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Those Erotic Desires

Hi, folks! I have not written anything since May of last year. My Lucy has been very ill, and we have been fighting a massive battle against cancer. But God is good, and she is okay.  (That is a miracle that needs to be told.)

But now I want to throw out a challenge to all of you guys and gals.  Let us share our deep fantasies that we want to happen or that we want to happen again.  Anything and everything goes.  Let us have some sexy ideas that can put some spark back into our lives.  You might want to give your idea a short title.

I will start with a few of my own…..


I make a point of washing my cock every night before I go to bed.  Why?  One of my greatest pleasures and desires is to wake up with my cock in my wife’s mouth.  She does not do it often, but when she does, she gets well prepared.  When she starts sucking me, she already has one of her vibrators deep in her wet pussy; that is the part that really gets me going.  She takes her time because at the moment she starts, I am completely soft and still in a deep sleep.  But her tongue does wonders, and I just lie back and enjoy it all the way to the finish.  Her timing is often perfect, and as I shoot my load down her throat, she reaches another one of her many orgasms.  Then I want her to lick my cock until it is clean again before we fall asleep again without saying a word.

Wanna Watch?

Lucy is a brilliant show-woman, and when she decides to excite me, she pulls out all the stops.  I have this mad desire to walk into the house and not see her anywhere. So I start looking for her until I hear the sounds of her whimpering like a little puppy.  That immediately directs me to our bedroom, where I notice that the door has been left slightly open to give me a view of what my wife has prepared for me.  I look through the opening and directly into her open pussy, filled with a thick rabbit vibrator.  One hand works the magic in her pussy while the other violently twists her nipples.  The sound coming from her open mouth is raw and so erotic that my cock is in my hand within seconds.

Backdoor Delight

For this one, Lucy has to take control and command me to stand on my knees.  Next, she takes some heated coconut oil and lubes my ass and my cock; then comes all the sensual pleasure.  She must pull my cock to the back between my legs, and while she is masturbating me very slowly to make it last as long as possible, she must finger my ass and rub my prostate.  The most important part of this is that she must give full attention to what she is doing and take her time—no hurrying. She must also talk to me, telling me what she is doing and what she enjoys about it.

Be On Time

What greater pleasure than to receive this type of message on your phone?  “You always arrive at home between 17H30 and 17H45.  You better be on time today because my pussy will be filled with my favorite toy at exactly 17H35.  I will leave the front door unlocked and our bedroom door open.  So you can decide.  You have three options: – 1. Stand at the door and watch.   2. Stand at the door and watch while you give me something to look at as well.   3.  Get naked, come closer, and let’s see what happens.”


Now it is your turn.

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20 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    So many of my sexual fantasies HAVE been fulfilled by my sexy wife, Melodie! One probably very unrealistic fantasy is a very wet one— to make love to her at a waterfall! Like us lying on a large flat rock in missionary position to the side of a high waterfall or the rock as part of a cascading waterfall, or standing in the shallow pool below the waterfall, or bent over some rocks standing in the shallow pool behind the falls, or standing in deep water below the falls with her legs wrapped around me, or in a cave behind the waterfall, or at a cascading multilevel waterfall with her on her back with legs open on a large flat rock with me standing in the water.

    Your fantasy of being woken up with you receiving fellatio from your wife sounds great too!

    We will pray for you both. My wife has also dealt with & is dealing with a less aggressive form of cancer.

  2. SouthernHeat says:

    I love him to put on a show from start to finish as I play with my toy.
    Miss your stories.
    Praying for Lucy as you go through this battle together. Praying for you as you are her rock her encouragement. Praying the peace of God surround you in such a tangible way.

  3. jwdmccarty2902 says:

    I have always wanted to be away just the 2 of us at a hotel or resort that was clothing optional or nude. I would make love to my gorgeous wife in our hotel room and keep the shades open. Someone walking by sees us and stops to watch as we have wonderful sex.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      I hope she's doing better in her health. Then , I say thank you for sharing your sex life with your wife with us. It sounds highly erotic. Stroking my cock as I read, waiting for the explosive squirting as I imagine you and her together.

  4. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    You said anything and everything goes, so……

    We have a fantasy of posting our sex tapes online, such as to one of the "fans" sites. I have a story I'm working on that's about us testing the waters on this fantasy……

    • ClimaXX says:

      We posted some of our tapes many many years ago. Faces never showed, and then one day someone posted….. "Oh, I know you. You are…." and then he mentioned my profession and my city where I lived at that stage. Be very careful. But yes, it is very exciting.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      M2HB, this is one HOT fantasy. I would love to share my sex tapes too! Hey ClimaXX, I’m curious – did the guy recognizing you really matter in the end? Was he able to roll with it in future interactions?

  5. HappyHubby says:

    Climax,. Welcome back. I have missed your writings!! So good to see your return. You have been a favorite author ever since I read the account of the texts between you and Lucy. So hot!! This entry is no exception except I must stay that I couldn't get into it as I was truly worried about Lucy being terribly sick. My heart hurt for you to have to go through this and I'm so sorry but can't tell you how relieved I am to hear she is ok. I think it effected me so much because through your stories I guess I feel like I know the two of you. Wish we had known so we could have offered to prayers. Thank you for the update and don't be gone so long even if it just to let us know how she is doing!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Hi there HappyHubby. Yes, we have gone through very tuff times. My wife had a mastectomy, 16 sessions of Chemo and 12 sessions of radiation. And then after 6 months the Dr. said that her latest tests showed that the Cancer is back! At that stage we had a call from a lady who has developed numerous products and said that she wanted to walk this road with us. We started using these products in high doses and after 4 months went back for new tests and…. Lucy is CANCER FREE. Without any medical intervention.

  6. RockyGapMan says:

    So sorry to hear of your wife’s (as well as your) battle with cancer. But so thankful that she’s now cancer free!

    Regarding fantasies… Well, you said anything goes. So…

    My fantasy is an undoable “threesome” with my wife. The other “two” individuals are myself and my alter-ego. A “split personality” of sorts. So it’s really only me and her.

    But in this fantasy, my wife is some hyper-sexualized wildcat who can’t get enough of me – and can’t get enough cock!

    I’ve sort of worked this fantasy out one time with one of her realistic-looking dildo’s I nicknamed after my middle name. After she was well lubricated I slid him in and let “him” work on her while I slid my dick into her mouth (which she was asking for). I talked with my alter-ego the entire time. We both enjoyed pleasing her simultaneously & commented to her how much we enjoyed her and what a great lover she was.

    It worked out really well. I think our fantasies tell us something about ourselves. In my case, I think it’s about letting go of my inhibitions and fears of somehow hurting my spouse and giving her everything I’ve got (to the point of cloning myself) and doubling that phallic energy waiting to fill her. And secondly, that my wife’s grown in her sexuality & passions that she can take as much of me I’m willing to give her… and then still wants MORE of me.

  7. jwdmccarty2902 says:

    My fantasy has always been two married couples having sex in the same room. Not swapping but just having sex with their own partner in the same room. I don’t know who we would ever do that with but it would be super hot. Like going away for a couples' weekend and finding out that there was only 1 room booked not 2. Then after dinner and time in the jacuzzi, we go to our room and just go wild with our wives.

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