Matrimony through Dance?

If you are a single guy still looking for Miss Right, I highly recommend swing dancing. Swing events are fun and great places to meet girls; I love how they get all dolled up. And the ratio of females to males really works in the guys’ favor. I have met a decent number of Christian girls and have gotten to know several of them, though I have not found one special girl yet. Still, I enjoy dancing and spending time with them. Who knows what will happen down the line.

My mom and dad love to dance, and my grandparents enjoyed swing dancing during World War II. They were the ones who encouraged me to get involved, but it took me four years to listen to them.  I can hardly wait until this virus is over so that I can get back into the swing of things. But maybe there are other similar ways to find someone with whom to share life, love, dance—and other physical pursuits.

I wonder, have any of you MHers met your spouse (or the one you hope to marry) through dancing? It used to be a great way for girls and guys to meet back in the day, but it seems less so now—I guess many people are too busy stuck behind their screens these days. If not through dance or a similar event, how did you meet your significant other?



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  1. LovingMan says:

    We met at church. We are both outdoorsy, so we did (& still do) lots of outdoor adventures in this beautiful world God created for us! Being in nature together soothes our souls and bonds us.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      Hi LovingMan,

      I agree. Me and my family live in the countryside, so there is lots of room to roam.

      This is great especially with the virus situation.

      Like I said, I can hardly wait until it is finish so I get back in the swing of things

  2. carmelsk says:

    My wife and I met in the context of a college and career group of perhaps several dozen singles that met on Wednesday nights for Bible study. We were part of a smaller sub-group of perhaps six to eight that got together to hang out at other times during the week. We had been part of this group for about six months. I was older by 8 years, had graduated college six year earlier, and was preparing to return overseas in a couple of weeks after my birthday. She hosted a birthday party for me; it was at that time it occurred to me that she had more in mind than just honoring another member of the group. See more details in “Get In,” a post from Aug. 5, 2020.

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