Birthday Lovin’ on the Trundle

We are getting some construction done on our master bedroom and bath right now. The work is to repair flood damage from a bathroom sink. (See my story: Accidental Nudists.)  So for a few days, we have to sleep in the guest bedroom with me on the twin bed and my wife, Melodie, on the pulled out trundle bed. It’s inconvenient, and we have to be in our home while the contractors work, so we can’t go on our previously planned trip for my birthday.

Still, having to use the guest room has had its advantages. We have to be creative with sex positions because we don’t have the roominess of our queen bed. We also kind of feel that frisky feeling you get in a hotel room. It’s our own home, but the novelty is there.

Today is my birthday, so we woke up early in order to have enough time to make love. The contractor and his workers would be here all day, so we only had an hour and a half for sexy playtime. We have found that with my health problems, it is much easier for me to do sex in the morning when my heart has had a night’s rest. Having evening sex is not a safe option. So we hurried and showered, etc. this morning to get ready for each other.

Like she usually does on my birthday, Melodie gave me oral in the bathroom. I stood in front of her as she sat nude on the closed toilet seat. Gotta love that view. While we had decided to not take it to orgasm this time, it was still awesome!

Melodie first used a trick she has recently developed to kind of nibble on my glans with her barely open lips. She worked both the top and underside of my penis head. Then she took me into her beautiful mouth and I started to gently thrust as she rocked her head forward. We got a great rhythm going, and seeing my shaft in her sexy mouth (and feeling her magic tongue) was just amazing. I thought of a stanza from my limerick that says:

At oral she’s really quite good
As she engulfs my hard morning wood
She’ll pump with her hands
Tongue caressing my glans
Like only a loving wife could

That reminds me. As she gave me oral she was pumping the lower part of my shaft with three fingers and her thumb wrapped around it. And yes, I felt loved by her!  (That multi-limerick poem was posted a while back, and it’s called: Sexy Wife: A Limerick.)

After the fun oral, we went back to the guest room. We lay down and did some kissing and foreplay on the trundle bed. I gave her clit a bit of licking—but just a tiny bit. That’s all we both were in the mood for. The clit was still a tasty treat. Then we did more playing including using purple G-spot vibe inside her while I rubbed my tip on her sexy nips as well. (I rubbed coconut oil on her nipples and then, kneeling beside her, I pumped my shaft with my tip rubbing on her sexy hard nipples that get to looking like raspberries!) She kept putting one leg up on the twin bed, which made for a sexy pose. I even took a photo of her that way with our private photos app.

Then we got into the missionary position, and I even filmed the penetration—also very sexy! The thrusting was deep and pleasurable. Melodie looked up at me with her hands holding her bent knees and a look of love, happiness, and pleasure on her face. What an amazing sight to see her boobs rocking to my thrusts and that happy, yet a bit understated, smile of joy and love on her face. It reminded me of the Mona Lisa smile. (We saw that in Paris.) In my opinion, my wife’s smile this morning was way better!

As I gazed at my wife and my body thrust deeply into hers, I felt such an emotional connection with both her and with our Heavenly Father. I remember being grateful and saying a quick prayer of thanks to God that I survived the severe health problems of my childhood to get to make love to this beautiful woman for almost three decades. Also, I thought about how I survived multiple surgeries and got to do this very enjoyable activity on my birthday with this beautiful and sexy wife that God has provided. It was awesome! I said a quick prayer 🙏 in my heart and mind, thanking God again.

I kept loving Melodie with my hard erection. I returned to kissing her and telling her how beautiful she was on our wedding day and on our honeymoon, and that she was second to none in her beauty! I also told her how beautiful she still is to me.

My orgasm was triggered by that deep French kissing as my hard erection was the model for my tongue in her mouth. Very sexy. It was a GREAT and INTENSE orgasm—until about two-thirds of the way through, I got hit with painful acid reflux or heartburn from hell! I had to reach over to the nightstand to grab an antacid, but I stayed inside Melodie’s lovely, caressing pussy to finish.

Melodie was concerned because at first, she was not clear on what was wrong. She had seen the pained look on my face at the end of my orgasm. I explained that I was okay now (it wasn’t my heart.) I lay next to her on the trundle bed and went to work immediately on her beautiful breasts, which involved mouth on nipples and my tip back on her nipple some more. The nipple that was not getting my oral ministrations I gently pinched and stimulated with my left hand. She had a nice orgasm, using her bullet vibe on her clitoris as I loved on her breasts.

Then we played some more—and I mean more sexual play—on the trundle. She attacked my nips for a while, and I got way hard again! Then we returned to the bathroom, and Melodie worked more of her oral magic. This time she took more of my shaft into her mouth and kept her hands in her lap for the first part of this fellatio session. Then her hand grabbed my shaft again, and her forward head bobbing became more intense, enough to bring me to my second orgasm of the day. She pulled off my erection, and I came in her left hand and on her boobs! There is something so sexy about watching my hard penis squirt cum onto any part of my wife. Just as the squirting stopped, she took me briefly back into her mouth for a quick clean up. It felt amazing, more than making up for that heartburn/acid attack earlier.

I told Melodie how much I loved her and how beautiful she is when we’re making love, including watching her take my shaft into her mouth and her lips trick on my glans. I reminded her that, though she had been bullied and had not been one of the “popular kids” in school, she had been a beautiful bride who saved herself for me, and she still is SO beautiful to me.

Sooooo… We were not able to go on our planned birthday trip. The sex was not perfect, but this lovemaking session sure made it a happy birthday for me!

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6 replies
  1. Tango69 says:

    I love giving oral; it’s almost as good to me as receiving head. I love doing it to my husband, but I can never get him far enough as coming because he loves to fuck. I would give anything for his pleasure to be released onto me. Your wife is one lucky lady.

    • Tulsa says:

      I suggest you tell him what you want to do!
      My wife did that, and just her asking caused me to spontaneously explode!

  2. Tulsa says:

    Fun story!
    "…..that frisky feeling you get in a hotel room." I bet that has more to do with the spice in it, than most anything else! We find sex in different or unusual places always seems to make it better! Especially, outdoors!

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