So You Want a Taste?

My wife and I have been together since high school.  Oral sex has been something that we have both enjoyed over the years, but I have been working other spicy aspects into the oral sex mix.  Reading several stories on MarriageHeat has inspired me to try my hand at writing a short story.  It has also given me the realization that I am not the only one who finds sharing a taste an enticing idea.  Parts of this tale have happened in the past, but the ending is a wishful fantasy that I have not been able to work up to yet.  I hope that writing this will give me the courage.

The night starts out as a typical one. The kids have been put to sleep, and I am lightly dozing off while trying to read on the e-reader.

“C” comes in, dims the lights, and shuts the door.  With the click of the lock, her intentions are clear.  She comes to bed and cozies up to me to warm up her cool skin.  Our hands start to roam over each other, and in no time, we are skin to skin.

I start to explore her inner thighs, and my fingers brush the warm, wet honey pot between her legs.  Next, I slowly start to kiss down her body until my lips are perched just outside her sex.  Slowly, at first, I start to probe her inner reaches with my tongue.  After building her up for a while, I end with a finger inside, massaging her G-spot while I lavish her clit with my tongue and lips.

By this time, she is begging for me to stop and give her a chance to please me.  I shift upward, and she takes a long lick on my tip, slick with pre-cum.  A passionate kiss follows; the taste of myself on her tongue drives me wild.

Our lovemaking is urgent, and shortly, I feel the pressure of my pending release building. Through her panting, she rasps, “Give me your hot cum!” and I, upon hearing this, unload deep into her womanhood.

While still coming down from the euphoric high of orgasm, she looks me in my eyes and says, “Have a taste now.”

Hesitantly, I move lower, but a light push on my shoulders is all the encouragement I need.  I quickly find myself looking at her wet, pink sex, where a small hint of my seed begins to collect.  I start by lightly touching her pink button with my tongue, and her resulting moan causes more of our mixed juices to build at her opening.  She runs her hands through my hair and guides me to dive in. The combined flavor of our lovemaking is intoxicating.  I soon find myself lost in the passion of the moment.

After a shared kiss, we look at each other and know that a taste is only the beginning.

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  1. Larry says:

    This is something my wife and I have explored for many years. It is her favorite way to finish off any lovemaking session. As an erotic twist, once you get used to going down after, ask your wife to face sit you for a whole new experince.

    • Panther89 says:

      I go down on my wife after finishing in her about once a month. It is a wonderful experience. Often it heightens her orgasm.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Archer80ok…This is a long response but I hope it’s helpful:

    So, you are thinking of having a taste. Here is our take on this. My wife & I first did this just a few years ago and we’ve been married close to three decades. It has enhanced our lovemaking too! It’s never too late to try and learn something new in our marital loving sexual relationship!

    First I should explain our favorite sex position for intercourse: it is one we call X position. We lay at right angles with me on my side and my wife, Melodie on her back… with our legs usually intertwined. I’ll insert my erection and Melodie can use her bullet vibe on her clitoris as we make love…. have sexual intercourse. This can lead to simultaneous orgasms or not. (My heart condition can often mean that I can not do sexual intercourse for near as long as I could as a young man, but we’ve learned to roll with life’s punches and to adapt) So when my wife doesn’t orgasm during intercourse… when we choose to have me cum first… we have an effective plan. This will become obvious later in this comment.

    Another MH member once said that Sometimes during sexual intercourse just thinking about doing something like licking your wife’s pussy after filling it with semen can be fun but that after cumming the desire to do so ends. I can relate to that. Usually the mere thought of licking out our combo love juices from my wife’s soon to be leaking vagina is a massive turn on… but after I come inside her the desire to lick is gone. Other times (more often) the desire to lick her out is gone but the desire to taste is still strong. So I scoop out some of our love juices and rub them on my wife’s beautiful nipples. Then I love on her nipples with my lips and tongue. She’ll use her bullet vibe on her clit and sometimes I’ll also insert a G spot vibe into her pussy. She always cums from this.

    Another alternative is after I cum inside her I scoop out some of our leaking juices and I lubricate her nipples with our cum then masturbate while kneeling next to her. As I masturbate I rub my erection’s tip on her nipple. She uses her bullet vibe on her clitoris and this always triggers a nice orgasm for her. She doesn’t usually care to be kissed on her mouth with our love juices on mine. But sometimes she does like it.

    The pH of the vagina is slightly acidic. The pH of semen is slightly alkaline or basic so they tend to balance out and a well “mixed in the vagina” love potion is therefore more neutral… but not perfectly neutral.

    We discovered a wonderful flavored vaginal lubricant that works great for us. It is called Aloe Cadabra and it comes in several yummy flavors!

    I will (at the very start of a lovemaking session) insert a glob of virgin coconut coconut oil into my wife’s vagina. I will also rub some on her labia and clitoris. Then I add some Aloe Cadabra inside and outside as I did the coconut oil. Frequently I’ll scoop out a little to rub on my wife’s nipples too. Then we start our lovemaking session with kissing, mutual touching, mutual lips on nips etc.

    As I mentioned before, I get a lot of sexual mileage during intercourse from just thinking about licking out my wife’s soon to be dripping pussy, but sometimes that desire is gone after I cum. And that is fine. Like I said before, I really like the taste and feel of rubbing our Strawberry Cream Pie
    (we call it a protein shake) onto Melodie’s nipples and licking and tongue flicking her nipples until she climaxes! And she likes it too. Then there’s also the “Piña Colada Pussy shake… the Tahitian Vanilla shake – that when mixed with our natural protein tastes kind of chocolatey to us, there are other new flavors too!

    Sometimes when I do my tip rubbing on her nipple I’ll get so turned on by the way it feels and the beautiful sight of my kind & sexy wife… I’ll get so turned on that I will have a second orgasm triggered as she has one of her orgasms. So we get a unique simultaneous orgasm!

    I hope this explanation of what helps us. It’s good, in our opinion, that you and your wife are continuing to explore and evolve in your lovemaking.
    God bless you as your marriage adventure continues!

    • archer80ok says:

      Thank you for the reply. I was not sure the effect generating the story would have or what kind of responses it would generate. As was stated not something that I would have even thought of earlier in our relationship but different experiences are part of growth.
      After generating the story we are a little closer to making the fantasy a reality.

    • LovingMan says:

      MarriedtoaHotBabe there is nothing wrong with you having different tastes… so to speak. 😏

      Every married couple has their own menu of sexual delights and each menu has some of the same dishes and some different ones… and I’d assume some unique delights that only one couple shares in their unique way.

  3. texasman76 says:

    This is more common than you think. I love the taste of our mixed juices as well as just hers and just mine. Many men get hot thinking about eating their cum during lovemaking (or jacking for that matter) and after blowing, the switch goes off from totally horned up to no way. Once you try it you will associate it with lovemaking. Song of Solomon alludes that our love juices should be enjoyed as a part of loving ourselves and each other in the marriage bed with no inhibitions. Be open to trying new things in your masturbation and lovemaking sessions. It opens up so many doors of enjoyment. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

  4. Keystone Jack says:

    I think I’m the one LovingMan is referring to that said the thought of tasting gets me going, but the desire dies after orgasm.

    Since that comment, I’ve carried through a couple times. My thoughts now on the matter: Youth is wasted on the young!

    I wish I’d been interested in this when I was young enough to muster an immediate round 2! I was young enough to recover for another orgasm, but so young I thought cum was gross. What a waste! The act of cleaning up is even better than fantasizing about it.

    Do it while you’re young, then give her another ride with the excitement it builds.

  5. Tulsa says:

    I never really thought about or had a desire to go down on my wife until after I did. It was one of those things that happened after I performed a 2-minute drill in 30 seconds. She wasn't even warmed up yet, so, I figured I'd get her there the best way I knew how, and that is oral.

    My thought was that I'd just work on her clit and miss the mess I just left in her, and the worst that could happen is she would think I'm a weirdo!

    Things generally do not go according to plan. For one, this act just immensely turned on my wife. I mean a hip-bucking, face-humping, mega-orgasm-creating spectacle! It was something! I'd never seen her cum that way. As far as me missing the mess, that was a fail. After her big O subsided, I slithered up from her pussy with our combined cum dripping off me, all over my face more than anywhere! 🙂
    Good news was, she sure enjoyed the ride! And more good news was, I was hard as a rock again and started over!

    So, may not be for you, and may not be for some wives, but it sure is for mine, so it became of a routine for us than anything! Glad that little whoops happened so long ago too!
    Your results may vary!

  6. Suzyzz says:

    My hubby and I regularly do oral sex, at least twice a week, and if we do it, it's always all the way. I love semen and mostly gargle and swallow. Hubby normally leaves me very cleaned out underneath, but I actually prefer to “suck him off” in unusual places.

  7. Womenarelovely says:

    Great story. I love to give my wife oral sex after ejaculating inside of her. The desire for me is providing my wife with an intimate act that I believe few women get to enjoy. I think a majority of men are not into this act and turned off by tasting their semen. That is why it is so arousing for me. I want my wife to know I love her so much and my lust for her is so strong that I want to do this for her.

  8. Giants05 says:

    My wife tasted herself for the first time tonight and loved it. I bought her a new dildo and I gave it to her to lick and she went to town. Got me hot too.

    • Tulsa says:

      I always found it HOT, when my wife would kiss me after I had gone down on her, as well as when she would lick her fingers when she masturbated. Seems she does that whether I'm watching or not!
      This very thing came up, when I asked her what it was that turned her on so much and made her cum so hard when I got a taste of myself when I did oral on her after cumming in her. When I asked, she immediately pointed out to me how turned on I got when I watched her taste herself, so why not the other way around?

      So…..some things have no explanation, or really need one! If it works, go for it!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Tulsa…if it causes either a bulge/erection and/or wetness from the woman’s panties what’s to lose!? Ya know what I mean??

  9. archer80ok says:

    Well, I gave it a try this morning. A little talking it up as part of the heavy breathing during the lovemaking. After her O came mine. A few moments later we caught our breath and I have to say a bit of the excitement for both of us had passed. However not wanting to totally miss the opportunity I tentatively took a taste. The salt and the sweet balanced out. Afterward we shared a kiss. Not the diving in and cleaning up that we were leading up to but still a hot start.

    • texasman76 says:

      Great job Archer! I hope it was as hot as you expected it would be. Just wait til you get more adventurous and do a total clean up.

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