Couch Backwards (A)

My husband, Greg, and I occasionally enjoy anal sex. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something we do irregularly just to spice things up. He’d recently hinted that he wanted to again, but I hadn’t felt like it at the time. So he waited.

Today, Greg found me barely dressed, as usual: no undies, displaying my mound, and walking around freely in the house and yard. (Our neighbors have a similar mindset, and I often talk sex with her.) He called me inside, swearing that he would not wait another day to take my backdoor. After stripping me bare, he proceeded to do the same. His cock was so huge and swollen that I knew a solid bang was imminent.

Greg grabbed me, and with a thunderous kiss, dropped me on the couch. He loves a good blow before we begin, and I did my best to take him fully down my throat. This seemed to satisfy him. Next, Greg lifted my legs and gave me a thorough pounding until he made me cum. Then, withdrawing from my pussy, he stepped into the kitchen and fetched the olive oil and turned me around.

“Hold on to the top of the couch while I lube you,” Greg told me. “When you’re ready, just say so.”

It didn’t take long for me to feel my bud began to bloom and the nerve endings start to numb. “Okay, I’m yours for the taking,” I mumbled.

Greg slipped on a condom and lubed it a bit more, then I slid down slightly to get him aligned. “Hang on tight,” he advised me, and I obliged.

Greg went in about two inches and then a little deeper, maybe four. It’s never comfortable at first, but I just closed my eyes and made groggy sounds. As he worked his way into me, my muscles loosened around him and he began to move more freely. With sudden tremendous force, Greg banged the last few inches of his cock deep inside.

I forgot the pain, loving the sensation as he reamed me at high speed. Orgasm after orgasm rocked me, and my empty pussy oozed and dripped its juices. Suddenly I felt the familiar swelling of his cock in my anus and the tickle of his condom wriggling with juices.

As Greg came, he pushed right up against my body. In a few minutes, he let go and pulled out, surprised at the amount of cum he had ejected. He removed the condom and sprinkled it all on my stomach and breasts so that I could rub it in. I love this, and as is my habit, I licked a few drops off of my finger.

“Did it go alright?” he asked.

“What a question,” I replied as I ran to the shower to clean up.

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13 replies
  1. Suzyzz says:

    Well the anal side is fun provided you take the necessary precautions like him wearing a condom, and I did have my anus stretched a while ago. One thing that’s fun but it’s a health risk is to do it without protection. We tried it a few times, and when my husband explodes, it’s something that makes me reel with pleasure as cum dribbles backwards and beautiful cum rolls out onto my pussy and streams down my legs. A massive clean up process.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Suzyzz, thank you for that descriptive. It made me very hard. 😉
      How do you get your anus stretched?

  2. Suzyzz says:

    In order to get my anus stretched, I used a butt plug, a small size first, and then graduated to a bigger one. Finally, as soon as I felt ready, I took an even bigger size. All along, I used to wear them for a few hours a day. Finally, when it seemed relaxed enough, I was penetrated every day for a week. I learned the relaxing process and, a few times, also made him move his cock in circular movements. It worked for me.

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