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Sleeping, But Not Quite

My husband and I started reading this site because we wanted ideas for spicing up our sex life. When I was pregnant, our sex life exploded. And since, it hasn’t slowed down. We’ve always been very touchy feely that way. A few weeks ago, I had nearly drifted off to sleep when I felt his […]

Penis Love

It was my husband’s idea to post a story tonight. We have only posted once before. He doesn’t know it’ll be about his penis, though. I love his cock. I love it. It’s so perfectly soft, and is an endless source of excitement for me. I love cupping the whole area in one hand, and […]

Young Love

Hi everyone. This is our first story. I write this as my husband and I lie in bed. We’ve always liked keeping our marriage saucy. And even as a young couple in our early 20’s, we enjoy trying new things. We always want to keep our sex life pumping. It’s hot as our legs touch. […]