Wish She Would Finish

Just wish my wife would finish the blowjob…..

She is awesome at giving them and always enjoys it, but when it comes to the finish she always lets me finish myself.

There’ve been a couple times during our 15 plus years of marriage that she has let me finish in her mouth, and she wanted to do it.

She has stated that it makes her feel sick.

What I want is for her to do me until I orgasm, and then I don’t care if she spits or swallows.

It’s just that I have experienced the pleasure of letting her totally finish me, and I know it feels amazing.

Any help?

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19 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I would love doing oral sex every day. However, my wife doesn’t like doing oral on me most of the time. But she does it about once a month (on holidays) as a special gift to me. She is very good at it too. But she would rather not have me come in her mouth. She usually lets me come in her mouth for part of my orgasm but not for all of it.
    I can look at it one of two ways: I could feel disappointed. Or I could be grateful for what she IS willing to give me. If I feel disappointed… then that may lead to resentment. If I decide to be grateful then life is good. I even say a silent prayer (before sex) that God will help me be satisfied with what my wife and I do sexually.
    I read some advice online a couple of years ago. I can’t find the article again but it likened marital sex to visiting an amusement park. If you spent the effort and money to go to that amusement park you don’t get totally disappointed and storm out of the park just because one ride is down for repairs. Instead you enjoy the rides that ARE open.
    So if my wife is all hot to do some particular sexual act with me the last time we made love… it doesn’t mean that ride will be open EVERY time we make love. I used to be disappointed and it hurt our relationship. I have pretty much learned to accept what we do in our marriage bed and rejoice in it.
    If I feel disappointed then I pray for God to change my heart. Then I almost always feel grateful. I reason with myself too. I say to myself:

    “I am having more frequent sex than most people my age. (every other day) And I have a kind loving wife who truly loves me and I love her. That particular ride might be open next time… or next month… but it doesn’t do any good to bemoan it being closed today. I can choose to be grateful for the great sexy things we DID do! Given my heart problems and my wife’s neurological problems and the potential side effects of our meds I should feel grateful we can have sex at all!”

    I hope this was helpful for you. You should know that we went to 2 sex therapists before I was able to let this go. Basically the therapists both told me to be grateful for what my wife and I DO have together. And I’m much happier choosing gratitude.
    Quite a message on Thanksgiving Day.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      LovingMan, I think you have a great attitiude. Of course, it isn't wrong for Nathaniel to wish his wife wanted to accept his ejaculation orally. But the fact she does offer him oral sex is a blessing that not every man gets to enjoy.

      But, Nathaniel, maybe you could ask your wife for a babystep. Like, maybe she'd let you cum on her face with her lips closed. Or if that's too big a step, would she accept your cum on her tits or belly and then play in it for you? Would she sexily lift a wet finger to her mouth and take just one lick? Maybe this would help her "desensitize" to the taste or texture, or just the thought, of cum in her mouth.

      I'd also suggest researching how to improve the taste for her, in case she agrees to taste it. I know I've read things in the comments on MH about how to do that. I think there were things you can eat and things you can avoid to have the best tasting ejaculate possible.

    • Giants05 says:

      Lovingman …great insight and thank you so much for sharing. I can relate to Nathaniel because we are about at the 15 year mark in our marriage as well. I always say be grateful for what you get in the bedroom but as a dude we definitely have desires as well. Ever since my wife turned 40 this year her sex drive has spiked significantly. I love that we found MH a couple weeks back as well. This is ironic this topic came up because tonight I actually got my first blow job in many many years. It was out of this world and am blessed it happened and hope it happens more often. She had me explode on her tits and her clean shaven area which blew her mind. I def now have it in my mind that I want to finish in her mouth, so I can really relate to this. I just hope she starts enjoying blowing me as much as I love to eat her pussy out (which is one of her favs).

  2. Tulsa says:

    I understand your story Nathaniel, and I think LovingMan's take, just as mine, is the perfect attitude.
    My wife was the same, and I also had no requirement for her to swallow either.
    I always wanted my wife to let me cum in her mouth, but there was no way. What was interesting, is she liked for me to cum on her tits, or her pussy, and to watch me cum, but in her mouth? Nope. Also interesting was that she didn't mind getting a taste of herself. Kissing me and my 'glazed donut' face didn't bother her a bit, and actually turned her on!
    So, like LovingMan said, I was OK with her not finishing the job, since all the other things she and we did were absolutely a turn on! I'd bring it up every now & then, and we talked about it a few times, but past her wanting to try it, she never did.
    If she was still like that, I would still be fine with it, even after all these years. Like I said, sure couldn't compalin about all the rest! 🙂
    She did finally take a mouthful one afternoon. We were out camping, and I did the usual pull away when I was about to explode. She said 'no. I want you to let loose in my mouth'. I was so excited, I started cumming before I got back into her mouth! Cum was everywhere! It turns out that what changed her mind about it was how I had been giving her oral after cumming in her for the previous couple of months, something that happened the first time by accident. She basically figured if I was tasting it, she could too!
    Not a method that I would say just go and do with your wife to get her to finish you off; it's just what happened to us!

  3. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Have you talked with her about this? An alternative to orgasming in her mouth, which I agree is super enjoyable, is to cum on her face. Communication is critical here unless the woman just does it and then really no conversation needed.

  4. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Just shared your post with my wife and we discussed. First off–and she knows this–I was sexually active before her and in my experience 1/2 of women swallow and 1/2 either won't or find it gross and run for the sink. My wife is in the first group–she enjoys it because, as she said, she enjoys knowing she can get me off and she also knows the whole thing about guys liking their women to swallow. That said, she feels communicating with your wife on this is critical. Tell her how much it would mean to you. See what she says. Have a conversation. Additionally, my wife, though a happy swallower, will admit it's not the greatest tasting stuff in the world. One trick is to ejaculate in the back of your wife's throat, past her tongue. My wife also threw out of the possibility of her allowing you to cum on her face.

  5. LuvBug says:

    This bears some similarity to my own experience with my wife. It took her some time before she was comfortable with oral sex. For a long time she only gave oral occasionally as part of foreplay. When she did let me come in her mouth for the first time, she threw up. The taste, texture, and the force of my semen ejaculating into the back of her throat was too much for her. Sometime after, she tried it again (what a trooper!) but the results were unfortunately about the same.
    To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I felt frustrated with her for not being able to pleasure me that way and myself for not being pleasurable to her. But then I started thinking about how God made sex to bring a man and his wife together physically and spiritually, not merely for us to get what pleasure we can at the expense of others. My wife was willing to do so much for me sexually, and I decided to return the favor.
    We are now so much better sexually. By each of us focusing on the other's needs, we end up having sex that is far better than ever. Being patient and understanding led us to a number of new sexual horizons (anal, toys, filming each other, etc.) while still respecting each other's boundaries. Even after our bad experiences, we now have oral sex regularly. It is still usually part of foreplay or she has me come on her tits, but she asked me to cum in her mouth the other day (she spit, but I'm cool with it. And that's a story for another day;).
    So to sum it up, respect each other's boundaries in sex, enjoy what you have together, and someday you may be surprised at how great it has become.

  6. Nathaniel says:

    It's not something that I would expect every time. I should also mention that I take good care of her with whatever she needs or wants. It might be eating her pussy until she explodes or just fingering her until she has her orgasm. As far as the finish part for me, it's just that I have experienced her finishing me in her mouth and when she did do it I was standing and my knees felt like jelly. It was extremely pleasurable to feel that sucking sensation and have her moving her tongue around while I'm cumming like crazy.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      I hear ya. When your woman is sucking you off and lets you cum in her mouth and then she swallows your seed (and appears to enjoy it, I might add), there is really nothing more enjoyable. Have you asked her all about this?

  7. Tulsa says:

    You two need to have a good discussion!
    She says it makes her feel sick. Is it the swallowing that makes her sick, or the taste? Or maybe just the consistency?
    If it's just swallowing, that's easy. Just don't! 🙂 My wife seldom swallows, and I'm good with that. I think watching all my cum drool out of her mouth onto her tits, or running down my cock and balls, is more of a rush, than just her going 'gulp-gulp', and having it all disappear.
    If it's taste, diet can change that. Maybe enough, maybe not, but there is a possibility there.
    If it's the slime of it all, (and also the taste), it's just got to be a thing that she wants to do for you, enough to overcome her dislike of of it. No way to change the goopiness of cum that I know of!
    Maybe something she might do for special occasions?
    My wife will make me cum in her mouth, but seldom swallows, and she still doesn't like the taste. She just likes how I orgasm when she does it. I shake and vibrate all over, so I get the jelly-knees! She likes how she is in control too.
    It's a similar orgasm that she has when I do oral on her. It's just a better more powerful orgasm she has when I do her orally. That's why I do it, almost every time we have sex.
    Strike up a conversation with her!

  8. BALove says:

    I agree with LovingMan’s advice and focus on gratitude. I also agree that communication is very important. If you haven’t discussed with your wife you should. I’ve read that diet can heavily influence taste. With communication and possibly some experimentation on diet maybe she would be willing to give it a shot.

    My wife has always swallowed when she chooses to finish me orally but that probably happens 1-2 times per month. Oral is almost always part of foreplay and am just as grateful for that as her willingness to pleasure me that way just enhances my passion for her and the need to pleasure her whether orally or through passionate intercourse.

    Keep your communication lines open and be grateful for a loving and intimate relationship!

  9. AlwaysInTheMood says:

    I have also always wanted for my wife to let me finish, but like the comment above, I have settled on being happy that she wants to give me oral at all. In fact, she'd rather do that than have actual intercourse many times, which is a great blessing!! One thing we found that works really well is that she will move her mouth so that she is still stimulating my glans, but so that her mouth is not in a place where I will get cum in her mouth. That has worked really well because she can keep going without getting it in her mouth.

    • Tulsa says:

      Exactly how I felt for several years! Oral is a fantastic feeling, even without being able to go all the way! I figured I was very-very blessed!
      I had accepted that's how it was, and when I was about to cum, I'd pull out of her mouth, and one of us would finish me off by hand. Pretty good, no? Who wouldn't love that?
      There were a couple of things that developed from that method back then. Even though, she started finishing me off in her mouth, I had developed a thing about cumming on her nipples and all over her tits. Turns out, she got a rush from watching me jerk myself on her nipples & tits too.
      So, sometimes, we finish that way, since it had become a thing for both of us.

  10. dreamingofmommyhood says:

    I struggled with letting my husband cum in my mouth because I didn't like the feeling of it hitting the back of my throat. I finally figured out that I can touch the top of my mouth with my tongue right when he cums and it "contains" everything right at the front of my mouth. It's easy to spit afterwards and there is no aftertaste coating my mouth. I know my husband wishes I LOVED the taste and enjoyed swallowing, but until I get there, this has worked well for us! He knows what I am doing, but it doesn't have any impact on the actual blow job, so it's been a great compromise!

    • Nathaniel says:

      That is a great idea. I don't care about the whole swallowing thing, it's just that I know it would feel amazing to keep getting the stimulation as I orgasm. I have licked her clit until she has her orgasm and shes told me it makes her feel amazing when she is cumming and I'm still licking her. There just those last few seconds right up to orgasm that is absolutely mind blowing for me, and I know it would be even better if it was her still giving the blowjob vs just jerking off at the last minute.

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