Sexy Wife: a Limerick

I loved the story The Two Become One by MattBZG. It inspired me to write a multi-limerick poem. The verses have references to some things in my previous stories (like Strawberry Cream Pie).  I kind of got carried away.  Now I keep thinking in limerick.   Like MattBZG, I want to give just a bit of background first.  Of course, you might want to read the poem and skip the background info until AFTER you read the poem.  So come to think of it… I am putting that info AFTER the poem.  Think of it as an explanation of the poem.  Although much of the poem is self-explanatory.   

 Here it is:


           “Sexy Wife”

I had a rough marriage – my first

Was really the absolute worst

My heart, it was broke

And it was no joke

That I felt my love life had been cursed


Melodie was first my best friend

As I gave love a chance again

She was sweet and was kind

With an amazing mind

My heart was starting to mend


She was and is a good Christian girl

While dating we did not give sex a whirl

But when sex was unleashed

She was a passionate beast

As her body for me she unfurled


We make love every other day

Often in a different way

She’s my sweet sunrise flower

We wake and we shower

Then our morning is when we will play


She has amazing Nordic eyes

Looking up from the bed where she lies

And to tell you the truth

I don’t think it’s uncouth

That her curves really give me a rise


Sometimes she wears lingerie

It really enhances our play

The cupless is best

Cause it shows off her breasts

In a sexy and erotic way


To start she will love on my nipple

It feels good but it also can tickle

Then I’ll nibble her boob

This will make her lube

And it also enlarges my pickle


Melodie has beautiful breasts

I always insist they’re the best

They’re full and they’re ripe

As the tip of my pipe

Rubs her raspberries ‘til she hits full crest


Her clitoris is pink and quite pretty

Although it is quite itty bitty

To lick it I love

Or my finger will rub

On her clit while I suck on her titty


At oral she’s really quite good

As she engulfs my hard morning wood

She’ll pump with her hands

Tongue caressing my glans

Like only a loving wife could


I love to be way up inside her

I do this while laying beside her

Perpendicular we lie

As my snake with one eye

Slips in as she applies vibrator


Now she is a wife who’s quite bushy

When excited she will get all gushy

When loving her man

She does all that she can

To stroke my hard rod with her pussy


Our orgasms always are sweet

It’s really an amazing feat

As a couple in love

Like a hand in a glove

Share bodies as a marital treat


After we cuddle and lie

Together we laugh and we cry

I say, “You’re my true love

Sent from God up above.”

Then I have my strawberry cream pie


Then I feel her nails on my back

For this, she really has quite the knack

I’ll gently cup her breasts

As we lie there and rest

Getting ready for the second act


I love my wife Melodie

She’s a Scandinavian beauty

With full curvy breasts

Where my head likes to rest

Never thought I would this happy be


Nothing can keep us apart

Not old age nor my lousy heart

Making love’s what we do

Every time feels brand new

To me, my wife’s still a tart


My wife was a cougar it’s true

She’s older than me by a few

Yet her skin is still smooth

And I’ve loved every groove

Since the day we both said, “I do.”


To me, she’s more beautiful than any

Making love makes her look like she’s twenty

We kiss and we romp

And we lick and we whomp

Until we decide we’ve had plenty…


…Plenty of each other’s love

Remembering it’s a gift from above

To married children of God

He gives us a nod

To share our passionate love


Of course it was a command not request

God said, “Adam and Eve, be one flesh.”

So I love on my wife

She’s the love of my life

And she loves me back – she’s the best


Now this poem is getting too long

I wish I could put it to song

Cause my wife is my joy

Mañana y hoy.    (tomorrow & today)

Being married – none of this is wrong


Poem Explanation: 

 Due to a bad heart in my chest, we have to make love in the morning.  This is the best time because my heart has had a nice rest all night.  I refer to my wife Melodie’s nipples as raspberries.  That is what they look like when aroused.  I had been married previously and it was a very difficult marriage.  Melodie, with her patience and kindness, has helped me heal from that first marriage.  

Melodie and I waited and did not do anything sexual until after we were married.  She was still a virgin on our wedding night.  Our favorite lingerie is Melodie’s cupless teddies.  She has several.  Her full and lovely breasts are so beautiful… and when framed by an open cup lacey teddy they are just breathtaking to me. 

My wife and I discovered on our honeymoon that I also love having nipple stimulation.  Not all men do, but I learned that I do.  (She likes stimulating my nips, as we call them.  And she likes me stimulating hers too, of course.)  We have a perpendicular sex position that we call “X Position” where we lie at right angles and I enter her while she is on her back and I am on my right side.  She can use her vibrator in this situation.  This is our go-to sex position.  

A couple of years ago we discovered that we both enjoy me masturbating my “pipe” or erection as I rub the tip on her nipple or alternately on either nipple.  This often triggers her orgasm.  And it is extremely pleasurable for me as well.

My wife has very soft hair.  Her pubic hair is also very soft.  So she does not trim nor shave it and I am fine with that.  The few times she tried to trim or shave her pubic hair, it became so itchy that it about drove her crazy.  I like her natural look anyway.  

After we each have our first orgasm of the sex session, we usually lie together, wait, talk, and cuddle with my head on her breast or arm as I cup and stroke her lovely breasts.  She will reach around and gently scratch my back with her fingertips. (It feels great!) Then after a few minutes of this, we are able to go for round two — or as the poem says, Act 2.  

My wife is several years older than me and it has never made any difference in our relationship.  She still has the most amazing smooth skin.  And when we make love and she is aroused, her face takes on a glow and all the lines disappear.  I swear she looks like she is in her early twenties every time!  What husband wouldn’t love that?  (As I’ve said before, I consider this a Spiritual Gift from God that he gives to us long time married couples… that is, we see our spouse as they looked when we married him or her.)   The rest of the time (in our everyday life) most people think Melodie is 10-15 years younger than she really is.

Though not specifically mentioned in the poem, we both actually have serious health challenges that we work around in our life and in our lovemaking sessions. As you can tell when you read the poem, I am still absolutely crazy in love with my beautiful, kind, intelligent, and sexy wife; and yes, she IS a Scandanavian beauty… with an advanced degree.  And yes again, we DO have sex every other day.  We have a specific schedule we follow.  I’ve talked about it in other posts.  And finally, the first commandment, given to Adam and Eve was to be one flesh.  It was not a request, it was the first commandment from God, and I believe that this commandment is still in force for married couples.  

So keep on keeping that commandment by loving your spouse passionately!



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7 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Wow, LM, this is beautiful! You are right, it is obvious from your writings (all of them) that you are absolutely in love with your wife. You are so blessed to have such intimacy with each other, and the fact that you make love twice a week despite the health issues confronting each of you blows my mind! Keep it up!

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks CrazyHappyLoved! I guess the poem is really long but I kept thinking of things to say about my lovely, kind, & sexy wife.

  2. MattBZG says:

    Hi LM,
    We both loved your poems here, a great honoring of God and each other… champion effort! Thanks, may you continue in your love for each other and walk with Him, cheers M

  3. mickmack13 says:

    Be still my heart, flutter flutter. Till I read this poem, LM, whenever I heard the word limerick, my mind always went to Nantucket, the bucket, pluck it or tuck it, plus more. God bless you Brother. mack

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