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Lying in bed, I watched my man’s package bounce and jiggle while he shaved and prepared to get in the shower. Oh, how hot it was making me. I found myself fondling my soft-but-getting-hard nipples. He looks so nice. He finished up, opened the frosted glass doors of the shower stall, stepped in, and closed them behind him. His package just hung there, looking fabulous, while he soaped himself up. As he reached his member, he gave it a little extra attention. Wrapped around his beautiful hardening member, he slid his soapy hands up and down, up and down. I watched his hips sway steadily back and forth. I wonder if he will Jack off for me. But no, he stopped and began rinsing off, his cock still standing erect and hard!

My mouth began to water and crave that beautiful member of his. I could imagine sucking and licking it with long wet swipes up one side then the other. Then I’d swirl my tongue around the head and taste the precum making its way out to meet me, then plunge that big hard cock in my mouth. I’d let it go as far in as I could get it, deep throating him while he groaned with pleasure.

He stepped out of the shower, pushed his hair back, and then wrapped a towel around his waist. Watching him walk towards me, I smiled—or grinned, really. His cock was making an imprint on the front of the towel. When he got in front of me, he let the towel fall. He took his cock in his hand, looked at me with such desire, and said, “I need you to suck me and suck me hard!!”

I smiled with pleasure and got in a comfortable position on my tummy. Just as I had imagined, I began by licking the shaft and enjoying his beautiful hardness. The precum began to flow, and I swiped it away with my tongue, enjoying the amazing taste of him and knowing I was part of the reason this magnificent member had expressed itself. I began to take him deeper, and he groaned in delight with each thrust deep into my throat. I liked hearing how much he enjoyed my efforts.

He was standing over me with my head hanging over the bed, but I wanted him to be comfortable. So, I tapped him, and he moved away with a puzzled looked. I stood and guided him to sit on the bed so that I could kneel on the floor in front of him. That way, not only could he relax, but we also could see each other’s faces. I went back to licking at his pre-cum that was steadily making its way to the surface, and my tongue sensed his hardness increasing. Each time I licked, sucked, and then deep-throated, he would groan, and the sound of it got deeper and deeper.

I looked up at his pleasure-filled face. He had his eyes closed, just enjoying the activity at hand. Then he opened them and stared into mine as I used my hand to jack him off while I sucked. He let out the biggest groan and, as I started to go back down, shot a huge stream of cum. With our eyes still locked, I licked him until he moaned again. I loved tasting the product of my having pleased him; I licked him dry then told him, “I need to cum.”

My husband smiled, sat up, pulled me up onto the bed, and went to town. It felt so good that I had to grab the pillow. He looked up at me and said, “Baby, you better hold on. You gave me the most amazing blowjob, and now I’m about to give you the best orgasm you have ever had.”

Between his finger inside me hitting my g-spot and his tongue on my clit, I felt my climax build. He kept a steady pace, making the come-here motion with his middle finger and licking, sucking, licking, sucking my swollen clit. I screamed out, “Oh, my god, I’m gonna cum. I can’t take it.”

He encouraged me to hold back as long as I could, whispering, “Come on, baby, I want it to be good.”

My need to orgasm grew stronger and stronger. I yelled, “I have to let it go—NOW!” I arched my back, pleading for permission to cum.

He asked, “Does it feel good? How good? Tell me!”

With a huge, uncontrollable groan, I yelled, “It feels amazing! I have to let it go!”

He smiled at me and said, “Good—don’t let that go.” Then he climbed on top, straddling me in the “69” position. “You have me hard again.” He continued his sucking, and I opened my mouth and let his stiffened cock into my mouth, taking him as deep as my throat would allow. As he pushed, I sucked, and as he sucked, I pushed against his mouth. I felt him release again at the same time that I exploded. Drinking and drinking, I sucked him dry, and he licked me clean, extolling the goodness of my juices. Then he rolled off and turned around to snuggle next to me. We looked into each other eyes and smiled, knowing no words were needed. Ecstasy!

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7 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    This story is SO HOT! I’m not sure how it made it all the way to Thursday without a comment. Perhaps everyone was so busy with Easter that they didn’t have time to comment and then forgot. I know that was my reason. My wife and I play around with a list of sexually themed names of days of the week and Sunday being “Suckday” we both thought this story was posted on the right day.
    The one thing that makes a blowjob even better is knowing that my wife is enjoying it as much (or even more than) I am. Your description of your desire for your husband’s cock sounds very much like the way my wife comes after me sometimes. Very well written also. Sorry it took so long to comment.
    Keep up the good work and God bless

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Monday was a "suckday" for us, and this story influenced me, so thank you from both of us!


    • Stevie says:

      “Suckday” that is a perfect idea!! Of course in my eyes, that could be every day for us. He knows all he has to do is say he wants a blow job and he gets it right then. I love taking care of my man. Glad you enjoyed. Watch for more.

      Ps sorry about delay in responding had a minor set back and was off internet for a while.

  2. SamtheMan says:

    SuckDay! Wow! I'm sure I'm like most men and appreciate your story. I long and even fantasize about my wife longing to please me and want in the way you described wanting, longing and sucking your husband. Just so you know, you have blessed your husband probably beyond what you know. Most wive's (and this is from reading the stories and my own experience) prefer avoiding giving oral sex to their husband. You even look forward to it. In your husband eyes, you have to be the best! A man wants to be wanted, but in my case, I would do and I am doing anything and everything I can to please my wife. I have a great and wonderful wife who would never say no but it's not reciprocal. Out of respect, I've requested and hinted over and over to receive oral from her but I would never push or mandate oral sex from her. I just want her to want me like you want to please your husband. Any suggestions for the other 80% of the men or myself on what we should do? Again, I loved your story since this is almost a fantasy come true.

    • Stevie says:

      Thank you for your comment! Honestly it has to be something she enjoys. I enjoy giving my man a blowjob as much as I like having an orgasm. He will ask but sometimes I ask him if I can. He never refuses😉 I would say keep encouraging her and requesting, if she doesn’t feel pressured, she may come around. Let her know she doesn’t have to swallow. Some women just don’t care for it. I do, I actually love it. Hopefully some day she will enjoy it. Thank you for reading and your comments. Good luck.

  3. Lollipop says:

    That is definitely a great story My wife and I enjoyed reading it, and I'm hopeful she will get to the point of enjoying me in such a way. She does a really great job.

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