An Oral Exposé

In our marriage, E and I have always been both very willing givers when it comes to oral sex.   The awesome thing about oral sex is that it is 100% about giving pleasure to your spouse.  The feeling of controlling the other’s body with your lips and tongue is incredibly erotic.  For the ladies who may be hesitant about oral sex, I thought I would share what it might be like for your man when they are on the receiving end.  Maybe this story will also inspire one of you ladies to describe what receiving oral feels like as a woman.  Here we go:

A few times per month, you give me signals that this will be one of those nights where you take control, and I need to be prepared to let you do your thing.  We start with a passionate kiss and some touching, and then you position yourself on top of me.  I can feel your supple, wanting breasts, and I am rock hard.

You start to slide down and quickly remove my shorts to free the prize.  Teasing me, you massage my inner things as your outside fingers make glancing contact with my testicles.  My rod stiffens further.  Soon your tongue sends a shiver through my aching shaft as it scrolls across my full length.  You repeat a few times, with me full of anticipation. Eventually, you move further down, and I can sense your mouth hovering below my balls.

Now the roaming tongue flickers at each testicle.  My breathing becomes anxious, and soon one testicle is sitting softly within the grasp of your lips.  You play for a while; I jump a bit as my pelvis squirms.  You let the first ball go from your lips and take the other to play with, and I squirm some more.  Then, your lips and tongue explore my perineum.  Wow… my sensitivity is through the roof.  I couldn’t be any harder.  The tongue starts to slide its way across my balls and up my shaft, then fade away as small kisses take over.

You crave me in your mouth, and I anticipate the arrival as those kisses make their way up.  I feel your mouth open to take me, and 10,000 nerve endings at the head of my cock come alive.  The warm wetness of your lips and mouth wrapped around me are pure heaven.  You tease me by holding just the tip in your lips as your free hand comes up to cup my balls.  My squirming becomes even more extreme.  I wish this feeling could last forever.

You take me deeper in your mouth and now start to really go to town.  Most of me is in your mouth as your beautiful lips work me over.  You start to hum as you suck—both to let me know how excited you are but also to send vibrations through my body.

I start to feel myself getting to that point where I know I can’t last much longer.  You taste my pre-cum, and you know you have me close.  My cock is being consumed by your gorgeous mouth; you hold my balls more firmly, with your thumb massaging my perineum.  I raise my hips to signal, “Take me.”

Your licking and sucking intensify, and my balls start to ache from the pending explosion.  I don’t want this feeling to end, but I am seconds away.  I try told hold off my climax by taking a deep breath and tightening those release muscles.  Doing so makes the release even more intense. You’re working me full force now as you feel the tension in my body peaking.  Finally, I can’t hold on, and my balls explode.

I feel you consume that first rope of cum, and it makes you take me deeper into your mouth.  Soon comes the second spasm, then the third and fourth and fifth.  You have me almost drained, so your sucking slows, but it doesn’t stop.  You know there’s a little bit left, and you suck those last drops from me as the head of my cock goes through its final, incredibly sensitive convulsions. I start to soften, and you begin kissing my shaft as what little cum you didn’t swallow now covers me.

You slide your way back up to kiss me.  I have no capacity to move at the moment.  Your lips reach mine for a deep kiss, and I can taste your efforts as your tongue touches mine.

Your love for me and the excitement of controlling my body is off the charts intimate.   I am so thankful that God gave us this gift of intimacy and the calling for our bodies to become one.

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10 replies
  1. RockyGapMan says:

    Great job explaining what we guys think, feel & experience when our loving wives enthusiastically give us oral.

    Any wives who are hesitant to give this most precious of gifts to their husbands might consider the power it gives them as the provider. It draws their husband exponentially closer to them emotionally, as nothing else does.

    We’re like putty in your hands.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I will never understand why a man would find my mouth more precious than my pussy. But it does seem many men find a blow job the ultimate sexual experience.

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    I love giving head, love the power to please and the sensations of it. But I seldom do it to completion, and here's why: I want Rez and his cum inside me. If I finish him off with my mouth, his drive drops significantly and he wants to sleep, not take care of me in return. And there is no tit-for-tat for me anyway because oral sex without eventually getting cock is less satisfying. So the selfless offering of one-sided culmination described here is a real gift, and it blesses my heart that you recognize and appreciate your wife for it.

    • RockyGapMan says:

      What about PIV first with you getting your orgasm first?

      Then you can proceed to finish him off with oral. Have you considered this option/proposed it to him?

      You’ll still have Rez’s cum inside of you… if you choose to swallow.

      Just an idea.

  3. LovesHisHotWife says:

    My wife often gives me oral and mostly without asking. We’ve talked a lot about the sensations I feel and how amazing it is to reach climax while she is still eagerly pleasuring my cock.

    She doesn’t miss out either. Once she has let me climax in her mouth or on my chest she will quickly engage her trusted vibe and pleasure herself while I either, kiss her breasts and nipples or if I’m lucky give her oral on her delicious pussy while she cums. Yes I’m tired after my climax but I couldn’t surely miss out on all the fun.

  4. 5Osromantic says:

    This is perhaps one of the best oral/bj stories I’ve read, and it captures the experience and pleasure perfectly! @secondmarge, I don’t think it’s necessarily that we enjoy oral more than pussy (sex), but it’s a totally different sensation, really a gift received. There is nothing that tops PIV sex, but personally I fully enjoy and am grateful to give and receive oral. It’s something that we can give/receive strictly for the other, as a gift that we both can enjoy.

  5. AshburnDuo says:

    We try to follow the She Comes First goal, because of what CrazyHappyLoved points out. If I go before her, regardless of the method or my claims otherwise, Kate all but expects me to lose interest. I've learned over the years to let her initiate reciprocal oral. Estimating once out of every 15 or 20 times she might position me for 69, or move me from her hand to her mouth after I finish her off.

  6. Suzyzz says:

    Oral sex is, in most cases, part of our game plan. I love to give head, and he loves it when or if it goes all the way. Sperm swallowing is always, to me, an ultimate satisfaction that I can give my man, and if he releases, then I don’t let him hold back. It’s an easy way to satisfy him anywhere anytime and to make him feel relaxed. Of course, I do get my fair share as well when he eats me out.

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