When you need it… (L)

I should have known what you had in mind when I saw what you were wearing to bed…

It had been a long, week for both of us. Nothing particularly difficult. For you it was just the usual endless schedule of pick ups, drop offs… taking our three kids from here to there, squeezing in your tennis, Pilates and running. I love it that you spend so much time staying healthy. Not only does it keep you young, but it makes me so hot feeling your strong, lean body when we make love. After 20 years of marriage I still get butterflies thinking about you.

For me the week had the usual busy work schedule… a little stress with a client, a quick trip out of town. It was a routinely exhausting week. I was tired.

So it didn’t register when I saw you coming to bed in that green nightie with white polka dots. I know you so well… you’d rather feel comfortable and sexy in a soft cotton nightie that accentuates the curves of your breasts, your strong flat stomach, resting just over the top of your ass, showing your strong, fit legs and just a peek at your panties.

And those panties! How did I miss that? Stretchy spandex in bright pink. Peeking out from under the bright green and white nightie…. You know I love those! So many times I have rubbed your stiffening clit through the silky stretchy fabric, feeling your wetness soaking into the crotch panel. Sometimes we even slide them off of you and wrap them around my cock for a special treat when you jack me off.

You know this outfit drives me crazy, and I know you feel sexy in it, but there I was. Falling asleep as you climbed into bed.

“I love you sweetie,” I said as you slid into the cool cotton sheets of our bed. I leaned up and gave you a quick peck as you leaned down to say goodnight.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep with a smile. What an idiot!

Fortunately, things were about to get interesting.

As I lay there in the early stages of sleep, only remotely aware of my comfy sheets, big puffy comforter and those men’s compression underwear I’m wearing that I love so much. I noticed something…

There was a gentle rhythmic rustling coming from your side of the bed. You sleep on the side of the bed toward the windows, and there was a huge full moon shining in, highlighting your outline. I fell asleep with my head turned toward you, so I had the perfect chance to open my eyes and investigate the noise without letting you know I was awake

I opened my eyes and a thrill shot through me when I saw what you were doing.

You were on your back lying flat. The moon was shining off your beautiful blonde hair and I could see your hazel eyes were closed. The corners of your mouth were turned into a very subtle smile. You were relaxed and content. The comforter was down at your waist and the soft cotton sheet was up just below your shoulders.

And I detected slight movements under the sheets… moving back and forth I could see your thumbs gently rubbing your nipples. The almost imperceptible noise I heard was your perfectly manicured thumbnails rubbing against the sheets while your thumbs caressed your sensitive nipples.

There is absolutely nothing so sexy to me as seeing you experience sexual pleasure. It is fantastic when we make love, but some of my favorite experiences with you over our 25 years together are when you are so charged up, and you need it so badly that you touch yourself.

So I watched. Under the sheets you were moving so slowly. Maybe you were trying to be quiet, but I didn’t think so. I could see by your face that you were lost in pleasure. The slowness of your movements was evidence to the expression of deep, satisfying pleasure.

We’ve known each other since we were teen agers, and you’ve told me how sensitive your nipples are… that when they are touched just right that you feel electricity all over your body. Sometimes it’s strong, powerful electricity that drives you to move, to grind and to breathe like you are starving for oxygen. But in this case I knew it was another kind of energy.

From your slightly open mouth and your deep, heavy breathing I could see that the energy was powerful. Slow. It was relaxation, concentrating on your breasts, warm and radiant. With each pass of your thumb it was sending off another wave of electricity down your body to your clit. Pulsing and hot, I could just imagine what you were feeling as your entire consciousness focused on the sensations in your nipples and your clit. You were a bundle of pleasure nerves and the entire rest of your being was melting into the mattress. Imperceptible, outside the focus of your senses.

I know you well, you’re not going to stay at this level forever. So I quietly waited while the tension built in you. This show was definitely going to get better before it was over.

And I was right.

Within a couple of minutes your pace had quickened. The sheet was pulled down and I could see the top of your nightie was pulled to the side, exposing your chest. Your full, round breasts were open in the warm air and I got a quick flash of momories as I saw them: I pictured you on the beach, with your tan skin contrasting against your bikini top and your cleavage pressing out. I pictured how they look when you orgasm, shaking as you shudder to climax. And I pictured them soaked with my cum, after you let me masturbate in front of you.

Right now, in the moonlight, I could see your beautiful fingers and your fresh manicure. I could see the soft white skin that your bikini top covers. And I could clearly see the contrasting skin of your areola after your circling thumb passed by. Your movements were still slow and deliberate but definitely increasing in speed, I could see you were pressing harder on your pink nipples, moving your thumbs around them in sensuous circles. My guess was that you’re getting wetter with each passing second.

I was so hard just watching. I could feel the fabric of my underwear straining at my cock. The feeling was so intense I knew I had to be dripping some pre-come, but I didn’t dare move to touch it. I didn’t want to let you know that I was awake. So I lay there, watching the moonlight reflect off of the scene in front of me.

I felt a bolt of excitement when I saw you making your move. Your right hand slid down from your breast… down under the covers. I knew exactly where it was going. From your firm tits, across your tight stomach, down to the source of your pleasure.  The electricity in your clit was too much to bear and it was time for you to pay some attention to the scene beneath your sopping wet panties.

And what an amazing scene it is. I know it so well… your lips are warm and puffy, with the nipple teasing causing them to swell and ignite into a throbbing source of sensual power. Deep inside you felt the juices flowing, coming from your entire core. The electricity had turned into a nuclear reactor, radiating warmth over your whole body… and your clit was straining at the pink spandex, making a bump in the fabric that’s pressing against your freshly shaved pussy.

As your hand reached your crotch and your middle finger brushed on the outside of the spandex, right at the place where your clit-bump is pressing through, you let out a tiny gasp. I could come right now without even touching my cock. But I wait… there was more to this show.

In the moonlight I could see the sheet, now completely uncovered, moving with your hand underneath. I could picture the shape your hand was making, with your fingers slightly curled, middle finger pushing out just a bit beyond the others so you could get the fingertip focused on your clit. And the rhythm was slow.

Your head was now tilted back, and I could see your chin pushing up toward the ceiling, slowly moving back and forth in complete pleasure immersion. Eyes were still closed and your blonde hair was falling down your face onto the pillow. Your breathing was now deep, strong and there was a growing sense of urgency.

As the pace quickened beneath the sheets I waited for my cue. I wanted you to get your finger inside those magic pink stretchy panties, directly on your clit before I gave in and let you know I was awake. My cock was now producing a steady stream of pre-come. It was running out and soaking the striped, strained cloth of my shorts.

You were so graceful that I almost missed it. A quick flick of your wrist and your slim fingers were over the waistband and down into the soaking folds of your pussy. And your hand was at a different angle now. Your middle finger was turned upward and I could see your wrist was a little more bent. You were drilling that finger into your clit, pressing hard on it now. I knew it was so wet that there was almost no friction, just pure sensation as your finger swiped back and forth two or three times a second.

You let out a sweet little moan and I couldn’t take it any longer.

So I wouldn’t startle you, I moved a little. You hesitated, eyes still closed. Lying on my side I moved my right hand to your left breast and began to pitch in on your approaching climax by rubbing your nipple.  Just for a second, though. Just enough to get you used to the idea that you were not alone.

As soon as I knew I hadn’t scared you I moved my hand down and pulled your arm away. I wanted you to stop… this was my job. You reluctantly let me pull your hand away. (You don’t like being teased, once you’re on the way to an orgasm you are bent on getting there). But I wouldn’t let you down.

Without a word I leaned up on my elbow and moved in for a taste of your hard nipple. I knew you liked it because your hips moved involuntarily as my wet mouth closed around your pink nerve center. At the same time, just to get the status of what was going on down there, I reached into your crotch and felt your pussy. Oh, I loved what I find.

More than I had even imagined, your juices had soaked the spandex and I could feel your warm wetness covering the area from somewhere underneath your ass all the way up toward your waistband. I love your wet panties and have spent many solo sessions thinking about exactly this scene – you need it so badly that your pussy soaks through the silky material of your panty-crotch. So hot. Sometimes I even rub myself with these particular panties, thinking about you while I masturbate into the slick cloth.

I decided it’s time to go. So without a word I slid down under the sheet. I pulled your panties off as I went… down over your knees and ankles. I knew exactly where these were going. With a quick move I wrapped them around my cock gave a brief grind into the mattress and then assumed my position down under the covers.

Your pussy was so perfect, so hot, and about to be so satisfied.

I didn’t waste much time… just a couple quick kisses to your inner thighs and I was poised, mouth over your perfectly shaved mound. I knew exactly what to do.

With one big swipe of my tongue I licked the outer lips of your pussy. You were so wet and I wanted to taste it. I wanted to feel the heat of your puffy lips on my tongue and I wanted to give you a warning of what was about to happen.

You thrust your hips toward my mouth in agreement, I didn’t need much more encouragement. Sometimes you resist this, but I knew tonight I had your full approval.

After one or two more swipes of my tongue, I moved down closer. Each lick going a little deeper into your folds to get closer to your clit.

I moved my mouth over the entire area, encompassing a little bit of your outer mound, your clit and some of your lips into my mouth. Pressing my upper lip against the soft area above your clit, I coaxed your nub out so it was just a little more exposed. I usually wait to do this until I’ve licked around a bit more, but I knew how much you need it right now. Once in place I sucked just a little bit to pull more blood into the area and further expose your clit.

As I did this I could feel your body undulating with the movements of your hands on your breasts, feverishly rubbing your nipples under your thumbs to heighten the pleasure.

I pressed onto the area with my mouth and then slowly put the tip of my tongue right on the bottom side of your clit. By your reaction I could tell this wasn’t going to take long for you.

In about two or three minutes I had you thrashing around in the bed, as if the energy had been converted to pure electricity, shocking you and causing spasms all over your body. My mouth was still locked onto your pussy, with just enough suction that I never missed a beat, licking your clit… circling it and swiping it with my tongue.

I knew you were there when you spread your legs even wider and grabbed my head with both bands, driving my face into your pussy.  Your hips were bucking and the juices were running down my chin… Then you went completely stiff. Your ass lifted off the bed and your hands jammed my face into you.

You came. Wave after wave took you over as you lost control… with each subsiding wave I flicked my tongue once more and it extended your pleasure. I did this until you couldn’t take it any more.

I knew you were done because you went limp and pulled your hips away from me, lifting my head away from your sensitive clit.

I wasted no time. With your panties still wrapped around the base of my cock I jumped up and positioned myself to fuck you. With one push I was in up to my balls. You gasped. Partially out of pleasure, partly because you were worried that I was going to hurt you in my current state of abandon.

At that moment we felt a one-ness that was hard to describe. We were one. Our physical, spiritual and personal needs all satisfied and we were completely in step with each other. I moved in and out of you in a hard driving rhythm. The pink panties swinging up against my balls, gave me an amazing sensation of wet, warm and silky.

In a last-second decision, I pulled out just as I got ready to come.  I moved up to kneel beside you. You know what I like, so you wrapped those panties around my cock and gave the last few strokes.

With one hand you reached around behind and were holding my ass, in the other you were moving the magic pink panties up and down, finishing me off.

I arched my back and let go, sending it all over your chest… on the round side of the tit facing me, over the pink nipple and into the valley of your cleavage. I was pumping involuntarily as I covered you with my cum.  This felt so good, so satisfying. We were so connected.

Breathing heavily I slid down and lay next to you. You rolled over and pressed your wet chest and stomach to mine and we hugged. A deep hug only soulmates with decades of trust, respect and passion can do.

Then we fell asleep. Not one word was spoken.



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6 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Loved this story forlife! Made me Ohhh so wet, I couldn’t help but touch myself. Thank you for the really HOT story! I need to masturbate, so God bless and stay horny! Looking forward to more stories from you.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you Forlife! You walked us through each moment with a masterful touch. I loved your description of watching your wife and waiting – even the moonlight mention added much to what you experienced. It is so obvious that you enjoy your soul-mate’s pleasure – what a beautiful love! I look forward to reading many more stories from you. What a treat. May God’s rich blessings in Christ be with you and your family!

  3. Beautiful Soul says:

    Absolutely beautiful story u have turned me on sooo much I'm going to have to do what your wife did and can only hope it ends like your story 🙂

  4. Juicy says:

    I love when people comment on stories that have been published a while ago. I forgot about this story but it is so hot! I read it long before my commenting days! So glad that I got to reread it. I wish there was a favourites option to file stories in my profile because this would be one of them!

    • Lovinghusband says:


      Me too! I've become a "Comment Junkie"!

      I don't want to miss a single comment but it is hard to do so.

      I don't know what the technological challenges would be for MH – I know the big thing is the amount of time it takes for them to filter out inappropriate comments!

      But, my desire is that the comment thread was longer

      Again, I trust that MH has excellent reasons for their format with recent comments

      Your recommendation for a personal favorites on a profile – good idea

      God bless you! LH

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