Turning Up the Heat, Part 1: Oral Ecstasy

I originally wrote this just for my wife to read, so it’s written in first and second person (I and you). I left it that way because I thought it would help draw readers (at least, female readers) into the story.

After dropping off the kids for a rare evening alone, we opted not to go out to dinner. Instead, we quickly drove back home to our now-empty house, exchanging flirtatious smiles and longing looks the whole way. The expectation of having the house to ourselves and the possibilities that implied created a mixture of anticipation and arousal. Arriving home, I could hardly wait to get my hands on you. I took you by the hand and pulled you toward me as I leaned in to kiss you.

Your sweet breath mingled with mine for just a moment before you pressed your soft lips against me. After gently biting my lip, you kissed your way around my neck, then nibbled on my ear. Your hand reached down, softly caressing my crotch, then you smiled wickedly as if you were pleased with yourself for how hard you made me in such a short time. I wanted to take you right there in the kitchen, but you placed a hand on my chest and pushed me away, informing me that you deserved a warm relaxing bath before we did anything else.

So, I obediently drew you a bath and lit some candles. I offered to stay and help you undress, but you kicked me out, instructing me to pick out something sexy for you to wear. I relished the thought of seeing you in some racy lingerie, so I rushed into the bedroom and opened your drawer. So many choices. I envisioned you in each outfit as I riffled through them—a plaid mini-skirt with matching bra, a red lace bodysuit that accentuates your ass, an elegant sheer-white gown with a silky thong… Finally, I settled on a lacey blue bodysuit that was see-through in all the right places. You look beautiful in blue.

While placing the lingerie on the bathroom counter, I caught a glimpse of your naked body surrounded by bubbles in the tub, your breasts floating just above the surface. When you noticed me ogling, you taunted me by erotically caressing your full, bare breasts and fingering your taut nipples. Then you flashed another wicked smile and shooed me out of the room. You know just how to tease me.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity inside our bedroom, occasionally reaching beneath my boxer briefs to grab and stroke myself in eager anticipation. As you finally emerged from the bathroom in your stunning lingerie, the sight of you took my breath away. The blue floral lace down the center complimented your supple curves, and the sheer sides and breasts revealed your shy, rosy nipples. “Wow,” was the only word I could utter.

I gently brushed your hair behind your ear and leaned in to kiss you as you traced the rim of my waistband with your fingers. While I pulled my shirt over my head in one quick movement, you unbuttoned my jeans and slid your hands into them. My pants and briefs hit the floor in swift succession and your hands tugged at my thick, swollen dick.

Backing away, you lay on the bed and spread your legs apart, revealing the open crotch of your lacey lingerie, and I almost lost it at the sight of your clean-shaven pussy. You rarely shaved your pussy, and it had been years since I’d seen it like this, making it a startlingly erotic treat.

I immediately asked if I could taste you, then got down on my knees beside the bed and pulled you to the edge of the mattress, where I leaned in close and began kissing your delicate fleshy folds. Your sweet juices danced on my tongue as I slid it into your warm, wet vagina. I licked you from end to end, circling around your tight anus with my tongue, then sliding up to your clit. After flicking my tongue back and forth against your swollen clit for a moment, I closed my lips over it and sucked it between my teeth, gently nibbling on it. I continued pleasuring your pussy with my lips and tongue until you were overcome with orgasmic ecstasy.

Having the house to ourselves meant you could be as loud as you wanted, so you nearly screamed as you climaxed. As the long, drawn-out waves of pleasure began to subside, you looked up and asked between shallow breaths, “Are you dripping?”

I knew the answer even before touching the tip of my dick. Precum dripped from my engorged penis like a leaky faucet. I brought my thumb, now sticky with my cum, to your mouth, and you wrapped your lips around it and sucked it clean.

“Can I suck your dick while you eat me out?” you asked desirously.

“Oh, fuck yes,” I whispered back.

I climbed onto the bed and straddled your face, my knees on either side of your head, then returned my lips to your glorious pussy. Wrapping my arms around your legs, I dug my fingers into your ass and pulled your cheeks apart slightly. My tongue chased your delicious juices as they flowed down toward your anus, then circled back and plunged into your pussy again.

Meanwhile, you grabbed my dick and guided it into your mouth, and the warm, wet sensation sent a sensual shudder through my whole body. From your perspective, my dick was upside down, giving you a close-up view of my balls as they dangled above you. You sucked on my dick like a fast-melting popsicle, taking it so deep into your mouth that it almost hit the back of your throat, then circling the tip with your tongue and kissing it softly.

As the intense pleasure built and I could feel my balls about to erupt, I buried my face in your soaking wet pussy and groaned loudly. To my surprise, you started sucking even harder. You literally sucked the cum right out of me as you swallowed the first two ejaculated blasts. Then you suddenly pulled my dick from your mouth. Hot streams of milky white cum splashed against your face and neck. The erotic sensation of my cum on your face must have pushed you over the edge because you immediately began to moan aloud and dug your fingernails into me as another orgasm took hold of you. Your thighs quaked around my head as waves of pleasure radiated through your body.

The next thing I knew, we were both sprawled out on the bed, covered in each other’s fluids, and trying to catch our breath. Holding hands, we basked in the warm glow of each other’s love. Eventually, you turned to me and asked, “Are you ready to eat dinner?”

To Be Continued…

If you’d like to read the second part of this story, please let me know in the comments.

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8 replies
  1. Loving Guy says:


    The following paragraph got me really excited:

    While placing the lingerie on the bathroom counter, I caught a glimpse of your naked body surrounded by bubbles in the tub, your breasts floating just above the surface. When you noticed me ogling, you taunted me by erotically caressing your full, bare breasts and fingering your taut nipples. Then you flashed another wicked smile and shooed me out of the room. You know just how to tease me.

    I loved the photo too!

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Great story. Hot and descriptive. That kneeling at the side of the bed is our favorite position for that action. I don’t think you need to ask if we want part two; after writing that hot of a part one, I think you are obligated to write more 😉

  3. RockyGapMan says:

    SO GLAD you’ve taken some (very important) time from preparing sermons to put down in words the very erotic description of your deeply moving sexual encounter with your wife.

    Song of Songs should be so inspiring!

    And like everyone else… a hearty “Yes!” to wanting to hear about “Part 2” but hopefully many more inspiring stories.

    Your calling has just been extended to not only exhort and admonish your people in the pews at church… You’ve got a calling to exhort/admonish Christian couples to be the best lovers they can be to their spouses in their bedrooms… (or wherever else they choose to worship God in this gift).

    Right (Write) on, Brother!

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