Young Love

Hi everyone. This is our first story.

I write this as my husband and I lie in bed.

We’ve always liked keeping our marriage saucy. And even as a young couple in our early 20’s, we enjoy trying new things. We always want to keep our sex life pumping.

It’s hot as our legs touch. I watch his chest rise and fall in anticipation.

His hips thrust out, just slightly.

It’s funny how I never thought I needed to bother with matching bra and underwear. I lie in his strong arms in my very first matching set. His erection tells me that I should have bought them right from our wedding day. I’m sold.

Even pregnancy didn’t stop our incredible sexual drive. Now that our daughter is over a year old, we’re still insanely mad for each other. Sex after pregnancy was incredible for us.

I can’t begin to describe the attraction I feel to my husband. Small – but not too small. Muscly – but just enough. His body is firm, tan, and incredibly soft to touch. His bum is one that any female would envy. Just the right handful. Yet firm. It leads to his slim, long legs.  Legs that wrap around mine as we come together in sexual arousal.

As we hold each others eyes, his piercing blueness stuns me to the point of wetness. I can be doing anything, but the second he looks at me with sexual longing, I feel the lips of my vagina begin to swell.

He puts strong arm around my shoulders, and I rest my cheek on his warm, strong chest. His penis begins to rise. Ever so slowly. I place my hand around the shaft, and he sighs. The excitement is clearly building – his cock is growing harder by the second. I slowly lower my mouth towards his hardened member. His erection makes my nipples tingle. I can feel them press against the soft fabric of my bra. The slightest twitch of the fabric sends a flurry of tingles down to my clitoris.

I gently take his hard and pulsing penis in my mouth, closing my lips around it, as softly as I can. My tongue swirls around the whole pole that makes up his manhood. He always comments on my ability with blow jobs. I know that whatever I do, it’ll please him. Treating him, I press his throbbing cock deep into my throat. He arches his back, and lets out a low groan.

This is what I like. The groaning. The pressing up of his hips. The way he closes his eyes, his long eyelashes brushing the tip of his high cheekbones. I love seeing that he is enjoying it.

I continue to take it deeper. Deeper until he is so excited, so turned on, that he is fighting off  a strong orgasm. He pulls me by my hair. Gently, he takes my wrists, and guides me to be on top of his flat stomach. He knows that his slender hips are one of the biggest turn ons for me. I straddle his narrow body, and he eases his penis into my wet, hot, waiting vagina.

We both groan as he enters. Thrusting, harder and hard, he moans. I love this. His body is so caught in our intercourse that everything else in our world disappears. I feel the precum making the penetration smoother, and the ride more intense.

He reaches behind my back, undoing all four hooks on my bra. My breasts fall on his face. He loves it. He always comments on how hot it is when my breasts  – large C’s now, a stark contrast to my A/B’s before pregnancy – touch him and fall over his face when I’m on top.

I know he’s loving it – his cock is swelling harder and harder. It’s heightening the feelings pulsing out from my g-spot… My pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I want him deeper. I let out a moan.

When we root, I always think about the feelings I feel. I love feeling his knob rub down the wall of my vagina as he enters and thrusts. He cups my breasts in his hands. I love this. I love how he pulls them together, gently, and nuzzles his face between them. His thumbs brush over my erect nipples. Nipple stimulation is the ultimate turn on for me.

As he thrusts his huge erection in and out of my pussy, I fight off the orgasm that builds. Every movement he makes over my nipples sends my body into a strong pulsing mini orgasm.

I’ve often found that even though our sex is amazing, I have to begin stroking my clitoris to reach an orgasm. He loves seeing this. In our early marriage, I wondered if this was a turn off – he’s reassured that seeing me finger my clit as he enters and pushes, is hot for him. This time he surprises me. He reaches into my mound with two fingers, and begins to rub his fingers quickly, like a vibrator, giving me the strongest urge to cum. We groan, mumbling how much we love one another.

Suddenly, he grabs my breast, kneading my pink nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His hips thrust upward, and he tilts his head back. I can feel his building ecstasy. I thrust harder, harder, panting, groaning.

I moan, “Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum… I’m about to cum.”

He jolts his hip up, his pubic bones digging into my thigh, and his breathing gets deep and loud. As his fingers work in my pussy, I feel the orgasm climb.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” My voice is barely more than a whisper. He groans, and I feel his cock click into orgasm. He rocks harder, thrusting up and down.

We’re never quiet when we orgasm. We groan, gripping one another. I feel his juice run into my hot vagina. Hot, sticky, sweet… As we end our orgasm, we pant, taking deep breaths. Sex is amazing. And I’m glad I have one ridiculously good-looking husband to do it with.

Bless you all. We hope you enjoyed our little story.

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8 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Loved this story E Wilson! I agree with Blondie, this was so loving and hot. You two remind me alot of my husband and I in the early years of our Marriage. I just had a nice orgasm prior to reading your story, yet feel as though I could use another.

    Young love is so special and sweet. God bless you and your husband. I wish you many years of marital bliss. Please write more and stay horny!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to write this E. I love how you said, “sex is amazing.” I totally agree. We were made by a gracious Creator – who gave this amazing gift for our marriages.

    I’ve been married 28 years and I want you to really look forward to something. Lord willing – I want you and your husband to know that you can look forward to being able to say many years from now that your sex is – even more amazing than it is now. This in no way lessens how great it is now. I don’t fully understand how God pulls this off – but He does. It just gets better and better. He has made us with a capacity – that as we keep growing in Christ – He not only sustains our marriages, He makes them to thrive with thankfulness for all His goodness. I’m not talking about a marriage with no trials or difficulties – but marriage that is so rooted in Christ by faith – that God grants us the grace to persevere with hopefulness, gladness, and joy.

    E, your testimony of the early years of your life together with your beloved husband is just a deposit of many more great years that God has for you. I am excited by the enthusiasm and contentedness that you both have for each other. Keep strong in the Word and close to your church family – and continue to experience the Lord’s favor on your life.

    And don’t be surprised by God as He enables you to experience the euphoric joys of the most raucous and creative sex than you could even imagine. Like I said – I don’t know how He pulls this off – but I still can’t wait to jump my wife in bed! I just told her the other night (and I’ve said this countless times), “I’m so horny right now – It is like I’ve never had sex before in my life…I don’t know how God does it!”

    I just wanted you to hear this from someone a little further down the road. I wish I would have known that sooner in my life – but, I’m glad to know it now! God bless you and your husband (and daughter!).

  3. E Wilson says:

    Thanks everyone!

    My husband and I are very excited that this has been published.

    (He was more excited about your replies.)

    We definitely will write more.

    Stay tuned!

  4. E Wilson says:

    I’ve been sexy messaging my love tonight… I’m waiting for him to shower…

    He’s been sending me stories from here all night. And I have sent him this one – our story.

    I can’t wait to see if he remembers it. And for the night ahead!

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