wiggled around, I rubbed her clit and pussy entrance with the tip. Sophie started moaning again. Her pussy was getting juicier, wetting my dick with its liquids. I rubbed her clit and pussy roughly with the glans of my dick, feeling more sensitive there by the minute.

“Robichaaa… Put it inside, Robicha.” Sophie moaned.

“Baby, you hold my dick. I will open your pussy.” I spread her pussy lips, and Sophie lifted herself higher, holding my dick and placing it at her pussy entrance. Slowly, she slid down, and now the bulging head sat just inside her pussy. It felt very tight and wet and almost too hot to me. The ecstasy rose as she slid down further, moaning louder all the while. When I was almost fully inside, she sat down suddenly on my thighs.

We paused for a moment, and she panted, “We did it.”

“Yes, baby. I love you,” I said, looking into her eyes.

Sitting in this position, she started shaking slowly (not thrusting). She then started going up and down, and I also started moving to her rhythm. We gradually increased our speed, the thrusts taking my dick’s head from her pussy entrance to deep inside. She slightly bent towards me, and we locked eyes. What a wonderful feeling! Our room filled with moans as my dick slid deeper and deeper into her cute pussy. Our pace quickened even more, and as I neared orgasm, I started rubbing her clitoral hood from the front. Sophie moaned madly.

“Baby, I’m about to cum,” I said.

“Cum, baby. Put it all inside me, darling,” she urged. My semen started shooting deep inside her pussy, and feeling it, she moaned more and cried out. “Baby, you are too good. I love you, baby.”

“I too love you, honey,” I said. Though I came, I continued thrusting and rubbing her clitoral area. She began moving very fast and then started shaking. I understood that meant she was nearing climax too. I rubbed her very firmly, and then I felt some wetness oozing out as her belly shook.

Soon she pulled my hands from her pussy and lay over my chest, still keeping my dick inside. We looked at each other, and both said, “I love you.” She took my dick from her pussy and lay next to me, placing her head on my chest. We hugged, kissed, and fondled each other a little longer, then slept naked like this without cleaning up the mess.

Thanks for reading. Next, I plan to tell you what happened the next day under the shower. Please provide your valuable comments.

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11 replies
  1. HuskyKitty says:

    Really great story! I’m a sucker for both honeymoon stories and stories with awesome detail! Keep it up and congrats on your new adventure with your lovely spouse! God bless and keep it horny. 👍🏼

  2. Grace911 says:

    Well done for a first effort. I loved your descriptions and the rewards you gained from such self control. I fully expect that you'll continue sharing this marital bliss, because I can see the joy you receive from re-living it. But specific to your writing style, as you mature, you'll discover that shorter, punchy sentences can be even more powerful. Stay horney and keep writing. I hope you're sharing it with your wife. 🤗

    • robinz says:

      Thank you so much. Sure i will write here again. Thanks for your suggestions too. Surely, I will be sharing this with her.

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