A Sexy Phone Call

Allow me to make a statement.  I LOVE MAKING LOVE TO MY WIFE!  The only thing that comes even close to making love with and to her is masturbating with her. We have been masturbating together for many years, and it has become a fun and creative method to our sex life we both look forward to.  There are times—when we are tired or not feeling completely healthy or some body part is hurting—that we really enjoy masturbating together.  Another highlight is when I’m away on business.

Allow me to share one of those “away from home” nights.  I was in a hotel room all by my lonesome. I had been thinking about my sexy Lucy all day long as I sat in extended meetings with my client.

But now I was in bed as I looked over at the clock on the nightstand; it read 19:34. I immediately pictured my wife sitting at home on our couch, curled up with a book and a mug of coffee on the side table. I saw those bare feet tucked up close to her butt. Something in that image stirred my manhood under the hotel bed covers. Surprisingly, my cell phone starting ringing just at that moment. I knew who it was at that time of night, but wasn’t expecting her words that tickled my ears.

“Hello, babe,” I said. “I was just thinking about you actually.”

“Are you naked yet?” The reply came over the line low and seductive.  I smiled in spite of myself.

“As a matter of fact, I am,” I replied honestly. Then I wondered if she was just teasing and really didn’t expect me to be.

“And are you lying in that big hotel bed, nice and horny, Maxx?” my wife asked seductively, obviously not disturbed by my honesty.

“If I wasn’t 10 seconds ago, I am now! You know me well enough to know that I always get super horny when I hear you talk like that.” I tried to put how much I missed her into my voice.

“I wish I was there right now,” she whispered back. “I would make you very horny.”

“So then tell me, are you still dressed? Are you touching yourself?” I asked.

“No to the first question, and YES, YES, and YES to the second,” came her reply. “I just thought you could use a little assistance while you played with yourself. I miss you tonight,” my wife said.

I felt a shiver run the length of my body. How did my loving wife know me so well? It was as if she had a camera in my room or something.

“I enjoy the thought of you being unable to stop fantasizing about me,” she said and giggled.

“And how about you? Do you have your favorite toy with you too?” I asked.

“I do.” she replied. “I’m holding my little purple monster now.” Immediately, I heard a faint click and then a growing buzzing sound. “Mmmmm.” I smiled broadly and felt my cock twitch again under the covers.

“I want to hear how you feel, every moan, every gasp,” I said. “Please don’t be quiet. I want to hear it all.” There was a pause as I felt myself growing more excited.

“I think I can make that happen,” she replied. I grinned big time! I just knew she had to hear my loud smile over the phone and knew I was exploring her nude body in my mind. “I’m ready,” she said.

I started speaking back to her. “I want you to imagine I’m in the room with you. I don’t get to touch you… not this time. I just get to watch you please yourself, knowing that you’re thinking about me.”

“Okay!” she said. “Are you trying to work me into a frenzy right off the bat?”

“That’s exactly my intention. Now, are you picturing me in the room, sitting at the foot of our bed?  You notice that I am completely naked and my cock is hard and dripping lots of pre-cum.”

“Oh, yeah,” she replied. “I have a very clear mental picture of you.  I can see how hard you are, and your head is big and purple.”

“Good.” I was breathing harder now and having to gather myself to go on. “Now, you don’t get to play with your toy yet. First, while you’re staring at me, I want you to run your hands over your body.”

“Okay. I’m following your directions, clearly picturing you at the foot of our bed. I’m running my fingernails over my bare stomach. Mmmmmm. That just caused me to shiver,” she said. “Now I’m moving my hands higher, gently caressing under my breasts.”

“You’re getting ahead of me, Lucy. But carry on. Run your nails over your nipples, too.” Abruptly, a very audible gasp came across the connection. “Ahhhhh… That just made them so hard and very alive.”

“You sound as if you are really enjoying this.”

“My nipples,” she replied as if not hearing my last remark. “They are extremely, super-sensitive right now.”

“Mmmmm… Yes, I can see that. Your tits are so beautiful. Your nipples are so large and firm. I want you to take one and twist it lightly between your fingers.”

“Ohhhh,” she cried out. “It feels so good; they’re getting rock hard in my hands.  I can feel how my pussy responds when I twist them.”

“Yes, I know. Now, move your hands down lower, past your stomach. Run them over your thighs. Now, I want you to spread your legs wide for me. Remember, I’m right there at the foot of your bed, and I want to see and hear everything. Show yourself to me. Tell me what I’m seeing.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this… but… I’m lying on my back and my nipples are hard as rocks. I have my legs spread apart and they’re trembling. You have me so excited and wet; I can hardly stand it. I am moving my hands all over my body and every part that I touch is so alive and sensitive.  My pussy is so wet that it is dripping down the crack of my arse.”

“Good. Now, I want to see more. With one hand, reach down and spread yourself open for me slightly.”  I threw the covers back, and in seconds, my cock was fully hard, bobbing gently up and down off my stomach with each beat of my heart. I became very focused on listening to my wife’s breathing and gauging how deeply she was getting into all this.

“Are you excited too,” she asked coyly.

“How can you even ask that? I have a mental picture of you, lying on our bed naked and holding yourself open for me. I’m hard as a rock.  My hand is wrapped around my cock, and there is so much pre-cum that my hand can slide up and down over the head. There’s so much sensation that I have to be careful not to lose it and cum on my tummy.  Are you still touching yourself, my sexy lover?”

“Yes, I am, and I’m rubbing my clit because you have me so turned on.”

“Good. I knew you would be. Tell me, how does it feel?” I said back to her. I was so turned on I felt like I could cum at any moment.

“I’m very wet,” she purred into the phone in a half-moaning state. “Describe for me what you are doing, honey. Stroke your cock for me.”

I was totally, mentally visualizing my wife’s fingers tracing softly around her pussy and clit.

Lucy spoke again. “I am running the tips of my fingers upwards now, lightly touching my pussy lips, rubbing back and forth up to my clit. Oh, Max, it feels so fucking good.”

“Nice. Don’t stop talking to me, lover. Tell me everything your naughty hand is doing.”

“Now, I am running one finger up my slit.” As she said the word ‘slit’, I groaned softly. I probably should have told her I had so many images in my mind from listening to her voice and now had grabbed my hard-on fully in my hand.

“Yes. I am lying next to you on the bed. I can look at you while your hand is doing its work.” I told her. “Don’t stop talking to me, lover.”

“Now I am running my finger up and down between my lips and…  Are you getting close, baby? I’m almost there! This feels so good,” she said while trying to control her breathing.

“Yes, I am,” I said back. “I’m so close. I want to hear your vibrator in action. Put it in you pussy and tell me what it feels like. Go ahead and start pleasuring yourself with it, honey.”

“Oh, yes.” she replied. “I can feel you watching me at the foot of the bed, and just the thought has me at the edge of cumming. Mmmm! I’m looking at myself in the mirror here. I have my legs drawn up, and I’m holding myself wide open for you. I’ve pulled back the sheets on the bed fully, so there’s nothing to obstruct your view,” she whispered. “Do you like that?”

“Oh, my sexy, juicy Lucy. You are so fucking sexy! Keep working your vibrator on your clit. See me stroking myself as I watch. I love the sight of you pleasing yourself!”

At this point I wanted to crawl through that phone to my wife, but instead I settled for visualizing her in my mind as I continued to get closer to cumming with every stroke. I heard her moaning again softly.

“You sound like you really like that. Now, I want you to turn the power up on your little toy, push it in deep, and keep it there while those little bunny-ears focus just on your clit. Remember, I want to hear everything. Push that thing deep into your pussy and pump it for me! Pump it!”

I savored the feeling of her being under my control. I could picture her holding the vibrator tightly, manipulating her dripping pussy. She couldn’t keep quiet, moaning softly at first and then growing progressively louder over the phone.

“I don’t know how much more I can take,” I told her. “My cock is so super sensitive; it feels as if my entire body has become just one big, sensitive, dripping cock.”

I could hear the incessant erotic buzz in the background.

“My entire body is screaming out that it wants to cum. I cannot hold out any longer,” she said, breathing hard. “I am visualizing you walking over to me, spreading my pussy lips, and putting your tongue deep inside me. I am going to cum! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“It’s time,” I said. “Do yourself hard for me… Do it… Do it faster…” I continued listening to her moan louder and louder.

“Oh, oh yes… right there! Lick me on the tip of my clit! Oh, shiiiit, it is so sensitive.” Her moans turned into screams.

In my mind, I saw how her hips were thrusting up to meet the vibrator, slamming it deep into herself. I think the neighbors could hear her screams.

While she was ramming that toy into herself as fast as her hand could move, I wrapped my hand around my hard shaft. My foreskin was pulled back all the way, exposing the head. It felt great to move my hand up and down slowly over the exposed head. I had to be super careful because my entire being was screaming out that I had to cum NOW!

“I want your cock in me right now, instead of my toy,” she said in a voice that was totally different to the voice I knew.  She was having trouble getting words forced out through her clenched teeth.

I nearly lost it right then from needing to cum so badly.  My body shook and my cock screamed for release.  My face burned as every nerve in my body was loaded to explode.

“Don’t stop, baby,” she almost screamed into the receiver. “I wish you could see…”

“Oh, dear, I wish you could see how swollen my cock is right now.” My voice rose as my hips lifted off the hotel bed sheet. “I want to cum so much.”

“Oh…”  Then a heavy sigh and…”I am cumming, Oooohh, Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuck!” Her voice got loud through the receiver, and I knew exactly what her face looked like at this moment of her pleasure. At that very moment, I too let out a gasp, and within a few seconds, we were both in full climax together on the phone. It was almost as if we were in the act of lovemaking in person. It could not have been timed any better.

I could hear her cheering for me as I released, which was even sexier. I needed to cum so badly. I cupped my balls and wrapped my hand firmly around my shaft, stroking for all I was worth. My hips shook and bounced up and down on the bed. I was moaning with the sexual frenzy that only our two bodies together usually created within me.

I felt my wife with me… Wow!  My back arched, and my hips raised upwards above the bed, my body supported only by my feet and my head. My thighs clenched together trapping my balls as my cock released a long-sought ecstasy. I finally collapsed back down on the hotel bed, not able to breath for a few seconds. It took me another minute to calm down enough to realize I had dropped the phone. The only sounds I heard now were faint whimpers of pleasure coming over the line.

I picked it up and shared my own heavy breathy sounds. “Are you there?” I asked.

“I’m here,” the partnered breathy voice responded.

“That was amazing to listen to,” I said.

“Mmm,” my wife moaned back lightly, sounding very content. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was amazing for me, too.”

“That was totally erotic,” I said nearly laughing.

“Feel better?” she asked. “I can’t wait for you to get home.  I am going to the bathroom quickly, and then I’m going to call you again because I have a request.”

She put the phone down and called back about five minutes later. As I answered, she said, “Just be quiet and listen to my request.  Do not say anything.  Just listen carefully and be a good boy.”

I listened, and as she spoke my cock started getting hard again. I knew that I was going to have to get home as soon as possible.

“Maxx, you should be home tomorrow evening around 7.00, and I will be waiting for you.  Call me when you are about 30 minutes away.  I need to get ready and get naked before you arrive.  I will play with my pussy with my fingers and my toy and make sure that I am wet, swollen, and super-sensitive when you walk in.

You must get undressed before you walk into the room. I want you to walk in, get between my legs, and suck my clit until I am ready to cum. Then I want you to bite my clit softly until I cum and gush in your face.

Only then do I want you to pour coconut oil all over your cock and fuck me until your cum fills my pussy.”

There was a moment’s silence and the she said, “Good night!  See you tomorrow.”  And I heard a click as the call ended.

And there I was with a massive erection!


P.S.  A note from Lucy:

I just read Max’s story and felt that I had to comment on it.

He was on time.  He called me about 30 minutes before he arrived, but I was already lying on our bed and had had at least three orgasms before he called.  He was a very obedient boy and did exactly as I asked him to do.  When he walked into the room, he was naked, and his cock was at full attention and already showing clear signs of pre-cum dripping from the head.

I took the vibrator our of my pussy, opened my legs wide, and said, “Welcome home, my love.  Dinner is ready!  Come and eat me NOW!”  

Maxx did not say a word.  He fell down between my legs, put his tongue deep into my wet pussy, and started tongue-fucking me. After a minute or two, his focus moved to my clit. When he felt that I was ready to cum, he bit my clit so that I screamed with a mixture of pain and extreme pleasure as I had one of the most mind-blowing orgasms that I have had in years. 

And then he fucked me like a wild animal.

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12 replies
  1. HappyHubby says:

    Climax, your stories never disappoint. Wow, such an amazing read. Your texting stories between you and Lucy are some of my all time favorites and this ranks right up there with them. Love Lucy's comment at the end too.

    • ClimaXX says:

      HappyHubby, that is such a sweet compliment. It is so nice that we can share such intimate stories.

    • ClimaXX says:

      King Arthur, let us be very honest….. mutual masturbation can be one of the Top Games if done correctly.

  2. My Baby’s Man says:

    Climaxx, your story brought back some good memories. I used to travel a ton, and many times my wife and I had amazing mutual masturbation calls. My wife would sometimes sext me at work with a picture or video of her dripping wet pussy. Sometimes she would call and say nothing, just heavy breathing and then moaning as she climaxed. The hottub story that I posted was a classic example of one of our calls.

    • ClimaXX says:

      You are one very blessed man. What can be more special than a playful and sexy wife. Ladies, WE NEED YOU TO be sexually extravagant!!

  3. ClimaXX says:

    Hi there, SouthernHeat. Yes, we have been through a very rough patch with my wife's health. But after 13 months of Chemo and radiation, she is doing fine. We praise the Lord for His healing Hand.

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