Older couple husband kisses wife's temple~MH

Hopefully not my Swan Song ~ Prayers Requested

This came in early this morning. Please pray for LovingMan and Melodie.

MH, I wonder if you’d consider posting this at once. I know you have other stories in the cue (including some of mine) but I’d appreciate getting as many prayers as possible and as soon as possible! If not posted soon, that’s okay too.  And then this story may become my swan song on MarriageHeat.  But I hope not.

I’m writing this at 2:42 in the morning from the ICU. My surgery went rather poorly, so here I am. However, I am at peace and feel the power of your prayers.

And yes, Melodie and I shared a wonderful lovemaking session this morning before we had to leave for the hospital. This memory—and all the other memories of my highly blessed life—have me at peace. Of course, I’m hoping I’ll live for us to make many more memories together.

So I’m going to write this story, and I pray it is not my last.

We got up this morning and showered. I love the look, feel, and taste of a freshly showered Melodie. No make-up required, just my beautiful, curvy, kind, smart, and sexy Melodie as God made her! How did I finally land her?

We lay down side by side and kissed deeply as my hand crept up to palm her shapely breasts. Then her nipples called my name, and soon they looked like perfect ripe raspberries due to my oral ministrations! I handed her the wand vibrator, and she buzzed her clitoris as I loved tenderly on each nipple. (They were extra sensitive this morning.)

Then I did what we call “ tip on nip;” I grabbed my rod and pumped it as I kneeled up next to my Melodie’s full round Nordic breasts. My tip was on her nearest nip that she had lubed with some of the coconut oil I had previously rubbed deep into and upon her sex.

After a while, Melodie insisted that she wanted a turn at MY nips, and she pushed me over to begin oral and finger-loving on both of MY nipples. I pumped my penis to an even more excited erection.

Then, at my request, my erection was pumped by HER as she kept nibbling on one of my nipples. This felt so nice to me that she could soon feel I was getting harder and bigger.

“Mmmm that will feel nice inside me!” She requested that I enter her. This is her way of saying “Flick me now!” (FLICK = For Loving Incredible Carnal Knowledge.)

I asked if we could do kneeling doggy-style sex, and she agreed. I knelt behind her on the bed while she was on all fours. (Did you know that this position in Spanish is called “en cuatro patas?” It means “on all four feet.”)

Melodie and I love this sex position. It feels great to both of us! We made love this way for a time, but I am pretty messed up and was having surgery today—because I needed it!—and this position is rather demanding on the heart and lungs. So we went into our easier-to-do X position, as we often do, with us lying at right angles to each other. (I’m on my side, and she’s on her back.)

Oh, did this feel great or what!?! For my safety, my kind and sexy wife decided to start twerking and Kegal-hugging me pretty early on, and soon I came very very nicely up in her absolutely loving pussy. Her Kegal hug and sexy twerking of her hips intensified and prolonged my fantastic orgasm! Melodie was willing to miss out on longer sexual intercourse for my safety. That is a sign of true love, folks!

I immediately thought, “I hope that’s not the last time I get to love her like that in mortality.” But we believe we’ll be together in the next life. I know many Christians don’t believe that marriage can continue on, but we do. And one way or the other, we hope to be together. Quite honestly, I fell in love with Melodie’s kind heart and incredible mind before I fell for her sexy and curvy Norwegian body. So it will be heaven in the next life because she will be there! At least that’s my belief.

We were scientists before we retired, so this story resonates with us: I’ll tell you that Emma Darwin was a believer. Charles Darwin, her husband, actually lost his faith when their eldest daughter died young. Emma wrote to him that she couldn’t bear the thought of him not being there with her in Heaven, so SHE believed in them being together in the next life. Of course, that perhaps does not necessarily mean that she believed in marriage after death.

Back to my story that I’m hoping won’t be my last: After I came so nicely and powerfully, I slid to Melodie’s right and commenced loving on her lovely nipple. Then I switched boobies without moving my body to her other side. I also inserted a 6-7 inch vibrator INTO her pussy. (To me “pussy” is a beautiful word in this sexy marriage context.)

All the time I was sucking, tongue-flicking, and licking her boobies, Melodie was buzzing her pretty clitoris with another one of our vibrators. (The clitoris, especially my wife’s, is such a beautiful organ!)

Well, she told me she just wasn’t getting there today. She said that she wanted to love on my nips to give me my second trip up Mt. O, and I finally gave in. She did her usual amazing job, but even with considerable masturbation, I wasn’t climbing to the peak.

There was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while so, since I knew my surgery would at the very least put our sex life on hold for a while, I decided to try it.

There is something about smearing our pussy mixed cum shake on Melodie’s nipples that is a turn-on. I do it frequently, and though Melodie sometimes weakly protests, it often seems to help her cum. So although we only had used coconut oil as a lube this time, I scooped our “cum shake” out of her pussy. Often I’ll lick it off her nips as she buzzes her clit, but this time, it was the lube for more tip on nip! (right nip)

I suspected that this would help us both. I was soon proven 100% correct! I handed Melodie our Sensuelle Plus vibrator and returned to masturbating as my hard glans rubbed on her gooey nipple. No kidding, in ONLY 10-15 seconds, she arched her back as if to push her breasts up to me more and had a very smooooooth orgasm!

I HAD prayed several times in our sex session today that Melodie would be able to reach that beautiful summit of Mt. O, and now she finally had! I know I’m being redundant, but she “youthens” with sexual arousal, and she REALLY youthens during and after orgasm! Her face and beautiful boobies flush and get more full and round. Her few wrinkles disappear! She normally already looks 1-2 decades younger than her actual age, but sex and orgasms make her look 4-5 decades younger! (At least to me! And I’m the only man who counts in this situation. I wish I could convince her how beautiful she really is! I think showing her my love for her—in every way, both non-sexually and sexuall—has helped her feel beautiful!

When we finally found and married each other almost 30 years ago, I was in my early 30s, and Melodie her early 40s. She had huge gorgeous Scandinavian eyes that I’m STILL enchanted by! She looked to be younger than me. Yet when we made love, I felt like I had a beautiful 18- or 19-year-old loving on me!

Sorry, I waxed nostalgic. The end of this story is that seeing my beautiful naked bride climax soon (within 50 seconds) triggered MY orgasm. I came for the second time in our lovemaking session! In fact, I came on Melodie’s right raspberry. Then I fulfilled my fantasy, I kissed her nipple and got a bunch of our cum shake! It was only slightly sweet and would have tasted better with Aloe Cadabra lube mixed in, but it was cool to finally fulfill that sexy fantasy!

Hoping there will be a next time, I plan to rub Aloe Cadabra onto her nipple in advance BEFORE we do tip on nip. Then I will enjoy the taste more. I love the taste when I rub Melodie’s nips with globs of our cum shake made of Aloe Cadabra flavored lube, coconut oil, and semen. On occasion, I’ll lick it from the beautiful source of my wife’s absolutely beautiful and tasty pussy!

It’s now after 4:00 a.m.  I never sleep much in the hospital anyway. Here’s to hoping this is not my last MH story. Thank you to all who have shared your stories. MH, thank you for the site where we can. I hope our stories help spread the word about how wonderful married sex and married lovemaking can be.

To you singles out there, remember that Melodie and I were not young when we met and yet we have enjoyed a glorious marriage, even though overcoming many challenges including us both being survivors of childhood sexual abuse and, later in life, having tremendously challenging health issues. Plus, Melodie had the challenge of becoming an instant mom of my kids when she married me!

Please remember to turn TO God, not away from him, to deal with your life challenges and seek professional therapy if needed. But hold onto your faith! Remember to be patient, kind, and passionate towards your spouse.

Although this is a very dicey health crisis, quite possibly I’ll live through this hospital stay. So please keep praying for us!

Keep on lovin’!






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18 replies
  1. Steve says:

    Praying for you brother!!! Always enjoyed your stories, us seasoned citzens always need to stick together. Praying the Lord wraps his arms around you both as you continue on your journey.

  2. Peterpan says:

    Dear Lovingman, first of all, I wish you all the best and I hope you'll get better soon! Thanks for sharing such a hot story, but also a story with a message. Can feel it's from the heart. Hopefully we get to read more of these!

  3. TorrHead says:

    Wow. Thanks for writing, telling, and asking. Prayers covering you and your wife from many places, I have no doubt. Count my house as one of those. The Lord holds each of His own in His hands. May He hold you close and restore your body to your wife's embrace soon.

  4. Sharky says:

    LovingMan, I've enjoyed your beautiful loving posts for several years! My prayers and best wishes are with you and Melodie tonight and every night! Prayers and Blessings.

  5. Fearless Lunk says:

    I’m not sure what my prayers will do, but sending them anyway. 🙂 This is a good reminder that life is fragile and that tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. This might be my last comment… who knows?! We should live every day to the fullest and try not to take our blessings for granted. Of course things like our spouses, children, jobs, and this website… all blessings!

  6. Sultryheat says:

    LovingMan, know that you are so cared for and loved here! We will be praying for your health and recovery, so you can get back to making sweet love to your precious Melody!
    Like I’ve mentioned to you before, you have been such a wonderful and inspirational writer here and have taught so many what a wonderful sex life we can have into our golden years! Bless you, dear man!

  7. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Father in heaven, we lift our brother and friend up to you and ask for your healing upon him. We know that all power and all authority and all knowledge lies with you. We know we don’t always know your timing and plans, but it is our hearts desire that LovingMan have more time with us—and more importantly, with his wife —in this earthly life. We thank you for his testimony of his faith, his love for you and his wife, and for his commitment to and celebration of the wonderful gift of married sex which you blessed us with. We pray also for Melodie; that she would be surrounded by loving family and friends at this time, and that she would feel your comfort in this difficult time.

    And thank you MH for getting this to us so quickly.

  8. LovingMan says:

    Hi to all our MH friends! Good news: I am out of the ICU. There are some weird & scary complications with my surgery but it looks like I’m going to stay in mortality! Thank you so much for your prayers! We’ve come to appreciate your friendship and kind comments here on MH.

    I should be able to go home in a few days. Although I will need another surgery in a month or so. God has been good to us. This could have very easily been way worse. I feel like Captain Ahab with all the lines, tubes, and cannulas I’m sharing this hospital bed with. Of course Ahab didn’t survive and I am going to! Besides, I’m full of gratitude and love, not thoughts of vengeance and hate!

  9. SouthernHeat says:

    Thanks for all your sweet sexy and inspiring stories. Truly an example of true love.
    My husband and I have been praying for you. Believing you will get stronger and get to go hone with your beautiful bride very soon.

  10. RockyGapMan says:

    I haven’t been on MH in a few days and missed this story till now. So sorry to have missed the opportunity to lift you up in prayer during this health crisis, but I’m glad you safely made it through. I’m sure you’ll need the continued prayers though through recovery & any rehab, so know this brother is lifting you both up in prayer.

    Looking forward to you adding many more hot and inspiring stories to your “catalog” here on MH for us!

  11. LovingMan says:

    Hey everyone thanks for the prayers! I am home now. They actually sent me home a few days ago – although my recovery has a long way to go. They were anxious to free up beds in the hospital because of all the COVID cases. My doctors know that my Melodie is an excellent care-giver.

    Recovery is being a real struggle, but I’m slowly improving. RGM: I DO need continuing prayers. I got another blessing last night because I was feeling so overwhelmed.

    I have to tell y’all that in spite of the pain and medical hardware still in my body… that we made love the morning after we got home! We made love this morning as well! And my beautiful wife has given me a big O every morning that we didn’t make love! So love is finding a way. It’s been tricky but all that more enjoyable because for a day or two we wondered if we were going to be separated by my departure to Paradise.

    Keep on lovin’! We do!

    I am in awe of my wife and all she does to care for me…& in spite of my messed up body – she loves me and finds me sexy! Of course I always find her incredibly sexy!

  12. Plumb Crazy says:

    Just Curious…….Where do your beliefs that marriage and sex is Eternal come from? PM would be welcomed on SOTB. Plumb Crazy, there also. I so enjoy every post and comment you make. Praying for your health to continue and hope that other blessing you received is helpful also. Thanks

    • LovingMan says:

      PlumCrazy… that’s a great moniker. I am just home from another surgery and I was reading MH & all the kind comments here from the night of another less successful surgery. I’m home already from today’s surgical procedure! So I’m sorry for not replying to you sooner. I do hope you’ll see this.

      But I am a little bit hesitant to share this too much because I have had animosity thrown my way because of my Christian denomination. I also am aware that MH is not the place to proselytize anyone.
      I think I even might be afraid that other MHers won’t read my stories if they know my denomination.

      But still nice you asked… I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), and yes we ARE Christians, so I feel very comfortable here on MarriageHeat which is designed primarily for Christian’s – or at least designed to support Christian values.
      We believe that marriage and family relationships can be eternal. We believe we get sealed to our spouse and children are sealed to their parents in our Temples.

      We believe that worthy sealed couples, who have repented of their sins, and been sealed in a Temple can continue their marriage after this life.

      I suspect that many good people on Earth expect to be with their loved ones in the next life. Since I’m a sciencey person, I’ll tell you that Emma Darwin (a strong Christian) told her husband Charles (an agnostic) that she couldn’t stand the thought of them not being together in Heaven.

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