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My husband and I decided we would wait to  start our family; we were young when we got married. We felt God call us to marriage but not kids yet.

Our friends and family gtt married and had kids—my sister got pregnant on her wedding day! Nine months after she married, my twin nieces were born. That’s one of the most precious things ever!

However, God calls people at different times, and we knew he didn’t want us to be parents yet. I thought I felt the urge to start trying three years ago. God has blessed us with so many opportunities. My husband started working at a new job, and I got a promotion at work. However, my husband didn’t feel the same urge. We prayed about it, and God told us not yet.

When God gifted us with an amazing new home and a new car, we began thinking maybe this was the moment. When we were in bed talking, my husband mentioned being a dad. He said he loved it that God chose me as his wife and the mother of his future children. I thought this was a sign we should start trying to start our family. I felt that urge again. To think that my husband’s body and my body together can create a precious from God, a baby… The idea of us coming together to create a child sent chills up my body. My husband shared the same feelings, and we prayed about it. We wanted to make sure the time was right and this was God’s timing for us.*

A few days later, my husband and I felt the same urges. We were both excited. We started trying; in the fall of 2019, I went off birth control. Although we don’t usually plan intercourse, this time we did plan it around the approximate time of my ovulation. I had an app that helped me determine our best chances at pregnancy.

The thought of my husband cumming in me and getting me pregnant made me wet. That whole day was exciting for me, and I decided to make it extra special. Since my husband had to work, I decided to order take out. I  bought a sexy, tight red dress that shows a bit more than I would in public, but it was for my husband’s eyes only. I bought five-inch black heels to go with it and also did my makeup and hair.

When my husband came home, he would walk in to see a candlelight dinner. We texted back and forth, and I had to try hard not to spoil what was waiting for him. I had left cute, naughty notes all over the place that would lead him to our bedroom. When his keys jangled in the lock and the front door swung open, I was standing there waiting for him. I went over to kiss him.

“Wow,” my husband said, his eyes wide.

I showed him the first note and handed it to him.

“I can’t wait for you to get me pregnant,” I whispered. “I want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t stop screaming.”

“Oh, really?” my husband said. His eyes glazed as he kissed me passionately.

It wasn’t suppose to happen this way. We were supposed to eat dinner, tease each other, go super slow, then make our way to the bedroom. I wrote notes, but we didn’t follow them. Oops. Once my husband kissed me like he did, that was it. My heart raced. My stomach got butterflies. I couldn’t stop myself, and neither could he. We went after each other’s bodies there at the door.

My husband kissed my neck, and eventually we made it to a living room chair, our tongues in each other’s mouths. I knew I was wet—very wet, and any thought of dinner left my mind; I only wanted to devour and be devoured by him.

I could feel my husband’s erection through his pants and took them off of him. His beautiful penis sprang free. This penis, his penis, would soon enter me and put a baby inside me. I took control, sat him down, then got on my knees and looked my husband in the eye.

“This is beautiful,” I whispered. I played with my husband’s hard penis for a few moments. “Can’t wait until it’s inside me,” I whispered before putting him in my mouth, the head and shaft gliding down my tongue. I took him out of my mouth to lick his balls before going back up to engulf him.

“Oooooo,” my husband moaned.

I took his cock as deep as it could go. Seeing his eyes roll back and hearing him moan made me wetter. I sucked  fast, and more sweet moans escaped my husband’s mouth.

“You’re so good, baby.” My husband’s praise made me smile. As I wrapped my lips back around the head of his penis, I felt him trying to get up.

“No,” I said. “Stay.” I got up and whispered in his ear, “I want you to put a baby in me. I want you to make me scream.”

With my dress and heels still on, I took off my thong panties. Then I straddled my husband’s lap and lowered myself onto his hard penis. Very slowly, I felt my wet vaginal walls separate, welcoming his stiff cock inside me. A very slight moan escaped from my lips.

Lifting my dress up and bunching it at my waist, I leaned forward and kissed my husband on the lips before beginning to rock back and forth on his dick. Then I tried using my Kegals as I went up and down on his cock,  something I had read about.

“Fuck,” my husband moaned.

“That feel good, baby?” I asked.

“Yes.” He held my hips and my dress. “Oh my god, baby, that feels so good!” His eyes rolled back.

“You like it,” I said.

“Oh, yes.” My husband moaned.

“Then show me,” I said. “Show me how much you like it. Tell me you like it and want me to fuck you.”

“I fucking love this, baby,” my husband moaned. “I love you.”

I continued my Kegals, not knowing if I was doing it right. But judging by my husband’s reaction, I was. My vaginal walls gripped his dick and held onto it. Every time I did one, my husband would moan or yelp in pleasure, which thrilled me.

I rode my husband as he sat in the chair, sweat building up between us. I went faster and got even wetter at his sounds of pleasure.

“Baby, that’s it. You do it so good, baby,” my husband moaned.

I felt my legs tiring out; what a bummer! I pushed through the burn until I had to stop. However, my husband unexpectedly grabbed my hips and started to slowly fuck up into me from his seated position. I continued my kegels, and we both moaned.

“Mmmm,” I groaned. “Go harder.”

“Like this, huh?” My husband held my hips in place and increased the force behind his thrusts.

I felt so weak. I tried to keep up but couldn’t; I lost myself. “Yes, yes,” I moaned. “That’s it. Cum! I want you to cum and fill me up. I want you so badly. Cum in me.”

My husband started to pound me from underneath.

“Yes, baby. Yes,” I moaned.

“I’m gonna cum,” my husband cried.

“Good! Cum in me,” I said. “Let me feel your hot cum.”

“Baby, I’m really gonna cum.”

“Cum,” I moaned.

A few seconds later… “Ahhhhhhhh! Oh, shit,” my husband yelled, and he emptied his load into me.

“That’s it, baby. Fill me up,” I said as I kissed him.

I felt my husband in me, his sperm gushing. Knowing his sweet cum filled me and my egg was there to meet it gave me an incredible sense of joy.

As I got off my husband, we kissed. I had meant for us to fuck in the bedroom, not downstairs. And I’d created a whole candlelight dinner and written sweet notes. I didn’t want that to go to waste.

Instead of just cleaning up, I told my husband to stay downstairs. I wiped away what was leaking out me, and we sat down to eat dinner. The first thing I did after grace was give him again the note that led to all the others.

“I want to end tonight in the bedroom.” I winked. “I want all of your sperm inside me. A few of them are probably at my egg right now.”

My husband and I sat down and ate dinner, waiting for round two. He sat at the table naked while I still had my sexy dress and heels on.

“I can’t wait until you see what’s under this dress,” I teased.

You would’ve thought we would be tired, but we were actually just getting started. We continued to talk dirty while we ate dinner and finished off a bottle of wine while listening to romantic music. Then he follwed the trail of notes, and we slowly made our way upstairs to our bedroom. I’d covered the bed in sexy rose petals and dimmed the lights. On our night stand sat another bottle of wine and chocolate strawberries.

I grew wetter and wetter knowing I wasn’t on birth control and my husband would cum in me again tonight. There’s something different about having unprotected, raw sex with your spouse. It’s so sexy and a turn on knowing his body will ejaculate into mine, and his sperm will meet my egg. I just couldn’t wait.

Still wearing my dress and heels, I grabbed my husband’s hand to lay him on the bed, but he had other plans. He laid me down, kissed me all over, then pulled up my dress. Then he took a strawberry and rubbed it on my stomach then my lower lips.

“Mmmmmm.” My husband bit into the strawberry and rubbed it on his lips before kissing me on mine.

I was so excited that his hand between my legs found a puddle. His fingers played with my clit until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was starving to have him inside me.

But no; he kissed me all over and covered my belly, thighs, and slit in strawberry juice. I felt his mouth travel down to my sweet hole before eating me like one of the berries.

“Yeah,” I moaned. “That feels amazing.” With my husband’s fingers inside me while his mouth devoured me, I almost passed out from the pleasure. “Oh my god,” I moaned. I started to gently pull at my husband’s hair and felt his fingers and mouth go faster and faster.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” My eyes rolled back in my head. His fingers fuck me so hard and well. Maybe it the wild level of excitement, but I felt as if I would leap out of my skin.

“Baby, fuck me,” I begged. “I want you inside me.”

My husband stopped, looked me in my eyes, and licked his lips. “Not yet,” he said. “I want to make you feel good.” He went back down on me.

“Yes,” I screamed while wrapping my legs around my husband’s head. The pleasure was too great to stay quiet. “I need you to fuck me, baby. Please. I want you inside. Just fuck me.”

My husband stopped and kissed me. We gazed at each other while he guided his cock into my hole, my dress bunched at my hips.

I smiled as I felt his hard throbbing cock separate my walls. Once he was in, I wrapped my legs around him, the heels of my shoes biting into his buttocks. We stayed still a moment before my husband’s sweet cock began to thrust in and out of me.

“Yes,” I moaned. Our lips kissed.

“I’m going to put our baby in you,” my husband whispered.

My pussy throbbed, and my heart raced. “Then do it,” I urged. “Fuck me so hard that you’ll get me pregnant right now. Just fuck me.”

Sweat beaded up as my husband and I made love, his hard cock pounding at my soaked vaginal hole. My body sucked him in when he pulled out, and the sounds of him slapping against my pussy filled the room. The bed rocked, and our moans and screams could probably be heard miles away.

“Yes, baby,” I yelled. “That feels so fucking good. I love you.”

“Mmmmmm,” my husband moaned. “You feel so good.”

I hardly noticed anything else in the moment; the passion and pleasure blurred everything. As my husband continued to pound away at me, our moans rose in pitch and intensity. My heart raced and my pussy got wetter and held on to his cock as I pulled him tighter. I knew what would happen in a few more moments.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” my husband grunted.

“I know, baby. Fill me up with your sweet cum. Cum in me. Put our baby inside me. Go as hard as you  can. I love you.”

I held on tight, my legs wrapped around and squeezing my husband. He pounded me hard and fast, and I cried out in pleasure.

“Fuck!” my husband shouted. “Baby, I’m cumming.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Yes.”

My husband’s semen filled me up as I held onto every drop of it. I felt the force of it shooting out.

“Oh, shit,” my husband  grunted.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned as my husband kissed me. “Our baby is being created right now.”

“I know,” my husband answered. “I can’t wait until we get to be parents.”

My husband and I held each other for a few minutes before he pulled out. Some of his semen leaked out of me, and I wiped it off with my dress, which felt so sexy. I still have that dress  in our closet—that’s our baby making dress.

After I went to the bathroom to clean up, my husband and I made love again a few hours later. It was an exciting day and an incredible night. Making a baby is so much fun.


*Because of the coronavirus, my husband and I had to pray. We didn’t know what course God wanted for us. Of course, we knew God could bless us with a baby with or without birth control. We trust God will bless us with a baby when he feels the time is right; He’s already blessed us with so much. We trust God will make us parents one day, but we just don’t know that day yet. However, fully knowing that making love might result in a baby is hot. The thought of my husband spilling himself inside me and that my egg will meet his sperm turns us both on so much. Then the two will become one to make a baby. It makes me so wet, and sometimes I even say, “Get me pregnant” to encourage him to finish in me. I can’t wait to write about our pregnancy sex story when we are successful. Stay tuned for that one!

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7 replies
  1. Sexlovers says:

    Very sexy story! I always loved making love with my wife while she was pregnant with both of our children, so hopefully y’all will get to experience pregnancy sex soon! You will love it.

    • Honeymooners says:

      God Bless you and your wife . We hope we can experience more of God's gifts when the time is right.

    • Honeymooners says:

      Thank you. Making and having children is a gift and can be so much passion and fun

  2. Sapphire says:

    Super hot story! Gonna be rereading this one for sure. We are also waiting to make a baby but are greatly enjoying the practice. It’s nice to know other couples wait too. Sometimes I have to remember it’ll happen when God wants it to.

    • Honeymooners says:

      Amen. Husband here on wife's account. We enjoy the baby making practice too. Right now God will decide when we have children. So my wife and I will wait on God's timing.

      Interesting story about me. My parents thought they were done having kids. My poor mother and father had a stillbirth before me. Well, surprise God gave me to them six months after. My mother didn't find out about me until she was 3months and was surprised. She thought she was done but clearly God had a plan for her and my life. After, she gave birth to more of my siblings on God's timing. So my wife and I trust God and continue to wait until God says it's time. God bless you. We'll definitely share our baby making story when the time comes. This story is still so hot because I remember it so well. I guess the thought of making a baby knowing the end result of her special act is extra special.

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