Hiding Erection

My wife and I really enjoyed Keystone Jack’s “What Happened In Vegas” story on July 14. The author made a comment in this story that started an interesting conversation between my wife and me, and we thought it would be fun to get your thoughts on it.

The statement Jack made was that he quit “hiding his erection,” and this got me thinking. Is this important to women? Is it important that if a man experiences an erection in public, should he always hide it? There are some days, when I make the boxer choice, that I do experience an erection. Is this something that is natural or is this something a man should go to lengths to hide in a public setting? Thoughts?

My wife’s opinion is that a man’s erection in public is just natural (she compared it to seeing a woman’s cleavage), and that he should not be embarrassed by it, so long as he does not draw attention to it in any way by touching it, etc.

Women of MH, what are your thoughts on this?

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6 replies
  1. Sultryheat says:

    I have to say that I LOVE seeing my man with a boner straining his jeans! Yummy!
    God created erections and I feel like there shouldn’t be a stigma with having one in public. Guys can’t generally help it and shouldn’t be made to feel like they are perverted and shouldn’t be ashamed of it.
    Great picture choice too, MH!

  2. MattBZG says:

    Thx medsunset for getting us thinking! I do think that mostly erections are the result of some stimulus, so in that way guys have a fair bit of control. An old friend taught his boys about lust… “you can’t help what you happen to see, that first look, but you can choose not to take the second. (Ie: control your mental space)… but yes despite that we all probably get them in public from time-to-time.
    It does seem the erect penis is socially taboo in western culture, for example in censorship of film it is right up there (no pun intended!).
    I’m not sure about other cultures… the romans extensively decorated houses and public spaces with erection art.
    How do our naturalist friends handle (or not handle!) the erect penis in public?

  3. Bigdman says:

    Interesting topic… I think we should all conduct and carry ourselves in a way that is modest and pure so that way we can best keep ourselves for and in marriage. I believe and have support from how people carried themselves in biblical time and with old biblical law that we should do our best to cover ourselves. I would say that showing cleavage is not natural and can be avoided as well as the ability to hide a boner. But I believe there is an exception if you are intentional about trying to look hot or alluring to your spouse because that would be inside marriage.

  4. 1blessedman says:

    I agree with the modesty thoughts presented here. We must think about the fact that in public we share common spaces with others who may have differing moral adherences. However, erections in men are not solely due to visual sources. I used to get erections from vibrations from the motor conveyance I was riding on…truck, car, motorcycle, tractor, etc.. I have a friend who has a medical condition where a light wind blowing can set his system off and he will get a raging erection that may take minutes to hours to subside. Frequently, men may experience an erection when the bladder is full or nearing full. So, just because a gent has an erection in public doesn’t mean that he is sinfully oogling the ladies. Anatomically speaking, my junk sits slightly forward on my 5’7”, 155 lb. frame. Thus, my churchy dress pants, the thin wool mix high dollar slacks, don’t do a great job of hiding. The pants' sheer nature actually accentuates my slightly forward stuff. My wife made a comment concerning my dilemma one time back when we were in Bible College as adults with children. So, then and now, I try to wear good underwear to help manage a concealment program. Although, folks just have to get over it. My blue jeans aren’t much better with the slightly thicker material. A boner in my suit pants? I have, but that takes some improv adjusting and exterior barriers to accommodate. When an erection occurs for natural reasons that are not evoked from something sensual/erotic, I manage the situation so as not to be seen as advertising, but I do not run and hide. Often in my blue jeans, it is obvious that there is stuff bulging but not really an outline like in the MH gif. So, I never want to be lewd, but at the same time, anatomy is what it is.

  5. Barebear says:

    Men only started wearing tight pants and so forth in the middle of the last century- prior to that a tailor would provide a little more room in one side or the other for a male member. Erections are like many other things they happen, you sneeze or cough, hick up. A woman in the area may see an erection and realize it might be because of her- pheromones are powerful stuff- a woman may have had sex recently and the man's subconscious picks it up and he appreciates the fact=erection. I have put this question to some woman who have seen me with an erection- are you more embarrassed if I get an erection or insulted if I don't? They usually just smile rather than answer.

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