Late Night Fun on A Favorite Couch

A few years ago, my wife and I owned a large, heavy dark brown leather couch.  It was long enough to easily stretch out your legs for sleeping.  It had three sections with wide, well-padded armrests at each end.   The dimensions, great support and comfort naturally led to other activities.

One night, we were watching our local pro baseball team as they played a team located on the West Coast.  Due to the time zone difference, the game started late, about 9 PM our time, so we had already changed into sleeping clothes and settled onto our favorite couch.  My wife was wearing a  thin nightshirt, long enough to cover a few inches below her rear end.  It’s one of my favorites because it nicely hugs Janet’s short (5’5″) stature and medium frame—she needs that medium frame to support her large (36DDD) breasts.  I am the same height, about 155 pounds, relatively fit in appearance ( except for a slight ‘middle age’ belly).  I had on my “lucky” sleeping gear: black work out shorts made from some sort of slippery material and a thin yellow T-shirt made from the same type of slippery “performance” material.  The shirt is formfitting and clingy.  Many times over the years,  when I have worn this shirt, Janet has not been able to keep her hands off my chest.    I wear this shirt as often as possible because one never knows when its aphrodisiac properties might cause “good fortune” to occur.  This particular night, my lucky outfit worked its magic to perfection and led to a great experience.

We sat beside each other on our large, brown leather couch.  The only light in our large family room came from the television screen and some lights we had left on in the next room. I watched the game with muted volume so as not to disturb my wife’s activities; she was scanning her phone and iPad reading news, etc.  I felt her snuggle up close against my left side.

“How’s the game?” Janet asked.

“Pretty good,” I stated. “We’re ahead by a run, and it’s the last at-bat for the other team.”

“Nice…” she continued, while inching even closer.  “So are you going to watch until the end?  It’s getting late… Don’t you think we should go to bed soon?”

It was 11:00 PM.  “I have a day off from work tomorrow, so it’s not a problem,” I responded, oblivious to her hints. (What in the world was I thinking?)

My wife watched a little while, but soon I felt her left hand slide over my belly and trail slowly upwards.  Her fingers began a light exploration of my chest and crept closer to my nipples.

Finally realizing my wife’s intentions, I said,  “I can turn off the TV…”

“Oh, no,” She interrupted softly.  “You wanted to watch baseball.  I’ll just play on my own  until the game is over.”  By the sweet tone of her voice, I could tell she wasn’t irritated by my “husbandly ignorance,”  but obviously she was in the mood to get things started.  My penalty for being the oblivious husband was having to endure some wonderful teasing foreplay until the game finished.  My heart leaped at my good fortune, and I inwardly reveled at the blessing of having a quietly sensual wife—and wearing an outfit that “peaked her interest.”

As the opposing team batted, Janet continued her slow, deliberate approach.  Her fingertips scritched and scratched lightly until they had my right nipple in their sights.  A slow circling around the target followed by a teasing flick or two on my hardening nubbin made it and my penis both spring to life.  I gasped and swallowed under Janet’s expert touch and started to reach over to her.

“Now keep your hands down,” my wife instructed quietly.

“Mmmf!” I huffed with impatience, but I obeyed readily.  The game was almost over, and then I could enjoy “returning the favors.”

I kept still while Janet continued teasing my chest, her fingers working through the fabric of the shirt.  As she toyed with my body, I couldn’t help but gasp and moan lightly with delight.  It was becoming harder to hold still, and then we noticed our team was changing pitchers.

“Oh, no!” My wife smiled, sounding almost gleeful at the game’s turn of events.  “It looks like this will take a while…”

Janet was correct.  Pitching changes always prolong the game for several minutes, and that evidently meant more foreplay was in store for me!  She shifted closer and began lightly kissing my neck while her hand slipped under my shirt.

“Mmmm,” she murmured contentedly.  Her fingers crept upwards on my bare skin and she resumed a wonderful, relentless teasing of my chest and nipples.  She went from one side to the other flicking, caressing,  and lightly tweaking my tiny tips.

My breathing became erratic, and slightly louder noises escaped my lips.  I had lost all concentration on the game because of my wife’s sensual distractions.  The presence of my tight shirt was becoming annoying because it restricted her hand movements under the fabric.  I definitely wanted her to have easy access to my sensitive chest.

“Please,” I whispered, “may I take off my shirt?”

Janet kept her fingers moving as she made me wait several seconds for an answer before finally smiling.  “Yes.”  Then she enthusiastically aided me as I pulled the shirt off and tossed it aside.

I took this opportunity to use the remote to turn off the game and switched the TV to screensaver mode to eliminate the constantly changing light from the motions of live television.  Now with a steady low light coming from the television and some from the adjoining room, we had a perfect amount of dim illumination for our couch activities.

My wife’s eyes gleamed with anticipation and desire as she looked at my bare chest.  Her fingers soon followed, and she resumed playing on my torso.  After a bit, Janet held onto the back of the couch with her right hand and leaned over in front of me so her mouth could reach my left nipple, and she began gently tasting and flicking the sensitive point.

I gasped and groaned anew at her exquisite oral teasing as her left hand felt for my stiff penis, now tenting the fabric of my workout shorts.

“Oh, yeeeah!” she murmured.  “I’m liking this!” My wife punctuated her words with a firm squeeze of my erect organ.  Then she rose to her knees, still by my left side, and leaned farther in front of me so she could go after my right pec with her ravenous mouth.  Her tongue worked its usual magic as it swirled all around and over my nipple.  Janet kept after my upper body, going from one side of my chest to the other with her mouth.  Meanwhile, she used her left hand to squeeze and pull on my erection, using the thin, slippery fabric of the shorts to great advantage.

Amid my gasps and groans of contentment, I gurgled,  “I’m LOVING this!”

After another couple of minutes of play, Janet murmured, “It’s time we took these off!” She tugged at my sleeping shorts while I raised my butt up to allow us to slide them away and toss them somewhere on the floor.  It didn’t matter where, because my wife’s behavior meant we weren’t leaving the couch until we were finished with each other.  As soon as I was naked, she resumed the same kneeling position near my left side.  Holding onto the couch as before, she again leaned over in front of me and resumed exploring my chest and nipples with her mouth and her left hand.  Now, with my clothes gone, she could really play with my erect, throbbing organ.

With my wife hovering over my legs and so close to me, I noticed that her sleeping shirt had worked up the back of her legs.  I couldn’t waste the opportunity. I reached over with my left hand and caressed the back of her thighs, then pulled her shirt further up to uncover her luscious rear end.  I was pleasantly surprised to find my wife was naked under her sleeping shirt!  She normally wears underwear with this top, so the missing piece of clothing meant that she had fully expected to make love tonight!

This discovery stoked my libido even more!  I was breathing heavily from the kisses and her tongue on my nipples, but now I could start playing with her as well.  I  lightly caressed her wonderful rear before letting my fingers travel to more intimate areas.

Janet gasped as my fingers found her perineum and stroked that spot a little before working toward the crevice of her labia.  I teased at her folds gently and struck gold when I felt how wet my wife had become.  She moaned softly as my caresses caused her to pause her own sensual actions for a moment so she could enjoy mine.

I continued with one finger playing in her warm, wet slit, and soon Janet stopped her steady advances.  Her right arm was behind me on the couch, and her left arm was now extended and pressed against the seat cushion.  In the dim light, I could see my wonderful wife’s face, mesmerized by my teasing fingers on her lower half.  I could also see the physical delights of her upper body.  Janet’s full breasts were hanging down, right over my lap.

My wife leaned into my chest with her mouth to continue her wonderful enjoyment of my upper body.  I slid my left hand to her chest and began feeling her breasts through the fabric of her nightshirt.  I caressed and kneaded each beautiful torpedo of flesh, playing with each rigid nipple in turn.  My wife’s nipples are very sensitive, and once she is aroused, those tender tips become long and hard.  I continued to toy with each one, caressing them through the shirt, then tweaking and pulling them just the way she likes it.  In no time she was asking for her shirt to come off.

“My pleasure,” I murmured, and began peeling the top from her torso.  “Just stay right here,” I said as I  removed the top slowly, letting her slip one arm out at a time.  The slow approach allowed the shirt to come off without her changing positions.

Janet was still kneeling sideways on the couch but now naked, with her chest hanging over my legs.  With one arm holding the back of the couch and the other extended against the cushions, her upper body was supported very well, and I had great access to the delicious fruits God had given her (and me)!

I leaned closer to her face and we kissed passionately,  as both of my hands slowly went to her wonderful breasts.  “Now it’s my time to play!” I said.  I nuzzled her neck as I fondled each heavy, hanging globe of flesh. “Your breasts are magnificent!” I breathed in her ear.     Janet moaned at my compliment and because my fingers and thumbs found her erect nipples. I  began gently pinching, pulling, tugging, and tweaking them.   After a bit, I fondled and cupped each breast,  kneading their fullness with my ravenous hands. I felt her erect nipples pressing into my palms, and I pulled on her breasts until my fingers slid farther down and recaptured those oh-so-long, sensitive tips.  My wife’s wonderful groaning was exhilarating to my ears, and made me want to hear more!   I kept my fingers and thumbs working,  tweaking and tugging as before.  She didn’t move, totally absorbed by the exquisite pleasure my hands were creating  for her.  “Oh my…” I murmured. “These are soooo long!” I pulled each nipple to emphasize my words.   More sounds of delight from Janet!  Now more pulling and rolling those tips, but I added some variety to my playful actions.  I  alternated pulling one at a time, then both together.  I used a finger and thumb on each breast to squeeze at the base of each nipple and used my middle fingers to flick the exposed tips.  My wife’s groans became gurgling sounds of surrender as she began melting from my relentless, sensual ‘torment’.   “AaaOooooh,” Janet mewled. “I can’t take any more!  I have to lie down!”  I mercifully released her chest from my hands.  “Oh, no,” I moaned. “Please! Sit on my lap!” I expected my wife to try to bargain her way out of my request.   She usually prefers to be ‘lazy” and on the bottom when we make love.  But maybe not tonight!

Janet turned and stretched her leg over me so she was straddling my thighs.   Her knees were on either side of my legs and her hands were holding onto the back of the couch.  I immediately began running my hands all over her, starting at her thighs and sliding over her hips and up along her sides.  Then I moved my hands around to her back and caressed my way down and over her rear.  I took hold of her luscious buttocks and squeezed the flesh and pulled her up and closer to me,  My wife pressed her torso forward.  Her large breasts hung down invitingly, but her sweet nipples arise from the lower front curve of each mound and were just a bit too low for me to easily reach with my mouth.  “Oooh, my…” I murmured, my eyes drinking in the sights.  “I really want to kiss your chest….Please?” I added.

Still holding the couch, Janet raised up on her knees just enough so her sensitive points were at the perfect level for our enjoyment.  I relished the willing presentation of her wonderful chest and wasted no time in going after her right nipple.  I engulfed the tender tip with my amorous mouth and sucked it passionately, and swirled around it with my tongue. “Thank you…” I  murmured into her soft bosom.  With one hand I clutched a butt cheek, right at the crease where it meets the back of her thigh.  My other hand was on  her back, pulling her forward against me.  There was no way for her nipple to escape my ravenous mouth!  I sucked harder, and really worked it over with my tongue.  “Oh Yeeeeaaah!” My wife groaned with delight from my feverish assault!  I nuzzled and kissed my way over to her left breast, and once there I ravished that nipple as well!  I soon realized my wife was eagerly pressing herself into my face, and I didn’t need my hands to hold her in place.   I brought both hands to her chest and took control of each breast, supporting each from their underside so her nipples pointed right at me.  Now I really went to town, taking turns with my mouth as I went after my wife’s irresistible chest!   Before long I was out of control with desire,  moaning in delight as I went after each breast, engulfing each nipple and surrounding areola.  I was drowning in husbandly good fortune as I noisily sucked and lapped at each tip, swirling and lashing them with my tongue.  The audible wet sounds I was making on her flesh blended with our moans of contentment in a sensual symphony of  delight!   Meanwhile, in the midst of my attention to her chest, my wife was rubbing her vulva against my throbbing erection.  Janet’s moans of pleasure became constant, until she needed  a break from my relentless breast play.  She leaned her torso back, and reached down and milked my erection to  maximum fullness.    Then she slowly shifted around on my lap.   My wife  expertly tipped my penis toward her and guided it juuust inside her vagina, and held me there.  My organ tingled with the thrill of partial entry, and I went into MY meltdown mode.  “Oh YEAH!’ I gasped with delight, then pleaded with both my mouth and eyes. “Please, Baby!  I WANT you! NOW!”  Janet’s eyes were gleaming in desire and  satisfaction,  in an expression only a wife could have when she has her husband right where they both want to be—He, on the edge of sensual bliss, excited beyond belief, from not only tonight’s experience but all their previous lovemaking as well.  She, the epitome of wifely control, holding the key to their mutual satisfaction in the most intimate few inches of her body.  And she was ready to give it all! The greatest sex in Christian marriage comes from the unselfish giving of each other’s bodies and minds.  Each working toward their spouse’s satisfaction and desires,   We were now swallowed up in the midst of that experience, each trying to ‘outdo’ the other in bringing our partner  to that wonderful place of ultimate married bliss!

I slid my bottom forward just a bit to give her the best angle and room for maneuvering on my lap.   My wife lowered her motherly hips downward,  allowing my organ fully into her private vault.  In the early parts of marriage, her medium-wide pelvis served dual purposes for the fulfillment of lovemaking and fertility.  The results were two daughters and multiple grandchildren.  Now those blessed hips God had made for us were all about our sexual enjoyment! I gasped at the wonderful sensation as my wife allowed me to fill her completely.   Janet took hold of the back of the couch and started to rock back and forth in my lap,  pumping my organ with deliberate,  slow motions.  By keeping her knees on the cushions and holding the heavy couch for support,  my wife had great control of her pelvis and was quickly riding my helpless erection to perfection.  My throbbing penis, already tingling, was being engulfed and massaged by her love tunnel.    After years of our lovemaking, Janet knows exactly how to use her pelvis for me!  As she shifted back away, she pressed herself downward, so the top wall of her vagina contacted the entire length of my penis as she moved her hips backward.  Her pubic bone, hidden within her womanly flesh, added additional pressure along the top length of my erection as it withdrew, and rubbed the topmost edge of the head of my penis.   Her special technique created tingles on that sensitized spot, and the feelings increased until it felt like a fire on the rim of the head of my organ!  The intensely pleasurable sensations caused me to wail in uncontrolled, helpless overstimulation of my body and mind.  “Oh MY! Oh MY!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT!” I bellowed in sensual anguish, involuntarily shifting my hips as best I could to relieve some of the intensity!  Janet was smiling with that look of complete control as she slowed her hips to allow me a brief respite.  I wasn’t finished recovering when she restarted her talented hips, grinding onto me again and moving forward and back.  The electricity she created by ‘milking’ my penis with her pelvis a second time was less intense, much more tolerable.  I only groaned loudly this time and could keep my lower half quiet despite the stimulation.    My wife then kept herself at the perfect angle and motion.    She just kept moving her sexy hips, creating a slow, steady,  exquisitely exciting ‘burn’.  ” Oooh, honey,” Janet said with quiet determination. “I’m gonna drive you crazy!” It was both a  beautiful, teasing ‘threat’ –And a sincere promise that she fully intended to make me delirious with pleasure!  Janet used her arms and knees to maintain her balance and leverage, keeping her pelvis pressed down and moving.  There was no way I could escape the incredible but intense sensations!  I simply groaned in contentment as I waited for the inevitable orgasm she promised.  All I could do was gurgle “Oh, My! Ooooh! Oh My!” with my mouth open and panting, and my eyes finding it hard to focus as I was sooo aroused.  My wife steadily rode me toward the finish line, with her arms extended and clutching the heavy couch.  The back and forth motion of her body was making her large breasts swing and sway forward and back.  It was a very arousing visual attraction, and they were too heavenly to ignore!

I directed my hands to her beautiful body on display before me.  I firmly caressed her thighs, kneading their muscles.  “I LOVE your legs!” I said, as my hands went further.   I next caressed and massaged her sides, belly, and torso.   The only remaining destination for my attention was her beautiful breasts that were bouncing right in front of me. I captured those plush trophies, one in each hand!  I kneaded the soft flesh firmly, not aggressively but in sensual appreciation of her incredible breasts.  “I REALLY love your chest!” I stated.  As I handled her mounds, Janet began moaning in response.  I was getting close to losing control of my body, so I really needed to get her to the same state so we could finish together!  My wife just kept moving those sexy hips, maybe even picking up the pace a little–It was hard to tell with everything that was going on!  “I really, REALLY love these!”  I confessed as  I took hold of each of her erect nipples between a finger and thumb and resumed the perfect pulling, pinching, and rolling motion that was guaranteed to do the trick!  Janet responded wonderfully, her eyes wide and gleaming as she groaned with delight.  “OOOooooh!  Yeah! Guuuuh! Keep DOING that!!”  She gurgled, now DEFINITELY increasing the pace of her hips as I teased her chest nonstop!  “Oh, yeah?” I murmured softly, still expertly tweaking and tugging those sensitive nipples.    “Uh huh! Yeah! Uh huh!”  Was my wife’s babbling reply, her face in a beautiful expression of arousal!  I relished her “meltdown” and the permission to keep playing with her until we finished.

We both began panting heavily from extreme excitement.   Our eyes locked as we knew our outcome was close, and our open mouths met in moaning, passionate kisses of desire!  Our tongues entwined sensually, each craving and demanding each other’s depths and fulfillment!  She kept moving her hips as I pulled her nipples.  Then we both erupted in loud, shaking orgasms as pleasure overwhelmed our bodies!  We noisily spasmed and clutched each other through waves of enjoyment, until the sexual energy drained from our bodies, and we collapsed together on our favorite couch! It took a couple of minutes of sighs and groans before we were coherent enough to speak.

“Oh, my,” I finally said.  “You are incredible!”  My beautiful wife knew my compliment was all-encompassing, not just about tonight’s passionate sexual experience.  It was about “the giving” of ourselves to each other, the delight in each other’s needs and satisfaction.  The sharing of life’s toils and troubles, but mostly the sharing of a good family and a good marriage.  All that and God’s gift of an extremely passionate and satisfying sex life was the icing on our cake!

“Mmmm,” She said.  “WE are incredible!”

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3 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    OMC THAT was one of the very best stories I’ve ever read on MH! It was magnificent! You are truly a blessed couple! And you are an excellent writer! Thank you so much for sharing!

    We too discovered the joys of my nipples. We discovered that on our honeymoon and my wife loves my nips as much as I love hers!

    Like your Janet, my Melodie is well endowed up top. Marrying her made me a boob man because she has such beautiful breasts! And of course she loves me loving on her boobies!

    Your description of her pelvis technique was very familiar to my experiences with my wife’s twerking and Kegal muscles hugs during sexual intercourse! In fact a LOT of your vivid descriptions were so familiar!

    This story should be read by all the worldly people who think that married sex is boring.

    I just submitted a story where I talked about how married sex can be a Spiritual experience so I loved this paragraph near the end. It sums things up nicely:

    “Oh, my,” I finally said. “You are incredible!” My beautiful wife knew my compliment was all encompassing, not just about tonight’s passionate sexual experience. It was about “the giving” of ourselves to each other, the delight in each other’s needs and satisfaction. The sharing of life’s toils and troubles, but mostly the sharing of good family and a good marriage. All that and God’s gift of an extremely passionate and satisfying sex life was the icing on our cake!

    Please keep writing such well composed and inspiring stories!

    • oldmarriedcouple says:

      Thank you for the compliments! One never knows how others are going to receive your own experiences and writing, so the feedback is much appreciated. I have shared with my wife that I truly feel our sexual/physical relationship is so passionate because of the love of God we share in our marriage. Lovemaking should be a Spiritual experience, and I hope all Christian couples enjoy it as such. It took many years for me (and us) to fully realize and appreciate that fact. I am sure many couples start out with intense physical passions, then with kids, careers, and life, sexual relations become more of a "chore" than the true "experience" it was intended to be. That's what is great about being an "empty nester" or a grandparent. You can do all you want with the kids and grandkids, but there is a freedom born of the opportunity to spend more intimate time with your spouse.

      I do confess that I have the "short man syndrome" when it comes to my wife. I feel honored when we are out together, that such a fine woman was placed in my life. And I relish the fact that her curves are so nice and I am sure others notice as well (in an appreciative/recognition of beauty way, not in a "lustful" way). Knowing that we look like an "average middled aged" couple, but have our "secret" passionate love life is all the more exciting to me. That is what inspires me to write about it.

      It really is all about the sharing! I absolutely thrive on the "giving" of. her body to me. I derive untold satisfaction from pleasuring my wife, so much so that if I had to choose between receiving from her or giving to her, I would choose to be the giver, as seeing and feeling her experience the ecstasy of sexual excitement fulfills me so much (and doesn't necessarily have to end with mutual orgasms). Satisfying her "completes" me as a married man. Fortunately, I currently don't have to choose. But if a time comes when I do, I would be totally content just showering her with the physical attention she deserves. Knowing she loves me enough to give her body up to me is exhilarating and only possible because of our commitments to our Lord and each other.

      Thanks again for the comments.

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