Ron and Anne 11.0: Pregnant with Twins

It was Anne and Ron’s third pregnancy, and this time, it was twins. Just starting her seventh month, Anne had already gained 50 pounds. She was huge, and she still had more than a month to go. Ron kept saying Anne was beautiful, but she knew he was only saying that because he had to. To Anne, she looked like a spider with tiny arms and legs sticking out of an extended belly. How could someone who used to be a size 12 and could now barely fit into a size 16 maternity dress be considered beautiful?

One day, Ron decided to do something about Anne’s depression. He arranged a romantic evening. First, he took Anne and their two daughters out to eat and to a movie.

Anne missed much of the movie in the ladies’ room, another pregnancy issue she had to deal with. She knew Ron was trying to make it a romantic evening, and she felt like she was ruining it. Tears formed in her eyes. He was making all this effort for an ugly, fat woman.

With a constant smile on his face, Ron rested his hand on her swollen abdomen during the movie so he could feel if one of the babies moved. It seemed like nothing she could do would dampen his enthusiasm for this evening with her. As they left the theater, he took her hand and walked with her like he was proud of the girl beside him. She didn’t understand but found his enjoyment infectious.

While Ron put the girls to bed, Anne changed into her nightgown—too tight and too short. She had another chance to see the whale she had become in the bathroom mirror. By the time Ron returned to her in the living room, she was depressed again and in tears. He joined her on the sofa, resting his hand on her tummy again.

Through the sniffles, they talked as the children dropped off to sleep. He started reliving how they met and fell in love. Anne smiled at the memories of him nervously asking her to marry him and their sneaking around for a little “affection” as newlyweds. They carried her back to the early days of their marriage when everything was new and exciting.

Ron went on about how much he admired her and how fortunate he was that God had answered his prayer for a wife with someone of her quality. She wasn’t sure why he was spending all this effort on her, but the tears began to dry.

One of the babies moved. Ron stopped talking, not wanting to miss a moment of the experience. When all was still again, he changed the subject. There was to be a full moon that night, and he wondered if Anne might like to stay up and watch out their backdoor as it rose. She wasn’t interested in the moon, but she was more than willing to stay up for some more conversation.

Ron made a small towel pallet for her to sit on in front of the open backdoor. Their back yard looked out over an open field, giving them an excellent view of the moonrise. It also made Anne feel like they were outdoors and in her nightgown—maybe a bit naughty.

Ron sat beside her, put his arm around her shoulders, and pulled her to him for a passionate kiss. With his free hand, he very carefully caressed a breast through her gown. Her breasts were tender and larger than their normal size, engorged by pregnancy. She could feel a wet spot form on her gown as he gently massaged her nipple between his finger and thumb, squeezing out some of the colostrum she made in preparation for milk production. It felt especially sexual, being in front of the open door.

Reaching down, Ron pulled her nightgown up to expose her pussy, only partially hidden by her baby bulge. A series of emotions shot through her: first panic, then embarrassment, then an odd risqué thrill, a tingle—a very interesting tingle. Even though it was dark outside, her pussy was exposed, almost like being naked outdoors.

She badly wanted Ron to touch her. Spreading her knees, she leaned back on her elbows to pull her tummy out of the way. He began to lightly draw his fingers up her thighs with what he called a feathery massage. Slowly, his fingers found their way to her pussy hair. He combed her brown curls, eventually moving them out of the way so he could touch her swollen lips. What a wonderful effect that tingle had been.

He began to slide his finger along her slit, wetting it at her vagina to lubricate his play with her clitoris. Then, he applied light pressure between his finger and thumb to take full advantage of her clitoral erection. It didn’t take long. With a groan, Anne came with an intense orgasm. And for the first time, she actually squirted—not just leaked as she had in the past, but squirted—soaking the towel. It was much more intense than a normal orgasm. She had heard of women ejaculating by squirting copious amounts of fluid from their vagina during orgasm, but this was her first time.

When her contractions ended, Anne told Ron to feel between her legs. He felt the wet spot on the towel and broke into a broad grin. Proud of herself, she pulled him to her with a passionate kiss of triumph, then asked, “Lift me up.”

When both were standing, she closed the door. The moon was forgotten. She took Ron’s hand to lead him to their bedroom and their bed. There, she crawled on her hands and knees from the foot of the bed to the pillows, giving Ron an exceptionally nice rear view as her too-small nighty failed to cover her hips. His manhood sprang to attention.

Reaching the pillows, she lay her shoulders on the mattress and spread her knees as widely as possible, opening her vagina in invitation. It was an invitation Ron was quick to accept. Stripping out of his Jockeys, he entered her doggie-style.

Closing his eyes, Ron began slowly moving, enjoying the softness of her cheeks in his hands and the warmth of her vagina surrounding his erection. A wonderful feeling of delight began to build and then washed over him as, with a sharp intake of breath, he came and came until he was completely drained.

Feeling his ejaculation end, she straightened one knee so that they both rolled onto their sides without his pulling out. She pulled down the top of her gown and took his hand to place it on her breast. From her gentle sigh as she relaxed, Ron knew he’d accomplished his goal for the night. Anne was no longer a crying, fat woman. She had become a beautiful pregnant girl, enjoying the contentment of being intensely loved by the most important man in her life.

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5 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Wonderful story! As husbands, one of our main goals should be to help our wives realize how beautiful they are. My wife has always been spectacularly beautiful to me. This is especially true when we make love! Our wives needs the kind of reassurance that kind words and our passion for her show. Thanks for the story!

  2. Lori D. says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! (I'm also seven months pregnant with our second child). You should never feel unwanted by your husband, even at seven months. With my first and now second pregnancy my husband was/is always there for me.

    We discussed sex with my doctor during my first pregnancy and she assured us it was safe during the stages, as long as it didn't cause pain. Hearing this we still made love into my eighth month with some adjustments as long as there was no discomfort for me. Speaking for myself, my sex drive when I was and currently am pregnant, for some odd reason I can't explain, seems higher and my orgasms are more intense. One thing I have to stress is that you talk to your husband, make sure he understands there will be days when he must understand how you feel physically and emotionally.

  3. Fearless Lunk says:

    Our last pregnancy was a decade ago. I don’t remember all the details, but I can relate to the boob foreplay. I remember that if I rubbed her hard engorged pregnancy nipples for as little as 3-seconds, she would get very horny and very wet. I loved giving her nipplegasms too. Those were sexy moments!!

  4. alwayswet101 says:

    Ahhh I just got so happy reading this because I’m so glad you were able to squirt! Not to mention it also made me into a soaked horny mess lol so great job!

    I also realized my ability to have a squirting orgasm while being pregnant! My orgasms and my sex drive we’re off the charts and it was amazing. One night mid orgasm I totally thought I peed the bed I remember telling my hubby “Oh gosh! This feels so amazing but I really have to pee! I’m going to pee stop for a second!” I remember thinking wow this is really what pregnant sex is like you have to take pee breaks in the middle of it!? My hubby lovingly told me to relax and let go and he promised me I wouldn’t pee. He kept going with that same pleasure on my g spot and clitoris that I was not even able to hold back…well I squirted all over the bed and him! I was embarrassed until I realized he thought it was the hottest thing.

    Pregnancy sex for us was one of the biggest turn ons and the fact that my body was changing and growing as a result of our lovemaking and I had our baby inside me made the two of us insanely horny. He loved my body and couldn’t get enough of it thankfully I didn’t feel disgusting, but I know many women can. Props to you for being that sexy and having beautiful sex with your husband as you carried two babies inside of you!

    I love how you got really horny sitting outside watching the moon with your husband because stuff like that gets me going too. You deserve all the squirting orgasms you can get mama! 😘

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