For the Ladies: Your Masturbation Habits (L)

Okay gals, young and older alike, I have loved reading the comments Alwayswet makes about all the masturbating she’s been doing (“extremely often”). They have inspired me to create a challenge for all of us ladies of MH.

I love hearing about other women’s masturbation habits: how many times a day, how long your sessions last, how many times you make yourselves cum, etc. I think I find female masturbation as hot as men do!  For example, have any of you ever spent the whole day naked and playing with yourself constantly throughout the day (cuz you know you’re going to want to cum again in short order, so why bother getting dressed?)

I love masturbating and need my orgasms every day. I do it often throughout the day. I’ve done it in every room of our house, I’ve played with my pussy while driving, and I go to town on myself in front of my husband all the time.  It turns him on greatly, and he usually ends up eating my pussy and then giving me a good fucking!  Other times he just likes to watch me do myself. And sometimes he gets naked and strokes himself to orgasm too. It’s all yummy!

Anyway, I would LOVE to hear all about your masturbation habits. Every day? Many times a day? How many times you make yourself cum in a single session? Techniques?  Can any of you make yourselves cum from nipple play alone? Do any of you suck your own nipples? Do you get turned on masturbating in front of your husband? Do you just start playing with yourself in front of him no matter where you are (in the car, the living room, kitchen table, in the garage, outside)? Have you ever been caught by someone other than your husband? (mom, sister, mother in law, friend) and how did you handle it? I could go on and on, but you get my drift…just an explicit hold-nothing-back share all on female masturbation. I’m sure the readers would appreciate it greatly! I know I will too!

I would especially love to read about others getting caught masturbating…especially if you didn’t care and just kept going…or if you were too close to cumming to stop and had to keep going! Keep em coming/cumming! Hope you don’t think me odd, but I always find “caught stories” hot, for some reason.

Perhaps, I could even add one more for the MH women, the “strangest place you masturbated because you were just too horny to wait and had to cum right there and then!”

Hopefully, I’ve provided enough stimulation for all the women here!  I hope to see a lot of hot and sizzling posts that get our pussies nice and wet.

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  1. kdm1984 says:

    Only on occasion, and only when husband is physically unavailable. I'm lazy and just grab a large Sharpie marker and then thoroughly wash it afterward. Not too titillating, I know. 😉

  2. HornyGG says:

    I love masturbating! I play with my pussy often and generally make myself cum a minimum of 2 to three times a session. Sometimes more depending on how horny I am.

    My masturbation preference is using my fingers. I just love the skin to skin contact and the feel of my wetness. I also enjoy tasting my pussy juices. I do have a growing collection of toys that I enjoy using, my favorite being Fun Factory's Big Boss.

    My husband Ben loves watching me make myself cum. It really turns him on, and more often than not, he will beat off while watching. This, in turn, turns me on tremendously and helps lead me to orgasm.

    I was never caught by my parents. My mother almost caught me after hearing me squeal in the bath after an orgasm. I told her that I had just gotten a cramp in my leg. I was walked in on by my brother Scoot once, but I was covered up so he didn't see anything and don't believe he had a clue about what I had been doing. I was a teenager at the time. I think he was around 12, maybe 13.

    Recently I was caught by my oldest daughter Alicia. My husband and I are both nudists and I was sitting in a chair in our bedroom (nude of course) with my legs spread. One leg over the arm of the chair as I fingered my pussy. I had forgotten that she was coming over and didn't hear her come in. She walked in and caught me with my hand in the cookie jar so to speak. It was a little embarrassing, but we had a good laugh about it.

    I love to talk dirty to myself when I jill off as it adds that extra spice and really helps heighten my arousal and helps me to cum. I am quite vocal when Ben and I fuck, so why not when I play with myself.

    I am a big advocate of the benefits of masturbation and believe it is an important part of a person's sexual health and mental well-being. Thank you for sharing this! God bless you and stay horny for your spouse always, hon!

    • Bona says:

      You mentioned you are nudist. Do you stay nude around your children and their spouses?Ever Ben caught by one of your daughters or daughter in laws? Or you by your son or son in laws in the act? I just can't get my mind around nudist life style.

  3. Sarge says:

    In the latter times before my wife passed away, we could only masturbate as our sexual practice due to the lichen sclerosis inside her vagina. She masturbated frequently, with me and alone. One day she was in our bedroom taking a nap, I thought, but she came out and because our son was in the room she whispered to me, “I had 12 orgasms in there.” I just smiled and said she was funny. She told me that as a teenager she would masturbate twice a day, and since I knew her in high school, that really turned me on. Even before her health problems, we masturbated a lot together and she’d use a simple massager for her thrills. But if we were out driving and she wanted to get off, she would just use her hands. Damn, I miss her.

  4. Lori D. says:

    I'm not ashamed to say that I'm married to a wonderful man and that I do masturbate! I have touched myself for many years after discovering every part of myself and the pleasures my body and my mind felt before, during and after my orgasm. Without engaging in intercourse my husband and I will take our clothes off, sit on our bed and masturbate. He will stroke his cock while looking at my body until he ejaculates and while I look at his body I will touch myself with my hand, fingers or even a dildo in my nightstand until I have an orgasm.

    For far too long women were told that masturbation is wrong, is sinful, is dirty, or just a taboo subject. This is not true. Masturbating is healthy for women. Masturbating is not a sin. It is a normal, a healthy and a loving activity that I enjoy by myself or with my husband. Consider it as a more fun version of yoga.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I like that… a more fun version of yoga! I think that masturbation is one of the key factors that has led to me having positive mental health!

    • Ron33 says:

      That is awesome! It took my wife many years before she would masturbate in front of me. Now, we do it regularly. It is a very loving activity and I agree, a fun version of yoga!

    • SecondMarge says:

      I keep getting invited to do yoga. Had I known sex was involved I would have accepted. I saw a news story about a woman that teaches women to masturbate. They do it in a room in a circle. The sound alone must be so erotic. Imagine 8-12 women climaxing around you. If you had trouble cumming that would fix it.

  5. Bootylicious says:

    LOVED your post GG! You go girl! Awesome!

    So…I just have to ask…were you at the point of no return when Alicia walked in on you? I know (from what she has written here) that Alicia is an avid masturbator too, so I doubt she cared one iota!

    Hubby and I love being naked too! And we'll likely be naked all the time too when we're empty nesters. (that's what my husband wants for sure!)

    Stay naked and horny and keep on jilling! Oh, and write more all about it here too. Loved your post! (and hope to read more!!!) You rock!

  6. ThePassionatePastor says:

    Oh my goodness! This wasn't even a "story" per say, but just hearing you describe how much you love masturbating was so arousing! I love watching my wife masturbate. It's something we do together pretty much every time we make love. And few things turn me on more than when she tells that she masturbated without me while I was out of the house. 😍

  7. Hot Tamale says:

    Well MH girlfriends, you're off to a great start! I, too, loved HornyGG's detailed post! Hoping many many more of your will chime in and share all the explicit details of your sexy masturbation experiences. Caught stories are super hot! And I think it is positively awesome when women have a completely open and honest and comfortable relationship with all things sexual with their moms. That GG is totally comfortable being naked in front of her grown kids is wonderful! That being caught masturbating is no big deal is awesome! (since it is as normal and natural as brushing one's teeth). I love that Alwayswet has that kind of relationship with her mom too! If memory serves me correctly, her mom caught her going to town on herself too and didn't care one little bit (in fact, she shared with her daughter that she, too, was insanely horny during her pregnancy and masturbated often). Wonderful to have that kind of relaxed/open/honest relationship! Two thumbs up! Anyway, keep em cumming, gals! Don't be shy. You help make the rest of us women really horny! At least you do me! haha Hope GG will write more too! Love your comments GG! My hands found their way into the cookie jar too. LOL

    • Sexygirlhorny says:

      I find that all very strange. I don't think family members should be open about their sexuality and be nude around their kids, etc. A husband and a wife have a private intimate sexual relationship that no one else should be privy to. “Caught” stories may turn you on, but unless it was your husband that caught you, I don't think that's healthy.

    • hornyGG says:

      Second chance and Sexy girl horny:
      I am not ashamed of my nudity especially around my daughters. We are all female and have the same parts and have seen each other nude many times.

      My husband and I are discreet about our nude lifestyle. He does not walk around nude in front of our daughters as he wouldn't feel comfortable doing so. I also do not purposely walk around nude in front of our son.

      However, they all know of our nudist lifestyle and if by chance they happen to catch us in the nude. We are not going to runaway in shame or embarrassment. They have all seen my husband and I nude at some point, and we definitely have them.

      There is nothing sinful or dirty about nudity though society has made it that way. I read about whole families going to nude beaches and resorts all the time. Being a nudist really doesn't have anything to do with sex as some may believe.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Nothing wrong, probably beneficial to see each other nude. I would not endorse purposely having sex in front of a child (pre puberty little person). But having been walked in on by a teen, as mixed the immediate reactions might be, I see no reason it is significant unless the parent acts as if it is important. If you act like it is some horrible event you will make it into one. If both know it’s just part of life that all people do, no harm.

    • sarah k says:

      I do think families should be open about masturbation.
      We have a saying in our house: 'If you haven't been caught, you probably don't masturbate enough.'
      Married sex, that we do keep behind the door, but we are open that we like sex.

    • sarah k says:

      Well, SecondMarge, you know what your family has to do about that – everyone needs to be masturbating themselves more. Being open and sometimes catching each other helps with that.

  8. Hot Tamale says:

    Speaking of Alicia, how is she doing? Haven't seen a post from her in ages! And, daughter-like-mother, her comments were always super hot too! Would love to see her on MH again. GG, please convey my well wishes! Hope she's doing well.

    • hornyGG says:

      Hot Tamale, she is doing great! I will definitely relay your message. She hasn't been on here in awhile. So I imagine her account has been deleted. Not sure though. God bless ya sweetheart. Stay horny!

  9. Bootylicious says:

    I think we've established that nudity is not sinful (in past discussions). And there is, most certainly, no sin in a mother and daughter seeing each other naked! Nor is there sin in a mother and adult daughter discussing sexual matters. Nor is there sin in GG (or any other mom) being walked in on by a grown daughter while masturbating. I also think it's great that Ben and Gina have a swim suit optional rule in their pool. Nothing wrong with that at all and certainly no shame involved. I think that's awesome!

    Still hoping (along with Hot Tamale) to read more hot masturbation stories from all you horny MH women! I was super excited when I first saw Tamale's post and thought it would be flooded with sexy tales. Still hoping…

    Shout out to Alwayswet to chime in too! I know she has lots to tell (especially during her horny pregnancy days). I've been wanting to hear detailed accounts of all day masturbation sessions for some time! 😁

  10. Bootylicious says:

    I realize no one said it was "sin"…just the word I chose to use. I could have said "I don't think it's wrong, or even odd, for that matter." It's just the human body after all and we all have the same parts! Why be embarrassed or ashamed or make things awkward? Kudos to GG!! Quite a healthy approach IMHO! Wish my mom was like that! (sister is a total prude too! Even with her husband!)

  11. SecondMarge says:

    Not having a daughter, only a son, I believe being nude in front of opposite gender is not a problem either. Unless we make it one. We know this is true by nude beaches and family nudist camps. Women being topless is common in other countries with no ill affects. We swim nude in our pool. The only problem with nudity is changing society from where it is now to a more normal one.

  12. Bootylicious says:

    Thanks for your comments about nudity, SecondMarge. I agree completely! Now…are we going to read some of your masturbation stories on this thread? I know from what you've posted elsewhere that you have begun to enjoy the art of masturbation. Hope you'll share all. You, too, Alwayswet! Your comments are always so exciting (as the Candyman song says "Makes your panties drop" LOL) that I've always hoped for a more detailed story from you. By the way, I think your mom is pretty darn cool about this stuff!


  13. sarah k says:

    Daily plus for me. If I skip a day, it is an indication that something is wrong.
    Masturbating to orgasm is a great way to start the day, part of my morning offering to God.
    My parents taught me masturbation was a gift from God and to be open about it; I have raised our children the same way.
    There is no shame in being caught. Enjoy.

    • YoungCouple69 says:

      Sarah, I really appreciate your perspective. I think it is so cool that your parents taught you that masturbation was a gift from God. My wife and I are new parents and are considering how we want to teach our children about sexuality in the future. Curious how you have approached the topic of masturbation in your family.

    • sarah k says:

      YoungCouple69, sure. If you are on either Songs of the Believers or Delights of the Believers, contact me there.

    • Ron33 says:

      That is awesome. I know a retired lady that told me a few years ago she did discuss masturbation with her two kids growing up. She was single by the way. She even bought her daughter a vibrator.

    • Horny_boy says:

      It is so COOL that your parents raised you in that way. I wish my parents would have done something like that. My sister's always told me that God hates what I'm doing. Even though she is married, she thinks masturbation is wrong. I would like to get more wisdom from you, sarah.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I wish that were true, but I doubt there is much everyone agrees on. Maybe not a sin, but I bet a good percentage here find it wrong to be naked with family members other than spouse, especially opposite-sex ones. Seems silly to many, but there remains a large number of people uptight about bodies, not even going beyond nudity to sex, masturbating, or intercourse. Not that I suggest, "Hey, kids, come on in and watch." But being walked in on isn’t an awful thing if handled right.

  14. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Here's the skinny on Lauren's solo masturbation:

    Frequency: Typically 3 or so times per week. If I'm traveling, daily.
    Orgasm: Always at least once and sometimes 2-3 orgasms.
    Technique: Fingers or vibrator on her clit. Always an anal plug in, too.
    Nipple play: Has never cum from nipple play but it makes her very wet.
    Masturbating in front of me: Yes, she gets very turned on doing it.
    Caught: Never been caught except by me 🙂 but had a few close calls in college with her roommates.

    • TexasWife says:

      I heard they were having trouble keeping up with all the requests to join. Maybe try again? Or try delights of the believers.

      [MH cautions readers that DotB is an offshoot but unrelated site from SotB.]

  15. alwayswet101 says:

    Oh, my, I’m just seeing this post and am absolutely flattered by all the shoutouts! Guess I did a good job with accurately portraying my horniness and pregnancy hormones! I consider myself to be a woman who loves sex. I love masturbating, I love giving, I love receiving, and come on, who doesn’t freaking love orgasming!?

    I love what Sarah K said about if you haven’t been caught masturbating you probably aren’t doing it enough…so true! I’ve been caught many times. It’s always a little embarrassing but at the end of the day, I have a vagina, a clitoris, a brain and hormones, which all make us ladies want to feel good!

    During pregnancy, I was masturbating like a fiend. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my panties, and I felt like I could've had sex with a telephone pole. Even when I got so big and swollen, I still felt like I had this glow to me, a rounded kind of sexy—like a pregnant, engorged sexy that everyone could see, and it turned me on so much. I would be doing something normal like grocery shopping, and my panties would get soaked, and I’d want to masturbate or feel such a need for my husband. My hubby was addicted to my pregnant body (boobs, belly, glow on my cheeks, butt, thighs, wetness between my legs.) I kept feeling like if I got any bigger he wouldn’t be as attracted to me, and I was wrong (thank goodness.) He loved every change I was experiencing and going through, and even when I rarely got a little sick in the morning or would be congested or extra tired, he felt bad but it turned him on knowing that it was a result of him knocking me up. He would walk through the door from work, and as soon as he’d lay his eyes on me, he'd have to adjust himself in his pants (even if others were around.) We always say we never knew his penis had that much of a mind of its own. It was wild the amount that he would just have zero control and bam!—full-on erection at some of the worst times, haha. I sure am not complaining though; it made me feel magical, which turned me on even more! Now, most days when I was preggo, by the time he got home I would have masturbated and cum several times throughout the day already. We would have amazing pregnancy sex at night when he was home, and I craved it all day long! This is also when I realized that I was capable of having squirting orgasms while I was preggo, and he really loved this, which eventually started to make me love it as well.

    As far as being caught masturbating goes… man, where do I begin, lol. My husband has caught me many, many, many times, but I don’t even count that as caught; he’s my hubby. My sister and nephew both separately caught me masturbating a few times after I was pregnant in the beach house that we all share… My mom has caught me so many times that I stopped counting, lol…

    Nowadays breastfeeding our new little bundle of joy always stirs a feeling between my legs and I honestly can’t wait to get pregnant again so I don’t think it will be long. My hubby can always tell when I’m feeling the warm tingly feeling between my legs because he knows me so well. He knows it’s his turn to hold our babe afterward so momma can go feel good. 😊 I can’t wait—and I mean literally cannot wait—for the day when I can have sex with my hubby again. I have such need for him, even more now that I can’t have sex quite yet.

    I don’t know why I expected myself to not get wet and super turned on writing this, but I was being silly. I now need to go touch myself, and I think my hand alone will be plenty, considering the puddle I have already leaked into the panties I have on.

    Ladies, I love, love, love reading this kind of stuff, so please share your oops moments of getting caught and your masturbation experiences and everything in between! I’m off to experience a little self-love so please share! Xoxo 💋

    • Peterpan says:

      If I may react on your post here, Alwayswet. I think you are a great advocate for the ladies regarding masturbation. But not only to the ladies, also for the men you are a great and positive example for masturbation. As a man, I do have those many masturbation moments when being so horny. So thanks again for sharing your delightful moments of masturbation, Alwayswet.

    • Horny_boy says:

      Omg @alwayswet101 🤤🤤 your words (and those from all the ladies in this post) are like honey to my cock; I was stroking so fast while reading this post that I ended up cumming at your comment—a big load of semen, so juicy!! 🍆💦

      And yes, I'm 22 and I've been caught so many times by my older sister and younger sister as well; I don't feel shame anymore even if they think what i'm doing is wrong. You know, I grew up in a conservative home where masturbation was thought wrong (which it still is), but what can I do? I have a penis, testicles, and hormones, and I need so many releases. I am still dating a girl from church and she knows that I masturbate.

      I will not apologize for saying that I love masturbation.

      This site has helped me so much with my guilt over masturbation to orgasm. I can't even find words for how grateful I am for this site.

      Now reading again, I need to stroke my cock again at work; I work from home, and I can masturbate while working, haha.

      Please share more masturbation stories; it is amazing how horny you get!!

    • SecondMarge says:

      What did your sisters say when they caught you? Must not have been a big deal if it occurred repeatedly. We tend to overreact about anything involving sex. Sex is just sex.

    • Loving Guy says:

      Hi Alwayswet,

      Speaking of caught and being caught, I have two great stories to that effect.

      One time I was staying at my buddy's place in high school, and I was going for a drink of water at night. My buddy's dad was out of town for work. I heard some moaning from the direction of my buddy's parents room. The door was open slightly. I noticed that my buddy's mom was talking dirty on the phone and saying her husband's name. Then I realized that my buddy's parents were having phone sex. My buddy's mom was wearing stockings and heels. Her nipples were really hard. Her pussy was hairy. Her other hand was between her legs. I went back to my bedroom as quickly and quietly as possible. I had to jerk off. I took some tissues from the bedroom kleenex box and went to town. It was the only time that I have seen or heard a woman masterbate in person.

      One time, I was jerking off and got caught by one of my mom's friends who was coming by hoping for a chat with my mom. I was jerking off with the window open and blinds open. When I had to stop to answer the door, my mom's friend admitted that she accidentally saw me stroking my cock. I apologized, and she completely understood. In fact, she said that her husband does it too. Furthermore, she said that now she could hardly wait until her husband got home to have sex with him. Not only did I have some fun, but my mom's friend and her husband had a good time as a result. Two issues resolved for the price one!

  16. Peterpan says:

    Always love your comments Secondmarge. Would love to chat with you some day. You respect, but also have a strong idea and opinion. Which for me, can be a start of a good chat, nothing more then that. And above all with all respect!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thank you for the kind words. It’s difficult taking a 21st century viewpoint about a first century topic, religion. I try not to step on too many toes here, but I have to be honest. I see no reason to ignore the differences in society, medicine and every other field. Nor should we feel science is the enemy of God, because he invented it. Sex can be and where possible be an important part of a marriage. We are born with the desire for sex and masturbating is a part of that for most people. God neither blesses or is offended by it.
      It would be great to have a chat function here. But chat, like the stories here often are used as masturbation food. We wink nod nod that it’s ok while we condemn lusting for others and claim only our spouse should be the incentive for self pleasure.

  17. Loving Guy says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I agree with this!

    "I do think families should be open about masturbation.
    We have a saying in our house: 'If you haven't been caught, you probably don't masturbate enough.'
    Married sex, that we do keep behind the door, but we are open that we like sex."

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