Wife Surrenders To Me

When I come home from work, the house is quiet. There is no dinner cooking, and my wife is nowhere to be seen.  I call to her but get no reply, so I check around the house.  As I enter the hallway, I see our bedroom door is closed; maybe my wife is not feeling well and taking a nap. 

As I open the door, I’m not prepared for what I see.  There’s my wife, lying naked with one of my ties over her eyes as a blindfold, one pair of her stockings tied around her mouth as a gag, and her hands holding onto stockings that are tied to the headboard, a clear if wordless request to tie her wrists.  

Her breathing is quick and her heavy tits and hug, hard nipples rise and fall with each breath.  She knows that I am there.  She squirms and spreads her legs, showing her completely shaven pussy, all puffy and pink. Her juices make her pussy and thighs glisten. 

I approach her, not saying a word.  She gasps when I grab her right wrist, then pull the loose stocking around it and tighten her arm up against the headboard.  I walk to the other side of the bed and do the same, causing her to moan and pull at the stockings.  I can see her pussy juice flowing out of her, making a wet spot on the bed.  In silence, I undress, listening  to her moan as she writhes in anticipation. I stare at the most beautiful and desirable woman I’ve ever met.  That she is my wife, offering herself to me has me harder than I’ve ever been.  I grab and stroke my cock, rubbing my precum all around my head, just about ready to climb on her and fuck her hard.

But then I have second thoughts. That is exactly what she wants, to be taken, ravished, used for my pleasure. She takes her pleasure in submitting to me.  But not this time.

I smirk and walk to the laundry room, grab the basket of snap clothespins, then return to the bedroom.  She’s still moaning and grinding her thighs together when I sit on the bed beside her.  I start snapping a clothespin open and closed, and she stops moving as she tries to figure out the sound.  I lean down and lick and bite her ear and neck, something that she loves.

She moans as I whisper, “Do you trust me?” When she nods, I ask very seriously, “Do you submit to me fully?” Her head bobs quickly over and over.

 “Good!” I whisper and kiss her cheek as I grab one if her breasts hard and squeeze it, making her nipple poke out even harder and longer.  I close a clothespin, press it into the soft white flesh of her tits around her nipple, and let it close tight and pinch her.

She arches off the bed, moaning and breathing harder. While I place one more on the other side of her nipple, she moans loudly, her head tossing side to side.  Her nipple engorges like I’ve never seen before.

 I give her nipple a sharp flick with my finger, making her jump and her body tremble.  Then I grab her other breast just as hard and apply two more clothespins,  repeating the nipple flick on this side. 

I can smell her arousal, and I tell her to spread her legs.  Mmmm, she is sooo swollen and wetter than I’ve ever seen her.  She tries to close her legs again so she can rub them together more, but I grab a clothespin on each tit and squeeze it a bit, making her squeak in the gag. 

“Keep your legs open. I like looking at your hot, wet pussy.” I speak with authority, more calmly than I feel, and she obediently opens them as wide as she can.  Her pussy opening lets a larger flow of juice out. 

I take another two clothespins and clip them onto each of her nipples which leads to her arching and pressing her chest up and screaming through the gag again.  

I stand and, moving to the bottom of the bed, climb between her legs.  Around the thin gag, I make out the words, “Fuck me, p-p-p-please, baby.  Put your cock in and fuck me.”

I run my middle finger up through her wet pussy lips while two other fingers glide up the sides of her mound. When my hand reaches her swollen clit, so engorged and peeking out of hiding, she pushes up and into it.  Then I pinch and squeeze her clit, causing her to shudder and wiggle and let out a long steady moan.  I grab another clip and I snap it she freezes. 

I move my fingers lower and squeeze around the base of her clit, making it pop up more. As I close the clothespin on her clit, she cries out, her voice cracking at the intensity of the sensation. 

 I slide my hips up closer, grab my cock, and try to slap my cock against her, but it is so hard by this time that I can’t.  Instead, I grab her firm smooth thighs and squeeze them hard, then lift and roll them outward before I push them down again.  She is so limber that her legs turn straight out, making her body into a “T.” Her pussy points straight up, and I slide my cock along it, making her quiver.  

The head if my cock touches her hot wet opening, and without warning, I drop down hard, shoving my cock fully into her.  Knowing I’m not going to last, I lift and drive into her pussy over and over, relentlessly! 

Her pussy starts gushing as she shakes and screams.  As her body bounces wildly under me, her clothespinned tits slap back and forth against her.  Her body tenses, and she screams, then goes limp as her pussy pulses around my cock.

Immediately, I flood her pussy with several bursts of my cum, yelling out in the strongest orgasm of my life. I release her legs and watch her body convulse as I empty inside her pussy, our cum mixing and flowing out around my cock.  

My sexy wife lies limp and shaking, and when I pull out of her and tug the gag down, her mouth hangs open and she can only mumble.  As I raise her blindfold, her blue eyes flutter and roll back in her head.  Then, she gasps and her body tenses.  Her eyes open wide, glassed over at first, then they lock onto mine as if trying to comprehend what just happened. 

My wife turns her head and sees her arms tied to the bed and the clothespins on her tits and clit. She exhales a low moan and grins, knowing she’s just had the most passionate sex ever!  

I lean down and kiss her. “I love you, baby!” I tell her. 

She asks if I’m ready to untie her, but I laugh. “Mmmmm, while I have you at my mercy? Maybe not quite yet,” I say and I pull the gag into place and the blindfold back down…

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5 replies
    • Salcpl says:

      I highly recommend you give it a try. We don’t do it often, but when we do, my wife loves it! I have a story about a recent experience that is due to be posted on the 22nd of this month.

  1. Maxlove says:

    That is so hot! I also have found my wife tied to the headboards, and gagged. Only difference is, I like to see her eyes grow wide as she tries helplessly to make out my next move — and to see what's going on. Smoldering hot story, though. The mind picture, and personal memories of the look on her face, is irresistible to me as a man.

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